About Me

Q1: You’re from Japan, right?
A1: Yes, but I studied and grew up in a different country. My blog story 5, early part of story 1, and the older posts on this blog would give you a hint on what that country is. I’m not saying the name directly because I don’t really like how things work there.

Q2: Your English is quite good. How did you learn it?
A2: Along with my answer for no.1, I was though English since before kindergarten, on top of English being thought in the primary school (=elementary grade 1-6). This also means that any thoughts in my mind are processed in English too because of how young I was. I also learn to writing a 300-word English essay, with grammatical and spelling errors pointed out. On top of that, I watch and listen to a lot of British/American music/films.

Q3: (Personal questions about me)
A3: Er… except for what I want to say, I don’t want to talk about it. If you do, I would tend to answer it reluctantly and/or lie. I don’t like to give out a direct negative reply, though. Notice that I don’t talk about my current full time thing either.

Q4: Would you like to meet up in person? (Usually asked by people in the Tokyo area.)
A4: With no.3 being part of my answer, I would personally like to do so, but circumstances make me unable to do so. I’m also the kind of person who is not good at speaking, thinks slowly, and couldn’t catch well on what is being said without the words appearing in front of me.

Q5: I would like you add you to a social networking site. (eg. Facebook, Mixi, Friendster, MySpace, etc.)
A5: This one would have me answering differently to what service you want to add me to. In general, it’s mostly a “no” (see no.3) for privacy reasons and wanting to separate my real-life friends from those I’ve only met online. However, feel free to add me to my Twitter (most of you have found me from there anyway) and YouTube accounts.

Q6: How are you?
A6: I’m fine, thank you.

Q7: When is your birthday?
A7: 5th of August. I’m not saying the year because it reminds me of my age, though I might drop hints here and there, and sometimes actually saying it.

Q8: I see you tweeting at times when people in your timezone are usually sleeping. (Usually by people of other timezones, or they themselves not sleeping.)
A9: My sleeping patters are pretty messed up, and I could sleep as late as 5 hours (usually 3) after the time I intend to sleep when I got caught on on things like writing for the stories on my blog. This habit oddly does not happen when I sleep outside my home like friend’s house, hotel.

Q9: What is this S8P947 or story 10 you keep mentioning?
A9: Those are codes for my blog story. In the above example, “S8” or “story 10” refers to which one I stared that particular story first. “P947” refers to the part number of the story code immediately before it, so S8P947 refers to Part 947 of the 8th story. The actual post of that story, however, uses its actual title, but the numbering is still reflected in the tags and indexes.

Q10: What languages do you speak, besides English and Japanese?
A10: Not much actually, though I have seen and heard many languages to roughly know what a particular word means. For reasons conflicting with no.1&3, I’m not saying what are those other languages I actually know that aren’t mentioned, not even on Twitter.

Give a mention to @takhsiru on Twitter for more questions not listed above. Personal questions should be avoided.

If you are feeling generous and want to pay me more than what I get from the ads I put up (which, in a month, is not even enough for a minimum train fare of 130 yen), donate to me in BitCoins to 16cMGR5j1PZ8dqYa1g6hM3uL7DTsYm2fTw or via PayPal (in any currency) to [twitter username mentioned in blue above] [at] gmail[dot]com


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