612nd post: Custom Domain

I bought a custom domain in August last year for the main blog, which is takhsiru.net. However, while creating a new tumblr account today (4th July 2012) did I realize that I could use the characters that come before that for other places with just editing the DNS settings of that same domain.

I have changed the domain for most of my blogs. Entering the older URL still works, but would be redirected to the new URL. The names of each blog affected listed below are in bold.

  1. Chasing After Rainbows (existing; here)
    the1iam.blogspot.comhttp://www.takhsiru.net or takhsiru.net
  2. 虹を追いかけて
    xn--n8jos8fqkx000ci6n.blogspot.com or 虹を追いかけて.blogspot.comjpblog.takhsiru.net
  3. Neverending New Beginnings
  4. 終わらない新しい始め
  5. Profile and Blog Updates
  6. にじとき
  7. Injuration
  8. :;:〒 takaharu じー」

 At the time of writing this, I have not discovered other places I have that could do this except for WordPress. However, WordPress insists that I must pay $14 (per year?) to be able to do so with my existing domain.

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