Alternate Dimension Special: Secret Documentary of Mizuho Academy by Hatsuya Institute: History & Uniform

How did Mizuho Girls academy came to what it is today? A well known school, but yet most people don’t really know how it works under the hood.
It started many years ago, which is to say some years before where the academy is today was built, when the founder of Mizuho High School approached us, and we discussed plans on how to implement it.
Mizuho Girls Academy was founded around the early or mid 20th century as a co-ed high school, where boys and girls attend together. Right until around the time Mamiko Hisakawa (one of our staff on assignment there) enrolled to that school, the design of the uniform was was virtually unchanged since the school was founded. But we will talk about why the uniform was changed later.
Why the backward conversion from a co-educational school to a girl’s school? The founder of the school has this fetish of seeing girls, and yet wants his school to become as big like a built up city with technology that would make everyone in awe that they would not see soon outside. After several talks, we would develop the technology to make it possible, and also let us use the academy as a testing ground for new technology we have in plans, but lack the real world testing situation for it. On top of that, he also wanted to expand the school by creating middle school and college, as well as create commercial and retail spaces, along with dormitories for people to rest at because people may not want to leave as the campus is so big.
We were set back by the attacks on our staff from whom we strongly suspected be from Senritsu Corporation, but the plan went on nevertheless. It was a coincidence that, in recent years, this academy has help us to quickly adapt to the phenomenon where all living humans around the world has “evolved” to become quite close to what the Mizuho founder wanted the people in Mizuho Academy to be made up of and nothing else: young women.
Why young women? Well, they are less aggressive than men to begin with, look beautiful, and fewer mental distractions from concentration. The problem here is that trying to have a large campus that is made up of nothing but young women is next to impossible: there aren’t enough available women that fit the description to fill it up, and the can get old too. They could fill in the vacancy if they accept men and older women, but the founder doesn’t want that. He suggested to us that we turned them into girls, and them turning back to what they were on leaving. On top of that, he wanted to have the people who knew about the transformations to absolutely not be able to tell people who do not know about it, including via electronic means and people overhearing a conversation between people who do know about it. He added that he also wanted components of their body to work exactly like a healthy young woman, even if they were originally elderly, disabled, a girl who has not yet reached puberty or any kind of male.
Most people had objected the idea of having people being turned into something else against their will, but that next part he suggested is almost like a way to get away with what they aren’t legally allowed! However, the order came from the highest person of both companies.
We didn’t accept or reject the request right away as we tried to develop the technologies that makes it possible. The most difficult part was figuring out how to turn any kind of person into a biologically a young woman? We are aware of male to female gender reassignment surgery, but those people remain mostly biologically male no matter how much female hormones they take or what modification they did to their body. Aside from that, how you turn an elderly person into a young person, or remove their disability like they never had it, and squeeze it all into a piece of clothing?
One of the first steps we did was to collaborate with other researchers from Germany to research on the most difficult step of all: having a male to be biologically turned into female as if born one. The director of that time offered his nephew, who was newly born, as part of the experiments. That experiment turned out to successful where she grew up like any other female with little or no sign of male behaviour and even managed to reproduce two children with her body. Sadly enough, that child in question became aware of the experiment, and another unrelated experiment done to her, after her second child. Most people would demand to be turned back into a male, but she didn’t as she can’t think of living as anything other than being a female as she was already female when she became remembering and being self-aware of the world around her. Ironically, that same girl is also Hatsuya’s current director, Kotomi Hisakawa (maiden name is Miyazawa).
With the experience we had learnt from that, we figured how to turn male into female, and it wasn’t that hard to figure out what else to do. Funnily enough, having them turn back to male after temporary turned into female regardless of how long it is as long as they wear it, works differently from turning females into males. (We did try the latter as a follow up of the opposite, but that didn’t work successfully, and we abandoned that idea.)

Next, is to turning people of any age into a teenager and, at the same time, remove imperfections that they would have. By imperfections, we meant things like disabilities, cancer, myopia, scars on the skin, and things like that. The challenge here is that they should be restored to exactly to what they were like when it is applied to the uniform on being removed. To achieve this, we examine every single bit of the person’s body, store that data, and then transform them into the template we have on all uniforms. However, to ensure that everyone does not look or sound the same, that template is modified to have them look like a teenage female version of what they are, and of different body measurements that meets the requirement of the Mizuho founder. They would all look like the staff whom the template is based on, and would cause confusion to everyone as nobody could tell anyone apart.

Even with all the research, we also have to optimise and make sure that glitches do not happen. Major issues we encountered at the beginning was that the transformations took unacceptably long, which we expected as the amount of data of the human body to handle, and the capacity needed to handle them quickly, is far larger than anything commercially available at the time of research. We has to put in a lot of research to achieve that, and at the same time squeeze it all into the fabric of the uniform, and protected from damage by water. We received feedback from people who knows a male that has worn the Mizuho uniform long-term that it has caused them to behave more feminine than before even when they aren’t wearing it. While we can assure you that the uniform does not brainwash people, we can, however, explain why this happened. (Yes, post-evolution people, people in the past could take off their clothes for as long as they like.)

You see, what we feel with our bodies does affect how we behave, including what our sense of touch is telling us. As the anatomy of male and female bodies are different, particularly that relating to reproductive organs, one would feel different while being of either gender: having weights on the chest that are quite sensitive to get touched versus not having it at all, or feeling of something between the legs pressing against your trousers versus feeling nothing but air all the time. Another influencing factor that made them behave more like females is because, while wearing the uniform, their body gets turn back to the adolescent stage where mental developments to a person happens more than the rest of a person’s life. Since they are also turned into a female, the body naturally develops their mind towards being a woman. Since adult males receive no further mental development, there is nothing but willpower (if they have any) to counteract the female mentality they acquired. The effects are minimal if a man wears it for a short time and does not wear it again for the minimum of same duration as when he last wore it. That means that regular visitors, and staff who does not regularly work overtime there, would have little effect. Having their minds being steered in the female direction is unavoidable for students as, on the request of the Mizuho founder, not allowed to be able to take off the uniform for their the entire duration of their study there.
Having the uniform to be removable only in certain conditions was introduced as an anti-rape measure. We take precautions to make sure the wearer doesn’t feel uncomfortable even when they wear the uniform for long periods at a time, so we also implemented technologies to have them to always feel like they have just taken a shower. If they get wet, the uniform would quickly repel away the water, so they would stay dry even after a bucket of water was poured at them.

To help our students deal with stress from studying in such a prestigious school, we had also implemented a stress-relief program into the uniform. Due to the nature of how this looks as it happens, only students and outsiders would not be able to witness it happening, but to make sure those that could see it do not plan around it, the time it happens are random, and would not be able to talk about it. With the evolution, however, we had to design around the redesigned body. The design we came up with seems to be the first and, currently, the only way to be able to relieve built up sexual frustration at all with our evolved bodies, which isn’t designed for us to be able to have sex (as we know it) at all. As the technology is part of the uniform, no one knows about this and those who have not worn the fourth generation Mizuho uniform before sees the frustrating feeling as not curable.

While designing the second generation uniform, we did take into account that them looking more attractive makes them an easy target. We found that the toilet is where they are the most vulnerable in the toilet, as a pervert could rape the girl while she is using it. That has happened before, but we believed that the long skirt and how old-fashioned the first generation looked was a deterrent from having it more often as the statistics of girls of other schools whose uniforms looked close to what we planed to change to had more victims of rape cases. Testimonies of the rapists, and a closer investigation at how the victims looked like with the uniform have shown that the girl looked irresistibly beautiful.

You would think we would come to a conclusion of having the second generation uniform to look less attractive than those schools when these findings were shown, but instead, approval of the opposite happened: have the girls to look even more attractive. However, development to have a way to eliminate the need for them visit the toilet in the first place began. It took us time to figure out how, but let’s just say it is “wirelessly transmitted” to a central location from anywhere, though, like the rest of the uniform, underwear could no longer be removed even in the toilet, and rendering all toilets in Mizuho obsolete. The system that keeps the uniform fresh and dry takes care of the hygiene and sanitation too. I honestly don’t know how the girls could perform better than other schools with all of these.

Other bizarre things the higher-ups wanted was to have all Mizuho girls to be constantly be producing breast milk. Their burst size was based on a percentage increase from the average average size of everyone (which included men and children) instead of a few size increase of the average woman. That has not changed since, even in this post-evolution world, but it seems bigger today because the demographics the average is based on are now nothing but women with a noticeable burst. The blouse is designed to optimally accommodate her burst size at the time she  enters Mizuho, though her bust size itself changes all the time. During the evolution, however, the transformation of men into women has meant that the average bust size of everyone increased. That means a permanent and frequent burst size increase for everyone in Mizuho, which meant that for anyone who does not step out of Mizuho academy often would feel the strain of their blouse getting tighter due to the increased size until they re-enter, where their blouse is readjusted for their enlarged breasts. For reasons unknown, we did not receive any complains about this.

Why did we completely change the uniform design years after the school became an academy that was virtually unchanged since Mizuho was founded? Well, even in the years before the academy opened, Mizuho uniforms were starting to look old-fashioned against most other schools, and certainly out of place if we wanted the academy to have the latest and greatest advancement of technology in the world. However, our resources were quite constrained and have our priorities to the underlying technology in the academy to be more functional than the design of it. Also, one of our staff had her body programmed to only allow skirts of certain length or shorter to be worn.

We could have sent someone else there, but we have to use her specifically for an experiment in there. Combining her being able to only wear skirts of a certain maximum length and the mandatory wearing that old Mizuho uniform with its long skirt could cause trouble that we delayed her being allowed in without telling her directly by enrolling her in other schools, which aren’t owned or associated with Hatsuya or Mizuho, until the new uniform is ready. Can you imagine the conflict of being forced to wear short skirts and the old Mizuho uniform with that long skirt at the same time? Well, because of how they both work with ejecting non-compliant clothing, she would be able to wear that old Mizuho uniform, but would be uncomfortable with the forces she would feel: the one rejecting the long skirt would try to force it out, but as long as conditions of being able to remove the old uniform are not met, would try to fight what the uniform sees as unauthorised removal and tries to put it back up.

Tests has shown that it would give a noticeable vibration with the skirt, and would immediately fall off when conditions for being able to remove the uniform are met. Long-term tests has shown that the skirt could break apart within less than a day from the wear and tear of being forced in and out repeatedly and rapidly. Sure a replacement would appear the next time she steps in, but the issue is the comfort and potential embarrassment in public view, plus the strain it causes on our systems because of the persistent amount of attempts to keep the uniform on, while, separately, her body would also try to take it off. With the new design, we were made it less restrictive and switched the style from sailor to the blazer kind. Skirt length was shortened from ankle-length to around the thigh, which is somewhat a big change as most other schools usually do that gradually. However, this new length is slightly shorter than what other schools of the time were using

People like the new design as not only did they see it as “keeping up with the times” and even have the girls wearing them look prettier than other uniform without any cosmetics on. That is true as there was no change for decades and, even in the years before the change, design was so dated that it stood out from uniforms of other schools. The new set of uniforms have slightly different designs to easily tell which department in Mizuho a person belongs to, and what position they held there. Pleated skirts tells you they are with the academy, pencil skirt for everyone else. Both may have different colour for the top and bottom. For the academy people, rank is based on the pattern of the skirt, with the common tartan for students. For the other group, the darker the skirt colour, the higher the rank.

Guests do not have ranks, but if they are form another branch of a company that does have a branch in Mizuho, the top would look similar to that of the Mizuho branch, but the skirt would be the same as that of a regular guest, which is any random colour and pattern that isn’t being used. For students of other schools, it would be based on that school’s female uniform, but with technologies included with Mizuho uniforms added. In other words, that is also a Mizuho uniform, but customised to look like that of their school’s. For visiting students of boys’ schools, or anyone else, it would be based on any female uniform they have seen that they liked the most, though with slight alteration if it belongs to a school in the same prefecture or a well known one. The easter egg about this is that, if the uniform in question happens to be a Mizuho uniform, the first generation uniform would appear instead. All old and external uniforms are not modified from the original, but because of the evolution, we are forced to shorten the skirt length to at least the longest we could wear. I personally think it is too short, but no one could wear anything else.

The leaders of all sub-departments wore the supervisor uniform that looked like a business formal outfit. However, with the external companies in the campus that reports to headquarters or another branch outside Mizuho, and an unforeseen programming error, one of their employees was automatically assigned the supervisor uniform even though no leaders were assigned to the branch. As mentioned earlier, they can’t wear anything besides what the system assigns them in the campus, even if it is not what they are supposed to be wearing. Embarrassingly, that also includes one of our own staff who works in the branch there. To be fair, that staff does reports to headquarters more than the other staff, due in part of having worked and visited other Hatsuya branches more than the others, and established relations with important people in the company, including the director. Although that staff is a guy, he did not remove the Mizuho uniform that turned him into a woman when reporting to headquarters despite it not a requirement to report in.

The third generation fixes that confusion, and supervisors now have a uniform that looks more like a slight variation of what people in their charge wear, and supervisor-less groups that were previously given supervisor uniform are now given what they were supposed to wear! This was proven to be even more important post-evolution since everyone looks alike with the same age range. To avoid discrimination, a person’s actual age should not be revealed, and instead use their biological age instead. The fourth generation introduce in this period was a revision to address the changes to the human body that the third generation wasn’t designed for, and a slight change of design to tell it apart from earlier generations.

For those curious, the clothes our staff found themselves wearing, for those who did not have clothes meeting the post-evolution requirement, became an unofficial uniform because only staff of our company across all branches specifically have the same unique uniform design that contained a lot of bright colours, primarily white. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to wear the same white coat or safety suits that we wear pre-evolution without redesigning it to be less loose-fitting and no clothing except what we wear at our feet are allowed to cover the rest of the legs. Even we at Hatsuya, and practically everyone who lived long enough to know what pre-evolution was like, found this absurd, but it was either that or not able to wear at all.

In the next document, we shall discuss about architecture, bureaucracy, and the schools in Mizuho academy.

(Author’s note: This report was dated post-evolution, about the same time as events of story 7, Yononaka no Okugi. Details relating to people that were transformed during the first year of evolution were lost, including who the founder was, as they were transformed beyond recognition into a teenage girl with no trace left behind of their former selves, and nobody remember who they were. Subsequent transformations had them retaining their memories and remain with the same family, but failed to prevent other changes. The final wave of the evolution transformed everyone, including those who were transformed in earlier waves, into young women that don’t age that effectively made males extinct, though the final transformation makes up for it by redesigning the reproductive organs. However, the design behind the transformed body assumes that one will never ever see a human male again, but did not take into account what would happen if they were to read up history or look at old pictures. The unmodified female instinct would result in them getting aroused on thinking of men, but with their redesigned bodies, they have no way of calming that feeling down, resulting in that feeling remaining persistent permanently. That feeling gets stronger with each subsequent time they think of men. Those that were men pre-evolution are more easily affected by this, especially when they think of their past self. Officially classified as an incurable disease, but not life threatening. The author and editor of this documentary suffered a permanent huge increase of arousal from frequency of the mention of males. They had to be trained to ignore the feelings midway through and frequent breaks to prevent their feelings from affecting the professionalism of the document.)

Alternate Dimension special: Riding the Train With Kids (Part 2)

We finally arrived at the station in the capital. The tickets for the kids were enough to cover the whole trip , but not for mine. I alerted the kids about this before we head to the ticket barrier.

Me: “Hold on there! Remember that I bought a ticket that isn’t enough for the trip? Watch what happens when I try to use the ticket, and don’t enter through the ticket barrier before me or I can’t show you something in this paid area.”

I inserted the ticket into the barrier where it closed on me as it makes beeping sounds that were different from the people who managed to go through. There was also a red light, but I’m not sure if the kids could see that. The staff who was at the window between the gates was looking at me.

Me: “And that is what happens. If you were to look over there, there is a machine similar to where we bought our tickets from, but it is for paying off the difference between what I paid and what I am supposed to be paying. Remember that this is only in Japan. Elsewhere, you definitely should be paying the full fare or a “penalty fee”, which is many times more than what you would have paid for the actual fare.  Later, I will show you a card where you don’t have to keep buying a new ticket or worry about the fare.”

We walked towards the fare adjustment machines. There was a queue, but being spread across different machines means we didn’t need to wait for long. At the machine, I inserted the ticket into the slot, and the fare to pay appears on the screen. (Fare paid and station it was bought at is printed on the ticket itself.) On the machine, arrows indicating for coins, notes, and the cancel button were flashing together at the same time. The kids also noticed that the arrow indicating for the ticket was still flashing despite me having already inserted one, with the size of the slot itself being as wide as a card.

Me: “If you have the ticket I mentioned earlier, you could use that as a way to pay, or use that ticket on this machine when you have insufficient balance. But for now, let’s pay with the cash I have.”

I took out the coins and notes on me, though I put some of those back after realizing that the coins I had already out is more than enough. I don’t know why I carry so much money on me, but with how much money I have, it doesn’t matter if I loose them. Though, I wouldn’t like to loose money at all.

Me: “Now we had broken down the large note, we can use any amount of the smaller denomination coins to pay. Only a maximum of two 500 yen coins could be used, and the 1 and 5 yen coins can’t be used. I would advice you to use as much of the smallest denomination the machine accepts, which is the 10 yen coin, so you would have fewer number of coins on you. Also, psychologically, you would tend to use more of the higher denominated notes where, if you have insufficient of, are likely to use the notes more than the lower denominated coins despite having enough. You can pay more than what they ask you for as. like the ticket machine, would give you change too. Don’t be afraid to use a 10,000 yen note, even if you are just 10 yen short of paying the balance.”

I inserted the coins I have into the coin slot without really paying attention to what denomination they were, stopping only when I see that I had paid enough. The 1 and 5 yen coins the machine doesn’t accept that I had inserted without looking came out immediately at the coin tray meant for giving out change. I did not collect those coins until the machine gave me change for the amount that the machine did accept. At the same time, the machine dispensed a new ticket for only to get out of the paid area of this specific station I am at.

Me: “If the machine breaks down, or if there isn’t a machine like this around, you can approach the staff at that counter between the ticket barriers.”

Now that we are out of the station, the kids got excited to see so many people and tall buildings at a place, with more seemingly further down. We went to eat as we were happy. However, this place is not our final destination, and would have to continue to the subway to get there. The concept is the same, but stations between each other are closer, more likely to be underground, and serve only within the city limits and some areas bordering it.

Of course, we have to eventually make our way back home. They have a curfew set by their parents, but if they are aware that I am with them, that curfew is not in effect with no other restrictions other than, in Kotomi’s words, “make sure they are not sleepy and done their homework if they have school the following day”. What they are unaware of is that I can modify the children’s mind and mood to feel as if they have slept, and do their homework that seem that they did it in an instant.

It’s in the children’s genetics that lets me do this that’s from the result of their mother being modified at birth, which even though the mother doesn’t have it herself, it does affect the children she produces, and the children of those children, and so on… It’s almost like having a virus being spread across generations.

Alternate Dimension special: Riding the Train With Kids (Part 1)

This happened between the birth of Kotomi’s second and third child, so this pre-dates the day when everyone was turned into a young woman. Kotomi had asked me to take care of them for her as if they were mine, but she also told me to make sure that the children would still see her as their mother instead of me. Officially, this was to free up Kotomi’s time for work, but I have a feeling that she does not want to take care of them. Why does she want children if she does not want to take care of them? I think she did say something of having someone to succeed her, but because she is a female, the children has to come from her body, a painful process she does not want to go through again.

At infant stages, children are the most annoying things to take care of, but Kotomi’s children are oddly well behaved and not annoy their parents. They had always been that way since they were born. So much so that doctors thought they were stillborn during their birth. I wonder if Kotomi’s body being modified way back at her own birth had an effect on how her children behaves at behaves. Until she realized this, there was some kind of limiter that prevented her from knowing what her children’s genders are, which also means she can’t see them as nothing more than a fuzzy presence, and any external references to them that are gender-specific seems censored to her, but she seems to know which child in question is being referred to.

Since she can’t tell what her children’s genders are because of this, she assumed the opposite of what they actually are, and all attempts to correct her have failed. Kotomi wanted her son to be manly, but since she is persuading this to her daughter instead (she is aware of her mom’s condition through me), the daughter ignores her mother, and gives away any men-only things she receives, though that alone has made her less feminine than other girls. Borderline tomboyish, but with the strong female influence in the family (including her brother’s behaviour and her father frequently turning into a woman for work), did not go too far in that direction as the male influence is weak.

On the other hand, the son accepts everything he gets from her, including the feminine clothes she gave him. Even Kotomi herself treated him like a girl and teach him things that are commonly associated as “girl’s things”. You should look at her reaction when she realized that she has been treating the very son she wanted to be manly had became too much like a girl that it became a part of his behaviour from teaching him all the girl things from when she couldn’t see his gender: her face had a “what monster have I created?” kind of expression. By this time, it is common to see him in female clothing, even prior to enrolling into Mizuho Academy: it was too late to fix this. It didn’t help that this also happened at a time where a lot of men had already been turned into girls and had become socially acceptable for males to do and wear female things as preparation for the inevitable forced transformation by an unseen force. As me saying this five years after the final transformations, I had to admit that the impact is minimal.

So, to those who are reading this before that happened, you are probably wondering what is my world like? Well, you can say it looks like a yuri (female homosexuality) paradise where there is nothing but beautiful young women that can feel lust when they see each other. They can only love another person more, or simply no change to it: there is simply no concept of hate for post-evolution people. They can now also fall in love with another woman the same way as they would for men.

It may sound like some men’s dreams come true, but the reality is that, with all men extinct, and nobody being able to get older, it is a nightmare for anyone who has lived before the evolution. The concept of family is gone with everyone looking like girls of the same age, and how we reproduce changed completely to adapt to our new single-gender human race. However, as our female instincts has not changed fundamentally with the evolution, we do react when we see males, but the instincts are trying to activate a function in our body that was removed or modified with the evolution, resulting in a “playback loop” as the instinct tries to maintain what we feel while it tries to activate a missing function over and over for infinity. However, when trying a new attempt, it forgets previous attempts and assumes existing feeling as normal feelings that isn’t influenced by the new feeling that is to be introduced. This means what we feel when we see men can’t be stopped, and if we see men again, it would be added on top of what we already feel prior to seeing the image, amplifying the feeling to seemingly no end.

We have evolved to become nothing but beautiful women that can feel lust when we see each other, which itself can drive pre-evolution females that were “straight” to go insane. On top of that, the only moods our body can express are only happy, neutral, and sad: we can’t express anger at all, on top of not being able to express hate mentioned earlier. What has our world become? It’s like someone has poisoned everyone, but there’s no one but nature (and that weird doll I encountered before) that did this to us. I hate to say this, but it seems that our world has turned out this way, permanently, without a way to revert this.

So, let me begin my story here before I get distracted…


It was one of those days where Kotomi and Itsuki were both somehow not at home for days, and the kids are bored at home with nothing interesting to do. We normally go to places by car, but those cars are not available. Then I realized that they had probably not taken the train before. How could I not realize this when I used to take trains a lot myself?

I don’t think the kids have been to the country’s capital before. It can be reached from here via a commuter train, but far enough to not really want to commute there on a daily basis. Well, they eventually have to do it on their own when they go to school.

The nearest station is within walking distance. Fortunately, it is not one of those small or unstaffed stations as those are more complicated to explain, which can confuse a newbie. By that, I mean stations that have an automatic ticket barrier, platforms that aren’t on the ground level, and sufficient shelter from the strong winds during thunderstorms.

[Author’s note: I have written a dedicated page on this blog on how to ride the trains and buses in Japan.]

I have a contactless ticket with me with sufficient value, but since I am showing the kids how to buy them, I shouldn’t this time. Since I am also going to show them what to do if they are at a station further than what the cost of the card would allow, I would buy one of the cheapest tickets.

To determine which ticket to purchase, consult the system map above the ticket machine, with the current station highlighted. The numbers next to the station names are the adult fares per person, with children’s fare being half of that rounded up to the nearest 10 yen. Stations not listed are usually operated by a different operator, or require you to head to the manned counter. The machine accepts cash of all denominations, except the 5 and 1 yen coins and, for older ones, 5000 and 10000 yen notes too. We are located at the edges of that map, with the stations within the capital being in the middle. Although transfers to other lines along the way is required, we don’t have to go through a ticket barrier to get there from another platform.

The order of selecting the fare needing to be purchase doesn’t matter, but on older ticket machines, the money has to be inserted first before the fares that you can afford appears. I gave each them a 10000 yen bill to let them buy for themselves, teaching them how to use it. I advised them to use as much coins from the change as they can for the next purchase if they don’t want having too much coins weighing them down. I let them keep the change.

After the purchase of the tickets, we head up to the platforms. This station has only one line that isn’t a terminal station, so it’s not that hard to figure out. However, if the tracks are in the middle, or transfer to a terminus of a line at a busy station, you have to pay attention to the signs, particularly the latter as they can change. Even at the platform itself, you have to take note what kind of train is arriving: it can be a train that stops at all stations, or an express train that doesn’t. Sometimes a non-service train (like an off-service or freight) or an express train that doesn’t stop at the station could pass by, which can create a turbulence, loud noise, and is dangerous if you stand too close to one of those trains, which would be announced beforehand. Depending on the station itself, a train of a different line or direction could arrive at your platform. There could also be trains of varying number of carriages that are shorter than the platform itself.

The train that arrived stopped has stopped near us, around where the access to the platform is, occupy most of the platform, with most of the gap between the ends of the train and the edge of the platform being at the rear end of the train: furthest away from the entrance. Judging from the crowd that was alighting and waiting to board, it seems that the passenger load is unevenly distributed, with the front being the most crowded, the rear being relatively empty. I think people go to the rear because of the crowd at the front, or were at stations where that part of the train is the most convenient entrance for them. The children got excited when they entered the train, though I could see other passengers being annoyed by the presence of the children.

Then the kids noticed that the train driver and station staff were doing some hand movements while looking around, sometimes appearing to talk to themselves, all of which looked almost like military drills. The daughter noticed that one of the staff press a button at the end of the platform that plays a melody before the door closes. I told her that is the signal to the driver to begin departing, and the music to warn the passengers that the door will close when the music stops.

Then we reach a station where we have to transfer to a different line, which is more crowded. As we alighted, the children thought we had reached the capital because of how long it had taken, but I explained to them that the train line we were on from homey does not go there, but does stop at stations that interchanges with another line that would eventually lead us to the capital. I added that as long as that line we are transferring to is operated by the same operator or by special arrangement, we would not need to buy another ticket. Sometimes, this could mean having to leave a paid area and entering another due to a lack of a paid link between the two, but you should check beforehand to avoid finding out having to buy another ticket. We didn’t have to go through that at any station we transfer at.
As we waited for the next train, Kotomi’s son noticed the “women only” sign along parts of the platform that included where we are. I told him that there are carriages dedicated to women only due to frequent cases of women being inappropriately touched by men, particularly when the train would be crowded. We are currently outside the timings when this would be in effect, so males could go in too. The signs and the interior of the carriage, however, does have that female atmosphere to it. Having fewer men than usual than the other carriages could possibly mean that men could simply be unaware of the timings and just avoided them completely.
(In retrospect, I wonder if entering this women only carriage despite being outside stipulated times was a contributing factor to why Kotomi’s son had developed fememine behaviour.)
The closer we got to the capital, the more dense the buildings get, though the towns in between and places where there are older buildings from a time where the place was less developed still stands in an otherwise developed area confused me. While houses in remote areas of Japan looks a lot better than a wooden house of a developing country, it is easy to tell from the density: single houses that are far apart from each other, to several low-rise buildings together, and then you would notice more buildings that are also getting taller and taller, and grander.

Alternate Dimension (Part 94)

She said that I could grab any random girl I see and do whatever I like to her, but what does that mean?
Well, each student of this school has no family. The evolution has meant that as a replacement for each girl who had died, or to create a completely new entity, would simply be an independent individual that seemed to have spawned like a NPC (non-playable character) in a video game. Explaining what a family is to them is next to impossible because of how humans have been changed completely. They would also be confused when they encounter aggressive behaviour by pre-evolution people when they do it via an interface (eg. driving cars, controlling video game characters) while not appearing so in person. Think of it as like a split personalty from not being able to express what they truly feel, a feeling that post-evolution people could hardly imagine.
I saw a girl who wears the Yuribashi Middle School (ゆりばし中学) uniform, the same school that Naomi Fujibayashi attended. It is one of those schools that exists to accommodate the rapidly rising amount of schoolgirls that appeared out of nowhere. Although people say it’s a pre-evolution school, it was founded in the earliest stages of the transitioning period, where, apart from noticing something being wrong with the demographics statistics, nobody was aware of the changes going on. I believe it isn’t an elite school, or else I would have heard it mentioned a lot at events with Mizuho Academy. If so, the uniform seem to strangely have that elite look for a normal school.
I liked the Yuribashi uniform because of its attractive design, particularly the brown pantyhose that is part of the uniform, along with the dark coloured theme of the whole outfit. I have a set of that uniform myself in one of my wardrobes, along with others. Well, “attractive” is somewhat a meaningless word these days since there are no men to attract, but it is one of the components that these feminine clothes we are forced to wear must feature or else we can’t wear it at all, even at the risk of safety. At least the good part is that we don’t feel anything on seeing another girl’s attractive features. The design as not changed since before the evolution, though slightly conservative in design when compared to Mizuho’s uniform.
Although not mandated by law, it is somewhat easy to tell apart a worker who works for one company and one who works for another because, as a result of the clothes being so troublesome to change, they introduce their own set of uniforms. Regardless if they are a supervisor in an office or a mechanic in a vehicle workshop, they wear what usually appears to be more suited for the office. It looks strange for people in labour intensive jobs to wear an outfit, but there is nothing else they can wear that won’t get rejected on wearing.
So anyway, what do I do with this girl exactly? It’s hard for me to think with her appearance alone, but that is practically how anyone looks today.
Me: “Hey you, the girl in the Yuribashi uniform over there.”

The girl seem to have heard that, but caught her off-guard. She appears to be aware that I was calling her as she appear to be looking around in all directions except towards me. What is with her?

Me: “Yes, you. The girl who is turning her head everywhere except at me.”

The girl turned towards me as if she is in trouble. Without saying a word she stared at my face for a while, before looking at the rest of my body for a seemingly long time. What is she staring at? Judging by how she was looking, she could be examining what I’m wearing, but I am uncomfortable that she is staring around my breasts the longest. Why is she so interested about them? She has the same thing herself… wait, hers does seem smaller than mine which, in her case, is considered about the average size.

Girl: “You are the CEO of Powell, Miss Hisakawa aren’t you? W-what do you want form me? How are you wearing the rare Mizuho Middle school uniform? No one but actual students from there could wear it, and it doesn’t look fake.”

So this girl wasn’t staring at my breasts, but rather my name tag around there that is part of the Mizuho uniform I’m wearing. It is known fact that it is not possible to wear the wrong Mizuho uniform since it auto corrects on wearing them. She mentioned “rare” because the middle school department is far fewer than the average middle school that you hardly see it, even within the academy itself. It used to be larger, but there are just too few students because everyone born today are usually of high school age or older. The middle school students of today are made up of the small minority who were born of the age or the older people who had been re-transformed within the past few years, and Mizuho’s intake for that is quite small compared to other schools. The fact that she knows that I am the most important person to one of the largest companies today, and seeing what I’m wearing, has her confused.

Me: “It’s a long story, but let’s just say that… I never attended Mizuho as a middle school student before.”

That wasn’t a lie, but that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that the Hatsuya Research forced me. In this day and age, it’s considered normal for people who had just become young again to attend school again, though availability of places prioritises the newly born.

Voice in my head: “And have her raise questions on why you, as the CEO of Powell are working for Hatsuya, a rival company? There is no official partnership between us and Powell.”

There was an abrupt pause. This pause was long enough for the girl with me to continue her conversation.

Girl: “Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ako Matsumi (松実アコ). So what did you call me for?”

Voice in my head: “Sorry about that pause. A college told me that you are on a mission to target any two girls at random for an official experiment… Are you picking this girl you are looking at now? Although picking these post-evolution people are easy targets since they are so trusting and have no family, they are the big unknown in terms of how the experiments will turn out. Our dimension is the only one where everyone have become a completely new and only gender that even we don’t understand. We don’t know how we reproduce ourselves without men or our body functioning differently from a female, but we know it’s going on as our population actually increased during the four years since the evolution happened. What we have become seem to have been a wish of someone with a fetish for young women who were nothing but school and office uniforms with skirts that doesn’t even cover the knees. I personally don’t like how short they are, but we can’t wear anything else. Even more strange is, from the view of how things were, how are we only be biologically of a very specific age range regardless of actual age, or the newborns to already have the academic knowledge of the age their biological bodies are at? Well, if you pick her, you would have to choose another person too.”

Ako: “Hello? Your face seems as if someone else and me were talking to you at the same time.”

How could she tell?

Voice in my head: “I didn’t know post-evolution people are these smart, or is it her specifically?”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I kind of lost my focus there. You said that you are Matsumi, right?”

The girl had “I knew it” written all over her face.

Me: “Well, I am currently working on a project with a few people, but I need someone besides them and, I was thinking if you would like to be a part of it.”

Ako: “Okay then… sure. If you say so.”

She seem to have reluctantly agreed to follow me without any resistance or me explaining what is going on. Do these people actually trust strangers too easily?

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Alternate Dimension (Part 93)

The first day attending Mizuho’s Middle School department has just ended. Due to high demand from other departments and the public, staying at the school’s dormitory is discouraged to those born before the “evolution” and know someone related who is also born before that time,  or those who can reach the school within a short time with any transport. Of course, I have my own car, so I’m not staying there.
(The concept of family is relatively unknown and non-existent to those born after the evolution, and existing ones are being naturally degraded to something like a group of close friends among existing ones. Well, how exactly do you see a family if everyone in it are now young girls wearing mostly the same outfit behaving alike instead of men and women of various ages with distinct differences?)
Because of Mizuho’s massive size and the lack of ground transportation infrastructure (apart from rail-based ones), getting to the car park where my car is parked, from my classroom, is like passing through several city districts. As you know, I’m also the founder and big boss of Powell Research, so I have places to rush to.
Since I’m also a Mizuho student, the skirt of the uniform I’m wearing allows me to run without restrictions. However, I see nobody running despite some of them being in a hurry and having no leg restrictions. Well, here I go. I know the way.
As soon I started running, it became apparent why they don’t run: my breasts started jiggling around wildly and becomes increasingly irritating the quicker I try to run: they kept rubbing against my clothes, made more intense due to their size and weight. It’s mind boggling how they don’t fall off. (To be honest, I want them removed.)
Voice in my head: “The female body, which is practically all humans today, is primarily designed for reproduction, not for things that require courage or strength. Men can run easily because they are designed to be more suited for physical activities because they exist to protect females, and some disregard to their appearance.”
I know that.
Voice in my head: “Really? You like your breasts to jiggle around uncomfortably? Your breast size has increased lately if you hadn’t realized. I guess you have been a girl for too long to tell if your thinking has been influenced by your female body. It’s still technically Mizuho size like before, but the basis of that included men, who have since become women since the last you were there, which means the average or median size has increased significantly.”
Well? What do you want me to do? Even though it’s irritating, it’s not like I can take off my breasts because it’s part of being a girl. I never wanted to be a girl, but I have been one for more than twice as long than when I was a boy. It happened unknowingly and irreversibly on top of that.
Voice in my head: *sigh* “I see what I can do on my end… Er…”
What is it? Doesn’t sound like it’s something good.
Voice in my head: “There’s apparently nothing helpful I can do on my end, nor is there anything can I tell you to do on your end…”
Okay, I get it. I’m stuck with them. Is there anything that anyone wants from me? Sounds like she’s refraining from saying something.
Voice in my head: “Well, there is a task for you to do. Our fellow colleagues of that dimension you were stuck at many years ago has told us that the evolution that has happened to us did not happen there. We would like to know if our bodies would change if we went there or get aroused at the sight of men. They would also like to analyse our bodies too, with our reproductive and body waste discharge systems are completely overhauled. They would also send over a volunteer to our dimension to see if they would be changed too. That is a big unknown since everyone when the evolution happened has changed, and anyone born since then is based on those changed people, so it’s unknown if any male or female from another dimension would be changed too, or would change back upon returning. Especially when it comes to producing children.”

Ah. A way to see if the spell of what changed us is still there since we are forever stuck like this and any offspring would be born with our altered genes that would magically have them be like teenagers at birth. Who can I bring along? Who would be coming here? I just entered this school, when will it happen?

Voice in my head: “Since Kotomi kind of got homesick easily the last she was there, and her counterpart died, I would not recommend her. It would be counter-productive if we send Itsuki too since she would most likely take over the Saeko there. We want to know what the Saeko of there was up to. You can bring anyone with you, but it must not be those two, who are, unfortunately, whom you are most familiar with. Someone from the other side would choose theirs on their end. As for the school, you don’t have to worry: we own Mizuho, so we would excuse you from school when we need you.
But I’m not ready. I can’t think of anyone besides the ones you told me that I can’t bring along.
Voice in my head: “We can start when you have gathered your companions and the other end would send over when they are ready. Because of how this world works, you can ask any random stranger you encounter and they would follow you without objection: the kind of reaction similar to entering a cheat code in a game that forces an NPC not related to you to follow and obey as if they are. Although, to reduce confusion as to who you asked, it’s better to ask your new classmates instead. Well, it’s actually not forcing people, it’s just that we were used to a world where some people were misbehaving that trust is not easy to come. Since no one here does, chances of people trusting others is quite high, particularly those born after the evolution.”

The voice was talking about the first year the transformations started where all elderly people, criminals, sportsmen, and people who would likely disapprove this transformation itself had turned into teenage girls that neither they nor everyone else remembers who they were previously. We only knew that they exist because people noticed the sharp increase of teenage girls and the complete disappearance of elderly people in the population census published in the year after it happened. (There was a delay because publishers noticed an impossible change of numbers over the previous year, but found no errors despite many attempts in error-checking.)

Now, who do I pick, and how many? Well, there are a few people for my class currently.

Voice in my head: “You don’t have to be so picky. There’s not much to choose from. Except you, all are born after the evolution, and have the same body measurements… You can do anything you like to them, if you know what I mean. Like all post-evolution born girls, they have no family and no fixed home, so you can invite them to stay at your home. And do whatever you like to them without them complaining.”

What on earth is she trying to tell me?

Alternate Dimension (Part 92)

Here’s something new: not only am I being made to study at Mizuho Academy, they posted me to its middle school! It will be a long 3 years before I get out of it, or an additional 7 years if I’m put through high school and college too. I have already studied at the latter two (along with a number of non-Mizuho high schools), but not the middle school.

With Mizuho seen as a prestigious academy, on top of recent sharp rise of people enrolling into middle and high school in general all over, there is competition over securing a place. While Mizuho has tens of times more classrooms than the average school, and maximizing classroom usage, there is just not enough space for everyone. New extensions are slow, made worse by construction workers being forced to wear clothes they can’t change that aren’t suitable for the job. Robots have been brought in to overcome the physical and safety issues, and speed up the construction. (Funny how they can program these things to be ruthless and aggressive when they themselves aren’t at all while whining over every little thing.)

I have seen quite a number of middle school students from here on graduation day of year 3 students of previous batches, but I got a rude shock when I saw only a handful of students at my classroom while waiting for the entrance ceremony to begin. For a school with a massive student population, this has got to be a joke.

The speech that someone on stage is giving out bores me, with screens everywhere so that other students sitting in the massive auditorium or other areas in the school could watch, but this is perhaps the eighth time I’m going through this. Everywhere I see are girls and more girls. If it weren’t for me being a girl myself and getting used to it, I would have been excited at what I’m seeing if I was still a boy, but I feel nothing.

Voice in my head: “Ah. This is actually considered normal. There are fewer students on average at other middle schools. Don’t forget that most people who are born these days are born with a high school-going age, and it’s not common to have an age older or younger than that. You will see massive numbers of transfer students into your class closer to your graduation.”

Ah. This voice is of someone at Hatsuya that I completely forgot about. Doesn’t sound like anyone I know. You see, my own eyes, what I think and hear, are being transmitted to them all the time with no way for me to block it without impairing myself. They probably heard me complaining about it.

Voice in my head: “You can’t stop sending to us what you are seeing without blinding yourself. Since you are officially not a human but our robot under the eyes of the law, there’s nothing wrong with us invading your privacy. In fact, it’s the you complaining about it proves that your AI is like that of a real human.”

My mind is a robot AI? Violating my privacy is legally okay? What is this rubbish? My body may be made, but my mind is human.

Voice in my head: “Well, that is just my opinion. I don’t know your history. Oh, I just want to check if the uniform is working properly. The improvised version did work, but obviously not working optimally with the older design, and uncomfortable. We did work on improving it, but it took us a while to figure out what exactly we needed to do and have it work the way we wanted. We are about to start the test. If you are feeling it, everyone around you will feel it too, but what is the unknown if people will react to it. Your body is the best thing we have that tells us if you are feeling it but not telling us about it, feeling it but your mind doesn’t tell you, or nothing at all.”

Oh great another one of their experiments that uses my body like some test subject again, but I had gone through ones that are worse. I think the time gap between this and when the previous ended was due to taking care of Kotomi’s children until they became old enough. What made it even tougher is that Kotomi herself doesn’t want to take care of them, but yet does not want them to be cold towards her or them seeing me as their mother instead from me taking care of them the most during their development. Well, that worked, producing the strangely obedient kids that never bothered us: they never even cried as an infant. In terms of the aura feel, they can’t seem to tell the difference between me and Itsuki, their biological father and my former body. However, even with Itsuki in his female form with the Mizuho uniform, they could somehow accurately tell the two of us apart despite looking alike.

Voice in my head: “I hate to interrupt you thinking about you recalling how your children growing up, but are you feeling anything? Are other people feeling it? The test is going on right now.”

When did the test started? I thought you hadn’t as I didn’t feel anything so… WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! The faces of the people around me looked as if they are blushing shyly.

Voice in my head: “Your brain activity indicates you don’t feel it happening, but yet able to see it happen. The announcer should clearly see it happening as she’s facing a sea of identical expressions, but judging from her speech, it’s as if nothing is happening. I am testing to see if people are able to react what the uniform does to their bodies. Seems that although they can see it happening and can think about it, they can’t talk about it or do anything that is of a direct result of knowing what the uniform can do to them. In case you aren’t aware, I have rewired people’s brains so that they give a different expression and feel differently when aroused, like now.”

I’m aroused now? I don’t feel anything, and the people around me looked more like, where in the past, girls being shy with the boy they fall in love with.

Voice in my head: “Feeling nothing and not letting out moaning sounds when aroused is an achievement in itself. Even right now, you are letting out your bodily waste remotely without tubes form anywhere in the universe. Arousal and releasing bladder has been taken care of so that people won’t have their thoughts distracted by those. Mizuho is the only school that also trains your mind to be able to think clearly no matter how sexually aroused one may be, which is a difficult thing to do if you had seen images of men after the “evolution”. Even looking at old pictures of myself turns me on because of the hormones in my current body. I did not want to be a girl, of an age younger than my original age on top of that, but what can you do when it is forced onto everyone without any warning that happens instantaneously?”

You are talking as if humans today are like products. Also, that last line suggests that the one speaking to me was a man. It’s almost as if Mizuho itself, and whoever/whatever is forcing the transformations to everyone, are done by perverted men, except that there really are no men today, or young children and elderly too. The surviving young females have become eternally young and not die of old age as they can’t get old to begin with, but are not immune from death by accidents. Even stranger is that their reproductive organs has been reconfigured to work only with man-made equipment.

Voice in my head: “Oh that? It wasn’t announced publicly due to it being closely related to biology and what happened 4 years ago. Breast size of Mizuho girls has always some specific number of times larger than that of the average human. That multiplication number has never been changed, but the average size after transformation has increased. We found it odd that the current Mizuho size is larger that what we thought, but it seems that the previous standard includes men, who don’t usually have breasts. Men used to me made up of more than half of the human population, so when all of those men turned into women, they grew breasts too, and increases the average size that Mizuho is based on. On top of that, even the smallest breast size today is noticeable with clothes over them. I don’t understand why humans today are made up of only women, or how is it possible that we are forced to only be able to wear a very specific type of clothes, which renders so many other kinds of clothes obsolete just because we can’t wear them. How can we wear protective clothing if we are forced to wear somewhat of a mix between a white collar worker and a blazer school uniform that has its skirt only covers a small area of our legs? It may be a dream come true from a man’s point of view to see women everywhere, except that there are no men today, and is seen as nothing to other women. Women don’t feel anything when they see another woman no matter how sexually attractive they may be because they are of the same gender, although those who know each other well enough can get attracted to each other. Those born after that “human evolution” wouldn’t know what men are. Because of how there are nothing but young ladies everywhere and how children are born that they do not know or what family and marriage is. Even us scientists has no idea on what happened to us.”

I forgot that the head teaches and senior students were giving their opening speeches to a rather empty auditorium. Well, their speech aren’t that interesting to me anyway. and this is my third time though middle school anyway. If you were wondering the “human evolution” mentioned is a semi-official name to refer to the final stage where the final remaining men were turned into women, and, in a general sense, when that started with people noticing an increased number of female students that are exactly equal to the declining number of the elderly, but unable to point who they were exactly. All women had major changes to their reproductive system in a way that are not compatible at all with men from before the change, and what triggers your feels can be different too.

There should have been a history topic about this human evolution taught to the newborns, but because our evolved bodies would have us difficult to concentrate and permanently aroused at the sight of men, the entire history subject is not taught at all. Well, we could sacrifice someone to edit them out, but students would leave wondering why there are no images of the most significant people in history, who are mostly men, and would search images of them online, only to have them get aroused. I know it was considered normal and nothing before, but today, it’s like an incurable disease. Governments has decided to not teach history as a subject primarily because of how frequent males appear that it’s impractical to edit them out, and they would rather not teach it than to tell a falsified version of it. The same goes to biology, though only selected topics of it are taught to students who want to be a doctor, botanist, zoo keeper, and such. There are volunteers who brave getting permanently aroused so that they could edit out images of men and make that topic safe for everyone.

Why am I saying it’s a disease? You see, with our evolved bodies, we are designed to not need males for reproduction. As there are no human males left, it was assumed that there’s nothing to make us aroused, so features that could have helped us relieve it was made inaccessible as part of evolution. Because the female instinct has not changed with the evolution, seeing images of men, including images of your old self as one, triggers our concealed feelings of wanting men that we know that no longer exists, and wanting to use parts that now doesn’t exist. Since we are unable to meet what our instinct wants, which itself is not possible today, we get sexually frustrated and our arousal level would not go away. Your physical health won’t be affected if you do nothing about it, but the same can’t be said for mental health. The good news is that it can be cured, but it’s not easy.

All of those thoughts was enough to pass the time. Being in a rather empty middle school opening ceremony is creepy, but for nobody to mention it, even by the headmaster, means that this is considered normal, or she didn’t notice it.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 91)

It has been four years since the day every single human has been turned into a young Japanese woman due to an unexplainable phenomenon that caused it. The housing demand is still not met with people who were poor before the transformation now wanting to live into a upper-middle or high wealth house from the windfall that came with the transformation. On top of that, the very people who are constructing these houses are made up of women in office suits that are physically weak and lacking courage. The skirt and shoes that are part of the suit limits their movement, so they can’t run well or jump.

What are these office women doing constructing buildings with a cowardly attitude, and getting their suits dirty? Well, these women were brave strong men who had been working for years before the transformation. After transformation, it is impossible to find anyone. Ask any of these women and they will tell you that the transformations are the worst nightmare that has happened to them with the body not responding to what exactly they want to do, or doing it in a feminine way if it did. (You wouldn’t know they were suffering with their transformed bodies if you didn’t ask. Note that their words suggest frustration, but not the voice saying it.) Messed up their family too.

As to what they were wearing for work, it is what they found themselves wearing at the time of being transformed at work. They did try changing into the spare clothing afterward, but these clothes were “repelled” when they attempted, or any kind if clothing that isn’t considered feminine. Office clothing seems to be the the best feminine work outfit they were able to wear at all as its the only one women actually ran around the most in despite the skirt for it being also the most restrictive for leg movement. As much as they are aware of how much of their legs the skirt doesn’t cover having little protection from the risk of injuries, nothing could be done about it. Why not wear ones that completely protects the leg from most minor injuries? Well, it’s somewhat mandatory for everyone to wear a skirt whose maximum length must not exceed the knee level. I said “somewhat” because no one is stopping you for wearing otherwise, but nobody is able wear anything else either, under or over it. It even reappears when you take it off after half a minute. You can change it, but only if it’s with another skirt, and has been less than a minute since the previous one was removed. Same for everything else that covers your torso.

Although humans could only reproduce by man-made things, the kits to be able to do so are sold in large quantities openly without regulation, and people wanting to use them. Some are just dummies to act as a portable toilet, or just triggering the arousal levels. I’m surprised nobody got STD or fall sick from using these. What happens next? Well…

When you get pregnant, your body shows no signs that you were even pregnant at all other than your breasts getting uncomfortably tighter and clothes at that area being wet from the milk it is leaking. Since the transformations, nobody knows how babies are developed inside the body. When the time of birth, happens, there would be no warning of it other than approaching the 8th month. Your child (with a body of a fully clothed teenage girl) would just slip out of you from your skirt head first. Apart from the child’s umbilical cord still attached to you, it’s kind of easy to not realize that you had given birth at all without the pain it traditionally had. The cord, along with the weight of the child, would prevent you from walking away unknowingly. Since you don’t need a spouse or a hospital, you could just remove the chord and leave the child behind. With the concept of family being relatively unknown these days, this action is kind of acceptable. That child would automatically recognize you as a close friend (not as a mother) and (somehow) knows how to contact you, but you would be unable to say you are her parent unless the child specifically asks you or, if made together with a partner, had already asked your partner and confirmed. Since neither biology nor history is taught in schools, chances of this happening is slim. From the child’s point of view, she has lived for whatever her biological age is, and not realized that she had just been born a while ago.

The worrying fact here is that since the child is born with a teenager’s body, that child is technically able to start producing a child of her own as soon as she is born, leading to a worrying trend of uncontrollable population explosion if you apply that to everyone. However, the idea of forever having to take care of your child made people to not take it lightly.

To these children born in the past four years, they already know what was taught in kindergarden and primary school, rendering the actual ones obsolete. They know nothing of what happened in the past, and their minds are structured in a way that they won’t get curious about it at all (unless they come across images of “hot men” I mentioned earlier), and they would seem as if the humans are made up of only females. They wouldn’t even know what gender is, and thinks the way the world is now has been the way it is for a very long time.

It’s not clear how immediate from birth these people would attend school, but it is for sure that it happens more often than before the final stage of transformations happened, several students at a time that is spread across different schools so as to not be too disruptive. It’s kind of common for an average middle school to have a few people during entrance ceremony, but that cohort becoming huge with the people transferring in over time. After all, the youngest anyone could be would be of middle school year 1 student, but the common average being between middle school year 3 and high school year 1. It’s hard to tell the difference between someone who has been born less than 6 years ago, and an elderly who has been “reborn” with a young body without knowing their actual age, which is, by law, not allowed to be used… Wait. There is a way to tell.

If you were to look at a person’s name, you would notice that a person who has just been born is always a Japanese name with the given name in katakana. People born before the transformations retained their original name, unless they had male-specific names or foreign, but even those people are given new names that are in kanji. Why katakana for these new born people? Well, since they are born with a body and mind of a teenager, they could bring suspicious on how they had no name despite (what they think they had been) living for years. With so many people to process and having to process each person quickly before they wonder about their lack of a name, along with other things the machine has to do at the same time, processing names in katakana is quicker than in kanji. When more of these people are becoming more aware, they wouldn’t think think about it as everyone else has it. However, with some people who has given name in kanji or hiragana, they could start to wonder why their names are strictly in katakana only. I wish I knew why myself, but it seems to happen automatically.

Speaking of school, those people at Hatsuya has decided to send me back to study at Mizuho again. Hadn’t I graduated from the high school and college of there more than 10 years ago? Or is that deal of me being in this body and forever going to school for the rest of my (eternal) life still in effect despite all these years? The only reason they gave is to see if any changes has happened since I was there. They said that I will be using my actual name instead of Haneda Kaede that I used the last I was there. Well, with my given name being Mamiko, which has not been in used since I got out of a different dimension more than a decade ago. People already know me as the head of Powell Research under Saeko now, and being too popular at school could greatly affect how my school life will be, possibly in a negative way.

Still, why enroll me there for years instead of just being a one-day visitor? Well, males being completely turned into females did have some effect, but even before that happened, The Mizuho campus grounds itself was already turning any male that steps in to become female inside the campus. Actually, the current phenomenon is very identical to what Mizuho has done to people that step in, but covers the whole world and less restrictive in terms of what it allows that Mizuho isn’t allowing, or have a stricter guidelines.

Since the transformations happened, the uniform has since been redesigned – minor for design, major for functionality. As the the transformation seem oddly based on Mizuho’s uniform, but of a more relaxed version, redundant features were removed, but different enough to make changes. One such feature is the feature that turns anyone who wears the uniform to become a young female regardless of what they were outside. Since everyone today is of that specific group, the system has been reduced to just changing clothes for those not wearing the right ones on entering.

Because of how different a person’s body discharges waste, compared to before the transformations, that has to be redesigned. The old one just sits on the surface of where the discharge is, but with the new one, the discharge can’t happen unless really sitting at a toilet seat (which there aren’t any in-campus), or a discharge system goes into the discharge source. Where does the waste go? It is, somehow without anything attached, transmitted to somewhere in the campus, from wherever in the universe the person wearing the uniform is located. From there, it is discharged like at any other toilet.

How different will my new school life be, I do not know. At least it would pass some time. It has been long enough since the last time to be different.

Alternate Dimension (Part 90)

With so much changes to the human body, the education ministry has decided to withdraw biology from being taught in schools until the new features of the human body is understood, though a limited range of it is taught only for zoologist, botanist or doctor college courses. Basically anything non-human related, or on a need to know basis. They could have just taught those to everyone, but when people come across subjects on animal reproduction, a lot of people could ask why (the current reproduction system of) humans could only reproduce with man-made products, while animals, monkeys especially for being closely related to humans, could just mate naturally. Also raises the question of the absence of human males if taught that even experts do not have the answer to.

Because the transformations causes arousal on the sight of images of “hot men” that make people difficult to concentrate is also difficult to subdue one you see them, images featuring men are banned. Due to how widespread images of men appear, old articles should be difficult to access (but not destroyed), and subjects where mentioning men is unavoidable, like History, are also not taught at all.

People who saw them (accidental or those working on the censorship) told me that they were unable to make the feeling of arousal go away and have difficulty concentrating despite not looking at those images for extended periods since then. To recover, they had to keep touching their nipples until their arousal level reaches the peak, which is not an easy thing to do with clothes in the way that reappears 30 seconds after removing. On top of that, touching with clothes on or at other areas doesn’t work. If you stop halfway, the arousal level will be permanently at where you stopped at and will not go down over time, but you can still continue to make it go higher where the peak could be reached, where it’s the only possible way to make it drop at all.

The good news is that you won’t leave a mess behind doing it, but your facial expression would easily say just how aroused you are, and you won’t get aroused at all (or have it increased if you already are) if touched with clothes on, especially by other people. Mizuho students have the additional benefit of not needing to bother with this as it won’t affect their concentration, nor is it reflected in their voice or facial expression, as the very clothes they wear (which itself can’t be removed easily) handles that problem by itself.

As much as I would miss seeing what a male looks like, this is for the good of everyone’s sanity. It would be best if people born from now on would not know about males as humans have “evolved” to become female-only that has been redesigned to not need males at all, but, the female instincts remained unchanged that does not reflect the significant changes to the female body. Since males are no longer needed, they are turned into females. (I don’t know why, but that is what happened.) It’s better for these new born people to not ever know about the existence of males than wanting something that is extinct. What I’m curious the most is how humans have evolved to only be able to reproduce with using a man-made syringe, containing substances that the human body can’t produce except as part of an ingredient to produce it. The syringe is inserted through a tiny hole that looks as if designed for the syringe to fit into perfectly.

That’s not all. This is the same hole where anything being ejected from the body from the inside has to squeeze through that, including childbirth. The bad news is that there is nothing there to trigger your arousal no matter how hard you try, though, Mizuho uniforms tells me that the arousal trigger has been moved to the inside. Nobody wants to insert a sharp needle (which is the largest object that could be inserted) into themselves, and trying to simulate (the now impossible) sex could result in injury if you are not careful, which is a difficult thing to do while trying to masturbate. Mizuho was able to achieve this as part of their body waste disposal system that is integrated as part of the uniform, so it’s an automatic and hassle-free task for them (and also part of a mandatory daily masturbation thing whose timing is unpredictable). The good news is that your vomit and mucus would come out there instead of your mouth or nose, and you can’t release anything unintentionally unless you are really using the toilet even though it may feel as if you were. You can hold it in forever, but storage capacity is finite and your body would be unable to process the food and drink you consume until the waste is removed. This means that you would need to check your bladder if you find yourself still feeling hungry or thirsty after consumption, though those unprocessed food and water would be processed when the waste has been cleared. If you had too much of those, they would literally come out of your mouth when you find yourself upside-down, even for a brief moment.

Speaking of automatically discharging waste, the technology seems to have graduated from being a Mizuho Academy-only thing to becoming a new version of the toilet for the general public all over. These look like tiny face mask at the tip of a thin flexible tube that is attached to the wall or the floor. You simply place the end of it around where your hole is and, other than waiting for it to be complete, you don’t need to do anything else. You can leave it there even when it’s complete so you won’t need to plug it in again when the next one comes, which is useful if you eat and drink at your desk and not leave your desk for long periods of time. To others, you would look like a device charging itself. The big advantage of the new toilet is that you don’t need a dedicated room for it, and save a lot on water and toilet paper. Probably also the cost saved over maintaining the old-fashioned toilet too.

Alternate Dimension (Part 89)

After briefing the measures that Powell Research should be doing with the current situation, I had to rush to where Kotomi is: her parent’s place. It’s not urgent, but it isn’t something I should be taking my time to get around to doing either. Kotomi has this curse where she needs to see Itsuki as a male regularly to keep her sanity for years now, but as I head to her place, the severity of what happened earlier becomes clearer, but still filled with unknowns.

Judging from Kotomi’s call earlier, she doesn’t sound like her usual self. However, she did mention that she is aware of it, but unable to do anything about it. She was too shocked to mention where she was, but since her parents and siblings were mentioned, I assume she is with them. The likely place they would be is at her parent’s house, though it is possible that they went out.

Ever since it happened, I never ever saw anyone being aggressive, though I did hear people whining on why they are unable to do things the masculine way, and leaning more towards the feminine way. It’s odd to hear people complaining about their own behaviour, but in this case, femininity is kind of forced onto everyone while still retaining the mindset from before it happened. It’s the awareness that they are behaving differently from before that lead to the complaining. However, once you have been doing things in a particular way for a while, it slowly become used to it and becomes a part of your behavior without you being aware of it.

When I arrived at Kotomi’s place, I encountered a large group of teenage girls who are all wearing different school uniforms. Except for Kotomi’s dad and son, I can’t identify who the others are, or what schools they belong to. What they are doing at the Miyazawa household? Is there a party going on? I don’t think anyone has their wedding anniversary or birthday today.

One of them spotted me and ran towards me, smiling, with her clenched hands around the height of her shoulder. What she is about to say threw me off my guard with her total mismatch of her expression.

Girl: “Saeko-chan… Help me! I don’t know what happened me. Out of the blue, everyone transformed at the same time. I don’t even look like myself!”

The tone and voice sounded exactly the same from the call with Kotomi earlier.

Me: “Kotomi?”

Girl: “Yes, it’s me. I don’t know what’s going on… Everyone around me transformed into what we are now with no warning. I don’t like this girly behaviour that me and everyone else has, but it’s no use; we can’t behave any other way even if we are able to think of it. It also seems that men has been completely wiped out from existence…”

She paused for a moment before she screamed in horror. Believe me, that scream was loud.

Kotomi: “What am I going to do? I don’t want to go insane from not seeing my husband as a man. He might look completely different from you now. This body is weak and gets scared easily. What am I to do…”

Can you worry about this later?

Me: “So those identically dressed girls you were with are…”

With everyone having new faces at an age range where the difference between the maximum and minimum is not that great, they could be anyone. I don’t even know if Kotomi has brought over some friends earlier.

Kotomi: “Those are my parents, siblings, and children… ARGH! I don’t even know who is who with their completely different faces and identical looking ages!”

Seriously?! That is her whole family there? The number of girls there do add up to the number in Kotomi’s family, but there are no boys there. Kotomi’s dad had already been turned into a girl not too long ago, and still looks like he’s the daughter of Kotomi’s mother and oldest brother. Those two has been transformed into young girls that now bare no resemblance to their former selves. Before I could say anything, Kotomi added:

Kotomi: “My son and my brothers had been turned into some of these girls. Dad has already been turned into a girl before all the remaining males transformed at the same time, as I told you before. Kousei’s behaviour is quite recognizable since his usual behaviour is quite feminine to begin with and scarily looks quite matching now that he’s a girl. The only one who hasn’t changed at all is my son. Not sure if he would turn back into a guy if he manages to take off the uniform, but he was already behaving like a girl that he would be better off as a girl instead of as a boy, despite contrary to what I wanted. I guess it’s hopeless now that everyone is a girl and forced to behave like one. What is happening at your place?”

Come to think of it, anyone who is currently working or enrolled into Mizuho seem to be largely unaffected, as if it’s the same thing, but more stricter. In fact, who is affected by this new phenomenon, and what they had been turned into, is similar to that of Mizuho, but relaxed on what you can and can’t do, affects a much larger area, and permanent. By permanent, I mean you can’t turn back; it’s forced onto everyone without warning or choice.

Me: “Somebody called for a major urgent mass meeting right after the change happened. At the meeting hall, I could see that everyone is a young female, with no males or anyone with grey hair in sight. There are reports that anyone who was below 15, including newly born babies, instantly became a teenage girl too. People are also getting worried about humans becoming extinct since females can’t produce a child without a male involved.”

One of the other girls came up to me and stood next to Kotomi.

Girl 2: “I’m sure my brother would come up with something, like how this girl was born, or her third and fourth child.”

Kotomi: “Mom!”

That girl was Kotomi’s mother? It’s creepy that they look of the same age with no resemblance to each other with their new body unlike before. Why is this? Would children born from now on resemble their parents, but with the parent’s new look, or no resemblance at all?

Girl 2: “Seriously speaking, this change could completely change how we live our lives. The concept of marriage and family has reduced just a group of girls who are closely affectionate with each other. Since the newborns instantly become teenagers on being born with reasonable amount of knowledge and developed behaviour already there. Things that usually cater to young kids, the elderly, or the disabled, could disappear since there are no such people now. I don’t know if newborns from now on would even understand what those things are when the generation from before this happened has passed on.”

Kotomi: “I don’t even know if the way our bodies work are different now, or my body’s genes can’t be biologically linked to any of my family members here.”

Kotomi’s mother: “It’s strange that my husband and sons could reproduce themselves as a girl now…”

Voice of 3 girls: “Hey!”

The voice came from three of the girls Kotomi and her mother were with before I came, with one of them being Kotomi’s father. They looked scared on that idea, so I guess the other two are Kotomi’s two eldest younger brothers, though not sure who exactly. Kousei and Kotomi’s son did not respond to that remark despite appearing to have heard it.

I think this is was the final phase of men and the elderly being turned into young women that started years ago, because I don’t see any man or old people at all. Not sometimes, but never. I never thought it would actually happen since the previous phase was a long time ago, and long enough to think that there won’t be any more.


It has been two months since something turned every single human into a young female. Kotomi has been brought in to study her body, particularly relating to studying her sanity levels from not seeing Itsuki as a male. We weren’t sure if it had weakened over the length of time or disappeared with her complete body change (her DNA says she is a completely different person that doesn’t match with anyone in their database), but her sanity level remained unchanged despite having not seen the male Itsuki, or any pictures of him, for a long time. It seems that the curse Kotomi has had since High school has disappeared now.

We still have no idea what is causing the mysterious transformations to everyone, but we did find out on what effects the transformations did to people.

As two months has already passed, more people noticed that they did not have their monthly period since then, long overdue as a mater of fact. A period is where unfertilized eggs inside a female gets discharged monthly during the ages between puberty and menopause, which is about 30-40 years. To the female herself, this process is beyond her control and painful, but until menopause, it only temporarily stops when she actually gets pregnant. As that is also a sign that she can bare babies, everyone was worried, though the issue of being able to reproduce babies with the now-extinct males becomes more of an issue.

With what we found out, the female reproductive system has been completely changed: the vulva has been relocated so that it points directly downwards, and reshaped to look like a tiny air valve commonly found on balls. It is almost as if it’s specifically designed for a syringe as it fits in perfectly inside, and you will know it can go no further as the only organ there that can make a girl aroused is triggered only when the needle is fully inserted. As if self-aware that the needle is dangerous, this needle cannot fall off by accident, or be removed by the person it is inserted into while in an aroused state. Funny how the female reproductive system has redesigned itself to only be able to get pregnant via a man-made method. The female desire for wanting sex still lingers, but that is physically and pratically impossible now: men are extinct, and the woman’s reproductive system has been completely redesigned in a way that they can’t simulate sex either.

Using a similar reproduction method used to produce Kotomi’s third and forth child (it’s complicated to explain in detail), women could actually still produce children endlessly, albeit only one at a time. The offspring would resemble the mother and whosoever gene was used to create the fertilizer. The technology has improved so that it is possible to produce a male child through this method, but one of the parent has to be male, and the success rate is only 12% – 25%. As men are extinct now, this method still works by using a woman in the man’s place, but the child would have 0% of being born male, and instead as a female. With males turned into females, and the reproductive system of females completely redesigned, this seems to be the only way humans could ever reproduce themselves at all, though them unable to get old has greatly reduces deaths from medical problems relating to old age.

All babies born today already have a body and mind of a teenager with clothes already on. Since this newborn already has a teenager’s body, she could, in theory, be able to produce children of her own already, which, to people from before the change happened, is very surprising.

People now have two different ages: their actual age, and their biological age.

  • Actual age: Number of years they had lived through (including time travel) since birth. Anyone who was transformed at the very first batch of men being turned into girls years ago do not remember who they were previously, so their “actual age” is based on the age they think they were back then, plus the time since then. This also applies to those who have a body that is older than their actual age.
  • Biological age: Based on how long since birth to reach their current body development before the era of transformation happened. Nobody could become younger than 12 or older than 30, though 15 is a common age for someone to be transformed into.

People who had been transformed since the phenomenon started years ago, which is practically everyone except those who were really born 12 to 30 years ago, adopted the way of thinking of what their biological age is. This means that, even though they may know their actual age, they would only state their biological age. Besides, who would want to list their age as 80 if they have a body of a healthy 15 year old? Due to overcrowding at schools and hardly anyone in the working as, if you follow the biological age, are underaged, the laws have to be written since everyone has been changed overnight. It’s a tricky mess to clear.

Since even the youngest in actual age are already having the knowledge as if they had already attended primary school, primary schools, kindergarten, and related services, has been closed down. However, since primary school accommodates 6 years worth of classes, they can be easily be converted into a middle/high school that could accommodate double the number of classrooms than the average. Of course, things like small tables has to be changed first. People who have already attended schools at least once in their life are no longer required to attend schools. They may be allowed to attend school again for college courses. For levels lower than that, they have to meet one of the following criteria: unable to complete or attend (drop out, hospitalized), had major disruptions to studies (family issues, transfer to different schools many times, natural disasters), or had been transformed with their current biological age be below 19 and had not attended school since being transformed. Priority to the places in the school goes to those who has never ever attended school before and whose ages (either actual or biological) would turn 13 (for middle school) or 16 (for high school) during the school year. Transformed people are allowed to keep the jobs they had before the transformation, but jobs that require people to be strong or fearless are difficult to do: the forced transformation into feminine women has turned workers of these jobs to be weak and easily scared. They can’t dismiss these people for under-performing because there is no one who could do the job properly.

As everyone is also forced to wear short skirts (or a dress with the same hem line) that can’t be worn over and either have the rest of the legs exposed or covered (partially or completely) by socks or stockings of specific colours, tasks that require the legs to be fully covered, like radiation suits or fire-fighting,  have to be redesigned just to be able to wear these safety clothes. The redesigned outfits makes them look silly, but I guess that is what one could come up with at such short notice. Designing an outfit that protects against dangerous elements, and yet feminine in design, is not easy. It has to be feminine design or else they would be unable to wear it at all. I can hear people complaining about the problems directly related to the forced transformation, but nobody is able to do anything about it besides making it “more comfortable”.

The good thing about this change is that, except in a harmless way, be able to become evil or cruel to others: the body could manipulate the mind in a way that the person would not be even be able to think of saying or doing evil things that would negatively affect another party. Unlike me, they can express anger too, but it’s mixed together with crying. You can cry without being angry, but you can’t get angry without crying, though the crying while angry is not noticeable unless the anger level is high. As evident by the sharp drop in bullying, fighting (along with injuries from it) and people being cheated, this does seem effective. It’s hard to differentiate between not thinking of being evil on their own, and the body forcing the person to not be evil as nobody could tell if their mind has been manipulated.

What everyone is afraid of is how anyone who has not experienced what life was like before the phenomenon started would grow up to be, or if humanity would even exist. Since a newborn starts of as a 15 year old girl that is capable of bearing her own children already, people are worried about population explosion. Would they even know what being a baby, a man, or an elderly person is like? Would the new generation even know what family is? The Miyazawa household now looks like a group of close friends that makes up of nothing but teenage girls that don’t even look alike.

This is a completely different world now. So different that a lot of familiar concepts don’t work with the new world. Somehow, I have this odd feeling that I caused all of this to happen, but at the same time, it wasn’t me.

    Alternate Dimension (Part 88)

    It has only been a day after it happened, but it has become clear that every single human in the world now looks like an attractive high or upper middle-class Japanese teenage girl (or slightly older than that) who could only speak Japanese or (not so good) English regardless of their original ethnicity, age or gender. They have also developed a taste of good design, durability, and convenience that anything considered horribly designed is redone. Quite a large number of things in developing countries do fall into that label.

    To be honest, everyone is forced to behave in a feminine way, even if they weren’t before. Existing girls who weren’t feminine aren’t spared from this either. People voiced how much they hated it or being forced to only be able to wear knee-length skirts that some might find too short (they are longer than Mizuho skirts though). As much as I hate wearing skirt (you see me wearing them all the time only because I’m forced to), the skirt hides what I find to be the “ugly areas”. Why I say that? I don’t like to see the shape I see when a woman wears shorts or jeans, and you can clearly see a shape that is possible only for females: larger hips and buttocks, and so on. I think the skirt of a certain maximum length was chosen over those because the other kinds of clothing are probably seen as male clothing that has been modified to fit for the female body, and long skirts are seen as “too old-fashioned”. I have to admit that, since I became a girl, anything I sat on suddenly felt softer even though the hardness of what I sat on never changed. Also, I’m quite used to having my skirt to not fully cover the part of my legs resting on the chair.

    I hate to say this, but my breasts feels like two penises mounted on my chest instead of the crouch, but shaped like spheres instead of cylinders, that expends when I think of certain things relating to the opposite gender, but even that, I did not feel the desire to stick my breast into anything, though they can expand to the point my clothes get uncomfortably tight. I hate it when that happens, but it’s a part of my body that can’t be removed, though unnoticeable to others if they weren’t observing as regular breast sizes can vary from person to person. As a girl myself, I know why girls do not like this part to be touched: it’s the most sensitive part of her body, but sadly also has the most eye-catching part of her body and possibly trigger her body’s desire of wanting sex. It feels awkward having nothing between my legs, but having nothing there to have an erection while aroused means that I don’t feel any desire to have sex at all, which translate to having better concentration. I was hoping to turn back into a boy during my first few years as a girl, but it seems clear now that it won’t happen as I had already lived as a girl for longer than as a boy, and all the males has now been turned into girls.

    Famous people, scientists, politicians, doctors, police, army, firemen, construction workers, sports athletes, and other things where you usually expect men or tough people, weren’t spared from this too. Some were transformed beyond recognition, most noticeably tough men who have dark skin with bald hair. (Nothing against them, but them turning into girly Asian girls is indeed a big difference.) The problem is that there isn’t anyone or anything to point the blame to, let alone find a solution. As time went on, the complaints have reduced: either they had adapted to it, sub-consciously or not, or have been transformed. Since the whole phenomenon started, anyone who has transformed from reaching above a certain biological age for the first time or were previously male would have a feminine personality as part of their new selves as a young lady

    Scientists could not find what is causing this to happen. What they can be certain that the body of someone who has been transformed has features that seem as if they have always been that way and no traces linking to their former selves. Example, they had gathered some information they know is of an old man (for an unrelated experiment), but when he transformed (it happened in front of them), his body is of a 16-year old girl with no trace of having being an old man. Although he could recognize people, his memories are more like what a typical 16 year old girl (at the time it happened) would know. He now has two ages: number of years since he was born and his biological age. This indirectly proves that old people can’t die of old age as they can’t get old to begin with, though people can still die through other means. This proves that it’s just scientifically impossible to turn the transformed people back to who they were as there is no trace or have insufficient data to do so.

    As much as people hated it, there is neither anyone or anything to point the blame to. Neither is there a solution to reverse this. The female to male prototype that Hatsuya had developed (was used to change Kotomi’s 2nd youngest sibling, Kousei) doesn’t work well as he behave and thought like a girl: the scientists knows how men are supposed to behave. Even if successful, the subject reverted back to female within an hour, but long enough to produce sperm to impregnate a woman. This seems to be the only way now to produce new babies, but with the “test tube baby” method that already existed for decades, it’s also possible to make oneself pregnant without a partner, with sperm that came from themselves (while temporarily a male) or someone else. Babies being born instantly turned into a normal teenage girl the instant the baby is completely outside the mother’s body, even though the baby may have been developed as a boy or had birth defects during pregnancy, premature birth. This means they inherit the gene that turns people into young women from their parents, or the phenomenon is still ongoing. Either way, nothing could be stopped from having the newly born baby to be turned into an adolescent female instantly, or them having children of their own despite being just born themselves. There is no biological evidence to suggest that they are even supposed to be babies except when witnessing the child’s birth.

    This recently born girl’s body is already fully clothed and are already capable of being able to become pregnant immediately. Apart from the umbilical cord that is likely to be still attached to her mother, this person is no different from someone who has just been transformed through other reasons. I don’t think there is a specific date or age, but the gap between the youngest that anyone could be transformed into, and the age where you would transformed again (delayed if developing a child), is certainly less than 25 years. In other words, you could never grow old, but forever stuck at that stage in life with a female body means that your body is practically forever capable of producing a child and, if not made pregnant within a month, you would feel extreme pain inside with blood leaking out between your legs. No girl wants to pregnant all the time, but neither do they like the pain and blood they experience every single month she is not pregnant. I know how painful and scary it is because I am a girl myself. Well, it’s only day one of the human population being feminine female completely, and probably too early to tell if something else has happened, though no other changes are visible.

    Now everyone is suddenly rich enough to afford at least upper-middle income housing. Add that to wanting top quality design, many (those who were previously poor in particular) found themselves living in in an unacceptable housing and/or can’t get to anywhere without a car or public transport is terrible. Suddenly, plans to improve or overhaul to match to a developed country and improve further have been announced. Businesses and houses affected by the redevelopment weren’t an issue as even the owners found their property awful too and wants to get rid of it so they can get one that is a lot better. For the reformation of the public transport network, older buses and trains that would have otherwise been scraped have to be kept around longer to meet the demands of new routes and improved frequency, as the factories manufacturing them are overwhelmed by the surge of orders from many different bus companies. This is on top of existing orders and personal problems faced by the staff who themselves were affected by the change too.

    In fact, it seems that nobody is spared from it like an invisible infectious disease. As much as I don’t want to look at a woman’s breast since it’s so visually distracting once they are in sight, it’s impossible not to see them because my own body has them too, so I always see them when I look at myself. Censorship regarding that area has never changed (at least not yet) even though everyone is now a woman, but what I don’t get is why are woman’s nipples censored, but not a man’s nipple or the rest of a woman’s breasts? I don’t get it.

    People who lived in countries where neither languages were used suddenly couldn’t understand what was being said or written in their native language and found themselves being only being able to communicate in a language that are alien to them to friends (who may have also been changed beyond recognition). They are forced to change the languages of everything as nobody could know or learn any languages except Japanese or English, which are the only languages they could  understand or learn.

    Because this change also affected even the most primitive people at remote places, all the different tribes, traditions, and languages, have effectively been wiped out
    and made obsolete and extinct. An example of how drastic the change is: a primitive African tribe of mostly men who has little or no contact with the outside world who hunts animals and plants for a living, communicate themselves in their own language with no writing system that has clicking sounds as part of it, and lives in huts made of straws. Sadly, with this transformation, this means they now look like a group of young affluent Asian schoolgirls that could only speak to each other in Japanese or English (both they previously never even knew) who couldn’t even hunt their own food and found just how “horrible” the conditions they live in are that they want to get out of there.

    We are living in a completely different world now where every single person you see are well-off young women, but it’s the initial transitioning stage where people want to get out of the old houses they were living in, but the demand to have houses everyone wants is quite high that existing development are overbooked. No woman wants to get dirty, and neither do they have the strength to carry things or to tighten/loosen bolts. These are what men could do easily, but the main problem is that the male gender no longer exists now and only the weak and unwilling females are left behind. Yes, everyone is self-aware of how weak their body is, or how easily scared they can be at anything.

    So how are things like building houses to meet the demand works if there are no men to build it? The good news: ways have been found a way to build robots and machines specifically for this problem. Bad news? Demand for these are too large for the manufactures to keep up, and all the men who were constructing buildings before the phenomenon happened have been turned into girls that are now too scared with environment they have to work in, which slows down the construction pace by a lot. Because these girls are scared of getting injured, and the skirts they wear (which could neither be removed nor worn over) offering their legs little protection from injury, they clearly should have been fired now. But since there are no men or tough women left now, these people are actually considered the bravest women ever. I myself find that as a joke as I clearly see them scared at everything while working, but I guess being scared is more of a natural reaction to them that they could have mentally tried to ignore or else they wouldn’t be considered brave if they had given up already. I guess being scared is part of having everyone seems to have their external emotions re-wired that forces everyone to behave girly and not actually mentally scared to begin with, but I’m afraid it could be an actual feeling to people who have been “transformed” since the male gender have been completely whipped out.

    The concept of a family, and a girl being friends with an another girl has now been blurred further as everyone in the family is a young female and family reunions now look more like a class reunion of a girl’s school. Anyone who has transformed from reaching a certain biological age remembers very little from before transformation except their possessions, recognizing people they were in good terms with as their former selves, and people they with at the time the transformation happened. Even with family members, they treat each other like close friends so much that they would feel very uneasy if they are seen as someone higher instead of as equals by someone they know well.

    Just what is so great of turning everyone into women that are forever young? They may be the most beautiful and attractive humans, but living my own life as one is a nightmare: it’s too easy to make myself aroused from just something as routine as changing my clothes. (Mizuho Academy actually trains you to be able to think and speak normally, and treat it as if it isn’t happening.) Even moving myself around is more of a hassle than as a man from what I feel when moving, and even thinking too much over an otherwise simple thing. The biological age range everyone is in now also means that everyone has a high chance of getting pregnant, except that there are no men would could make that happen.

    That is what I think as the biological ages of all women are at the optimal stage for that to possibly happen, all newborns instantly became teenagers who are already capable of producing children of their own too. It may sound like everyone, including newborns, can forever produce a child or two every year causing a population explosion, except that the reality is that people are killed in accidents and cancers with nobody to replace them. Spelling the decline of humanity, though being young again after a few decades means that they can’t die of old age as they can’t become old to begin with.

    There is nothing is wrong with all the woman’s reproductive system. The primary problem is that the men who could make them pregnant are completely absent now: all of them had been turned into women whose DNA now says they had always been born female and never male, which means that it can’t be reversed. Scientists have, however developed a way to produce sperms out of skin cells, or human eggs, but it’s expensive and uncomfortable, and on top of having a higher failure rate than if done naturally (which is impossible now), the babies born out of this are always female due to the lack of ‘Y’ chromosome that only the (now extinct) males have. As much as everyone doesn’t want this to have happened, it was forced onto everyone by an unseen force without warning that can’t be stopped. I don’t like to see women, but that is what everyone (including myself) is now.