Notes on Facebook

If you had been to my Facebook profile, you might have noticed that I have a bunch of notes that if viewed in full mode, it would have at least 19 pages long worth of it. On top of that each post is quite long.

While I do try to get rid of duplicates, it still seem quite long. In this screenshot, you can see that I post almost everyday on at least one of my blogs, with several on 10 October.

When importing, stuff like colour, text next to the image, font type and size, and whatever non-text/image-based things would be lost when importing. Posts with Japanese text becomes a bunch of numbers for some reason. Since it imports from the RSS feeds of my blogs, some of the formatting might have been already been lost in the RSS version before it is imported into Facebook Notes. That would also mean that the most recent posts (about 20) of each blog would only be imported.

Well, a while ago, not long after the above screenshot was taken, I got so caried away that I received a warning message that importing new notes is (temporally) blocked. Well, I imported about 72 before that appeared, so… erm… *cough* they didn’t say when it would be lifted other than the feature that was abused, and to what extent which could last from “a few hours” to “a few days”. Repeated attempts can lead to, well you know. ^_^0

In any case, only relatives, schoolmates, and the people I had met in person can only add me at Facebook. Do note that I won’t be using a picture of me as the display image, the one everyone sees.

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