Teary Promise (Part 14)

I felt uneasy about Hisakawa-san telling me to meet her at the lowest level of the basement car park of a nearby shopping center. It almost feel like I’m walking into a trap. Am I really walking into one?

The location of the meeting place alone seems suspicious enough to me. I was already scared enough for today from being lost in a foreign land all by myself, and again when my phone rang even though I thought it had no cellular coverage here when I checked. I checked again now: there is currently no signal again.

The area where Hisakawa asked me to wait has a lot of cars parked near there, but otherwise void of people. The only sound here are from the cars driving around and some ventilation machines.

Not long afterwards, I saw Hisakawa sticking her head out, calling out to me, as though she does not want to be seen by others. She seemed to have tried to crossdress like a man, but the shape of her body is too feminine to be able to pass of as a man, especially with that large burst.

Hisakawa: “Sorry about how I look. Apparently my own body only allows me to wear certain types of clothes. If I try to wear other types of clothes, it gets repelled out like a strong magnet.”

I find it strange that it’s even possible for clothes to be repelled out of your body by itself, let alone specific type of clothes, but it does explain why pictures of her (via mom) seem to have her only wearing certain types of clothes.

Me: “So why did you want to meet me at a random spot of this car park?”

Hisakawa: “Well…”

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