Influenza A(H1N1)

[edited 1:19am: typo]

(formerly called Mexican/Swine flu)

Everywhere I go in recent days, I keep hearing about this: Forums, message boards, news, spam mail, Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, etc. from all over the world. It’s like, it’s impossible to not hear about it.
I don’t want it to become like the H5N1 virus Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome back in 2003 with so much protective measures (and hospitals at red or black alert), but through the medium mentioned earlier, they only amplify as to how serious it is.
There’s little progress with the 4th story or translating 3rd story. Have more important things to do, writer’s block, and days seem to zoom by. Either time seem to fly by faster as I get older, or the things I do made it seem faster.

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