219th post

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If you didn’t know by now,Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” refers to laser.

To tell you the truth, I actually don’t know how to continue the story from where I last dropped off. I know I have written a lot for it, complete with photos, but I kind of run out of ideas on how to continue based on what I have written without it entering the grey area where stuff I may mention if I were to continue may be suggestive.

Here are my options if I were to continue:

  • as mentioned above
  • continue describing in detail on the daily life, but would lack progress and stuff may be repeated again
  • pretend what happened earlier never happened
  • a sudden jump in time with (or without) a brief explanation of what happened in-between
  • a (or several) spinoff(s) of the story. Might be based on a character that goes to some of the same places as the main character
  • start over with another story
  • something that I currently have not thought of

In any case, I won’t be doing so tonight as it’s getting late.

Oh, as for URLs you see in my drawings/vector most of the time, they actually point to my Japaneselanguage blogs and rarely to the English ones, including here. The name 高橋はるか (Haruka Takahashi) obviously refers to me. Of course, my real-life friends might call me by a completely different name that I hate… \(-_-)/ Hmm…

Thinking of vectoring everything in here, but it may take several times longer than the earlier ones that only focuses a character without a proper background.

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