Alternate Dimension (Part 3)

[revised on 25 October 2008 at 20:35]
(continued from part 2)

As I walked down the street with my bike on my way home, I felt as though someone with an evil intention in mind to harm me was closely following from behind. I continued walking on, as though I was not aware of it. I’m not sure how to get rid the idiots with as little harm to me as possible, but somehow, I don’t even feel scared about it even though my body says otherwise.

I reached the dark and quiet part of the route: the lights were dim and the nearest house is some distance away. As expected, two men grabbed a hold of me from behind: one was holding me tightly with one hand covering my mouth, with another holding a kitchen knife. He was also looking for something to rob me of and doing funny things with my body which made me feel uncomfortable (though somewhat pleasing). Knowing that it would be useless, my natural reaction was to try to struggle and scream. Although I saw this coming, I didn’t know how to counter it. I closed my eyes, hoping that all of this would be over soon.

Opening my eyes later on, I was suddenly in class, sitting on the side where the doors are with my stuff on the table in front of me. Looking at the time, it seems that homeroom session was about to start with classmates rushing back to their seats. However, the date on the blackboard says that it’s Friday, 4th February, which is a few months ago and obviously mean that it’s winter where it’s quite cold. Have I somewhat travel back in time? If so, how did I do it? Well, obviously whatever happened on that day did not happen to me before as I was from a different dimension where I am in a completely different school and class.

The teacher walked in holding an odd-looking doll that seem to have origins either in the remote areas of either South America, Africa or Australia. He said that he bought it while on holiday in one of these places recently. The teacher was having a play with the doll with a comedy theme. As he was doing so, I noticed something odd: the eyes seem to be fixed in a direction as he was moving the doll about. One of the eyes was pointing at a girl sitting on the opposite end of the class from me, who appears to have her hands clenched together against her forehead.

As when what seemed like the teacher was almost done, the room was suddenly filled with a bright green light and the girl whom I saw earlier had fallen down sideways in the same position. Everyone, including myself, rushed to her and asked if she’s alright (they all call her “Kobayashi-san”), but she doesn’t seem to respond and remained in the same position as earlier. On closer look, she appears to be trying her hardest to move her body and wanting to say something, but failed to do so. I shouted around for help. (Nagisa did the same) Some time later, an ambulance arrived and this “Kobayashi-san” was sent to the hospital. Come to think of it, was the person Nagisa at Saturday, 14th May was referring to is her? Also, what was that doll? In any case, I was suddenly dragged back to the time I was from.

Looking around, I saw a girl (whom I keep forgetting that it is myself) in the distance being raped by two guys whom I knew as bad guys that want to steal stuff from the company I’m working at for evil intentions beyond my imagination. I took a picture of the incident in front of me in such a way that won’t alert them and use it as evidence. (It would be quite strange to say that I took it when obviously I’m the victim in the picture) There was a flash of white light from the girl’s wrist before she suddenly vanishes into thin air. This scene looks awfully familiar…

At that instant, the two men became shocked and ran away in fear as though they had seen a ghost. Wow, not only can I (literally) change myself, I can also travel through time (and witness all of these happening from a 3rd person point of view). Was it because of this device on my wrist? What other abilities does it have? Since the earlier ones happened quite random without me knowing how, who knows what and when it would be.

I picked up my bike at the spot right next to the spot where I saw myself vanishing into thin air and continue on my way home. There’s got to be a safer way to get home than this. In any case, it’s been a long day with too many strange things happening to me today. I really could do with some heavy sleep.

I have a feeling that the strange doll I had seen earlier was with me when I traveled back to present, but it’s not with me now…

(to be continued in part 4)


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