>525th post

>Looking at news or business reports from the western world, one thing that I notice very frequently is this kind of mindset:

USA + Canada + Western Europe = The world
Any attack on internet servers -> Blame it on China

What is wrong here? It’s practically ignoring the rest of the world that’s not mentioned and continued stereotypes. Well, sure there’s history behind it, but that’s not an excuse for letting it happen. As for the internet attacks, it could have been done by an individual that doesn’t even reside in China and actually originate from an unsuspecting county that’s not even mentioned in the daily international news. Well, maybe it might have, but for unrelated reasons.

Disclamer: I am neither for, or against any country mentioned here.

2 thoughts on “>525th post

  1. >Good, you have shown critical thinking on it. Some newspapers are using stereotype and preference to 'flavour' their report, for the taste of their majority readers. The phenomenon is not western only.What do you think?

  2. >Well, people tend to be biased towards their own country, faiths and/or race, which is kind of sad in the world of globalisation.I've already seen news that are not covered here (usually local news of an another country that has no impact elsewhere) or witnessed events first-hand that did not appear in the news at all. News covering about how interesting an animal is or how great a major political party is without views of the people or oppision is a clear sign that something's not covered. It's just a question of what that "something" is.

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