Alternate Dimension (Part 87)

It’s been weeks since I was sent to the ski lodge to collect the mysterious doll and collect samples from the skiing lodge near there. It is indeed the exact same doll Hatsuya had that went missing decades ago, but, in terms of the condition, the doll seems a bit newer and not a fake. Is this another copy of it, or from earlier in the past than the one we had? We now have the technology to analyse what this thing is made of, but it can’t sense any magical presence.

The mysterious doll is now in the hands of the Powell Research. The doll was never in Hatsuya’s hands (unless you count myself) as it turns out that they were only interested with the ski lodge near where the doll was found and already have existing data about the doll in question. Powell doesn’t seem to be interested about it as they mention it as the only man-made shelter in the area from the blizzard that frequents there. I had to distance myself from the research team because Hatsuya could observe what I could see and hear with my own eyes and ears and use me as a tool to look into what Powell is doing.

Hitoko: “Ms. Saeko, during our observation, this doll seem to be giving out quick emerald blue flashes with random, but long, intervals between each instead of the rapid flashes of emerald green that you described.”

Blue? I have never seen or heard of the doll emitting that colour before. Them mentioning the kind of colour it is associated with eliminates the possibility of them mistaken blue as green. I have seen one quick flash in green before, but the doll wasn’t anywhere near me at that time, though I’m not sure if it doesn’t have to be near me, or not for me only, for it to work.

Me: “That is new. This has never happened before, so I don’t know what it means. Did you, or the other staff researching this thing wished for something in the same or neighbouring rooms as where the doll is being researched?”

Hitoko: “Well, I was thinking about if everyone were to always wear skirts of lengths like most school uniforms these days instead of other kinds like jeans and such. Nothing more, though I’m not sure about the other staff. Maybe each pulse I saw is from each staff, and the colour possibly meaning that it won’t happen immediately?”

An interesting theory, though I’m not sure if this is the exact cause behind the strange patterns of lights.

Me: “Green is for accepted, I think. Never saw other colours before, so I don’t know what it means. If it had read yours and that happened, it might mean it heard what you wished, but I don’t know if it would happen later or not accepted.”

I am secretly agreeing with what Hitoko was wishing: girls would look awful if they are not wearing skirts, or are wearing the long ones. I’ve also seen women with bad fashion sense and/or housing, and want them to have something better. As for the guys… The girly boys might as well be rescued from having ugly male things and become actual girls. I don’t really like girls who behave like boys either, or those who show unethical behavior. Also, could something be done to a girl’s body to be more useful, less stressful, and no awful ones?

Hitoko: “Hey… some rapid flashes of green are happening now, and I’m feeling something happening to my body.”

I feel it myself too, but I don’t see any noticeable changes between us.

Anouncement: “Attention all supervisors and management staff. Please come to the auditorium immediately for an emergency meeting. This includes the board of directors.”

I don’t know what happened for them to call everyone at such short notice.

Hitoko: “I think that includes us.”

As we made our way there, it became more apparent that every single person heading there is a woman wearing skirts with not a single man in sight. I remembered that the people the anouncement mentioned included men, and women who don’t wear skirts. Quite a number of them seem to be making calls on the way there. I received a call from Kotomi too, who sounded a bit different.

Kotomi (on phone): “Saeko… I’m scared. Shin’ichi, (2nd brother), my uncle, my dad, Itsuki, all the guys I know, had been turned into girls. My own behavior has changed too: don’t know why I am so emotional. I tried to be like my usual self, but I can’t. Help me! I think I might be going crazy!”

She sounded very different than usual. Kotomi is considered the most male-like person in the family, but she doesn’t sound like it now. She has to see Itsuki as a male regularly to keep her sanity level stable, but if Itsuki is a female now, he can’t become a man even when the Mizuho uniform is removed, and Kotomi would become insane. It was because of this curse that Kotomi has to marry Itsuki even though she wasn’t interested in him, but she has to in order to make sure she sees him regularly after graduating from high school. The news of all the men having turned into women itself is also shocking. For the past few years, it’s been gradual, but why so sudden now? I don’t know the full extent of it currently.

Has it something to do with what I had just wished? All the non girl-like boys might have already become girls, so saying having the girl-like boys to become actual girls also means wiping out the remaining male population? Well, there could be men who are neither tough nor girl-like left behind, but I see nothing but females around me. Even the females who previously behave like males are now forced to behave in a very feminine way. I said “forced” because they could still think as their old selves, but are helplessly unable to express themselves except in a feminine way.

At the emergency meeting, it was revealed that all the remaining males who weren’t turned into females with the existing phenomenon had just been completely been turned into girls, women who were above a certain age had become young again, and all children below a certain age suddenly became teenage girls. It’s not clear if it affects all males, or just the girlish ones, but it is for sure that there are only girlish males left behind when it happened as everyone else had already been changed.

Babies who are now being born from their mothers already have a body and behaviour of a well behaved teenage girl with, oddly enough, clothes. This is for existing pregnancies. With the male gender seemingly wiped out, how could anyone reproduce themselves naturally? This could start the extinction of the human race if this is not solved as, even though females can produce children, that could not even happen in the absence of males. It is unknown at this time if a compromise has been made to compensate this or reverse this situation. As nobody was able to stop the earlier phenomenon, I doubt anyone could stop this one. There is apparently no known way to turn back.

With everyone now appearing to be girls of around the same age, the idea of a family now looks nothing more than a group of girls of around the same age being together. This change is similar to Mizuho uniform, but is independent of it at a larger scale without the uniform itself, more allowances to visual differences. Everyone is wearing a skirt that are no longer than a certain length. Except for a few, they all are of the same “default” tartan design pattern and colour. I’m guessing the ones aren’t wearing those were those who already have skirts of that length or shorter at the time it happened as mine never changed, I don’t see skirts longer than that length, and I heard some people who weren’t wearing that “default” skirt saying that they weren’t wearing it earlier but had owned it before.

The clothes could be taken off, but if no clothes are worn for longer than a rather short time (30 seconds on average), the previously worn clothes would reappear at sections where no clothes were worn in that time. Even stranger for the bottom: unless wearing another skirt of a specified maximum length or shorter during that changing time, a previously worn skirt would always appear. No clothes could be worn over the skirt except as part of the upper clothing. Clothing underneath it is allowed, but only if the said skirt is worn first. This means that nobody could be naked, and everyone is forever stuck wearing short skirts.

There is, however, a loophole for people who doesn’t want to be seen wearing the skirt: pin the bottom of the mandatory skirt upwards onto the clothing covering the torso as clothes worn at the legs are technically seen as beneath the skirt. Due to the “skirt first” rule, if the skirt is removed without removing the clothes underneath for more than a certain amount of time from removing the skirt, those clothes would be removed automatically. There are exceptions to this, but it’s not much. One thing for sure is that this loophole does not work with the Mizuho uniform, which now oddly seem like a more restricted version of this strangeness.

The extent and the impact of this new phenenomon is not known in its entirety at this point in time, but from what we have seen so far, it certainly is a major change.


Alternate Dimension (Part 86)

I’ve been in this insanely cold snowstorm at the mountain range for quite some time, but my body never developed any health problems like hypothermia, or even a common cold. Hatsuya told me that my body could tolerate the extreme cold, but I never paid serious attention to the part where I could still the coldness of it. On top of that, since the ski resort has been closed with nothing else in the area, cellar coverage is very bad here. The terrain here is also bad for building roads.

So, searching for an unknown object in a huge mountain range that is likely to be covered by snow is difficult. Perhaps impossible too. However, judging from what it does, there’s a very high possibility that it could be that weird doll my home room teacher of Mihara Academy decades ago had shown. Still, the size of that is small enough to not be able to see it in this kind of place.

Voice in my head: “Our sensors detected an object missing from one of our earlier experiments some distance in the direction you are facing now.”

I hate that voice because it is of somebody else speaking into my head. On top of that, they invaded my privacy as what they said to me implies that they could see what I’m seeing with my own eyes, and even track my current location in this far-away place with nothing but the wilderness around me. This feature, among others, is implemented into my body in a way that I can’t disable it myself. I don’t have to respond to this voice, but it can get irritating if I don’t do what “the voice” is telling me, which I know is someone at Hatsuya talking to me.

My body has been thrown around Hatsuya as a replacement for lab rats and volunteers for their experiments with my poor mind in it and me experiencing its horrors. Hatsuya treats me nicely ever since I was employed with them, but things got complicated when I unknowingly step into their “trap” meant for curious passer-bys, and use them as a test subject which, at that time, no employee (excluding Kotomi) ever was. The situation was complicated because I was an existing Hatsuya employee, and they could not recreate the situation, or restore me to what I was before. To compensate for the irreversible change to my life, including being unable to age or die, and because my change of gender during the process messing up another of their test subject (Kotomi) that was forever attracted to me, my salary was increased by a lot to make up for it. That makes me the highest paid staff in the company, even higher than the CEO, but at the cost of my life being ruined. Not that I even ask or knew about it to begin with.

You might be asking why I’m not quitting from Hatsuya yet. Legally, I could, but my body is their property, with my mind trapped in it, and they still have control of my whole body. Fortunately, they can’t control my mind. With the exception of experiments that required me to not be mentally prepared, they usually tell me what they are about to do to me ahead of time. I still don’t get why they made me invincible and immortal, but yet weak and defenseless at the same time. I feel angry that I can’t fight back if I was attacked.

Voice in my head: “Saeko, you do realize that you are currently doing what a normal person can’t do without additional equipment? Hold on, aren’t you freezing? You can’t concentrate if you are thinking too much about keeping warm to find that thing. I better fix that. “

At that moment, I suddenly feel comfortably warm even though there’s no change to my clothes or the weather around me. I feel irritated that I couldn’t do that myself.

Voice in my head: “Before we sent you, we didn’t know what we were looking for until our sensors picked up signals of that doll as you got closer. It’s pretty strong now that you are very close to it. Take precautions when you are near it. I think you might have met him before, but as someone else at Mihara, and you became what you are now because you were investigating him. If that doll had not merged his mind think he is the girl he was transferred to, he would have been able to help us. Officially, he died in a car accident involving a taxi and a speeding vehicle that that happened weeks earlier.”

I remembered being in that cloning machine, but until he mentioned that, I didn’t thought about or remember why I was there in the first place. Trying to research the doll the voice mentioned is a nightmare because it was made many centuries ago, and anyone who has taken possession of that doll would be changed at random, unless it was transferred to someone else before it happened.

I don’t know if I had already been changed by this thing, or if it’s possible for someone who has already been changed to be changed again or return back to normal. People say that flashing green lights before it disappears that it’s doing something to someone it detects. The problem was that I was asleep to even know if there was a flashing green light to begin with, though the device I was working on at that time could also be the cause that started this nightmare.

In the end, retrieving that doll wasn’t that hard for me. Hatsuya gave me the additional task of investigating the abandoned lodge I was at earlier. Although we weren’t expecting to find anything, I found evidence that the school girls were skiers that disappeared that weren’t previously known or overlooked, at least to Hatsuya.

The guest list showed no records of the names of the schoolgirls or their school, but there were entries of the missing skiers and their rooms. This could be used to track who they are now, if only we knew which rooms the girls found themselves in. This could be complicated as more than one person could be sharing the same room. We noticed that about half of the skiers stayed in the same room with another skier who has the same family name, suggesting a likely couple or sibling being together. But none of the schoolgirls who appeared has the same family name with an another student who was found there too. This gives us the theory that they now live with a different family, and separated from people they had known previously. It’s unclear if they are currently friends with each other as their new selves.

I came across the security system that appears to have security footage taken around the day that incident happened. Since the doll is in my possession, I can’t view it now and sent the raw footage on that system to them. It took a while do to its size, but you never know if I could miss important things that could happen on the days leading to it happening if I restrict the footage I send as only that day. The technology used for surveillance is quite old, which itself pre-dates the day the incident happened. It’s probably high-tech at the time it was installed, but inferior  by today’s standards. Since it’s also stored in an obsolete analog storage medium that uses moving parts, transferring that footage is kind of tricky. They do have the device that allows them to look at things that happen at any dimension, space, and time without the need of a camera to be able to see what happened at the other parts of the hotel at the same time, especially when there was no camera or wasn’t recording, but they need that footage to ensure it aligns with what they are seeing and detect alterations.

I wish they told me now on what exactly happened, but it seems that they are busy processing data I am (unwillingly) sending to them, including scanning for fingerprints, DNA strands, and other things that can’t be done remotely.

As I took a look around the staff area, there were writings on the blackboard about their last day here. Several strong earthquakes has known to have happened in this region since then, which naturally means that a number of things have fallen down as a result. There were also memos by various staff talking about the missing staff who thought that they were phantom staff, or knew that such a person existed existed, but found it strange that they can’t remember them. However, they can’t deny the fact that business has declined enough to close the lodge since the skiers disappeared.

Using that log book to check out the rooms of the missing skiers, we did confirm that the schoolgirls had been here, but no sign of things belonging to the missing skiers. A possible theory that it became the schoolgirl’s belongings and had thus been taken away by them when they left. Nothing new, but at least we are looking at the evidence of what was in the news being true.

However, having a doll that has historically known to have done things to people in my possession makes me nervous, particularly while my attention is away from it like while searching the lodge. I don’t know when the next time it would change people, what it would change them to, or even what triggers it to happen.

Alternate Dimension (Part 85)

At work, Hitoko (the one whom I rescued a while back) showed something that required my attention: there is something detected in the mountain ranges at the northern part of the country that is related to the phenomenon of people being turned young girls. Ironically, Hatsuya had also given me the same assignment at the same area with very vague detail and an almost immediate timing that implies that they knew that Powell had already told me.

Hatsuya said that I could go there with what I’m wearing at that moment without the need for any additional clothing as my body can withstand extreme conditions that normal people can’t, but added that the same doesn’t apply to how I would feel about it. Obviously, I don’t want to go a mountainous region wearing nothing but summer clothes. Plus, they could track my location and see what I’m seeing, which I can’t disable it myself as it’s part of my body. For the latter, it’s deeply implemented into my eyes that the only way that they can’t see what I’m seeing is to blind myself, or just close my eyes, but I need to be able to see to do anything.

The only man-made structure closest to mountain range in question is a recently abandoned ski resort, which was closed due to its infamous reputation for having quite a high number of incidences and strange occurrences. But that alone isn’t enough to stop the daring ones. The final factor that had the place to shut down was the phenomenon of people being turned into young girls, where the fearless and aggressive people were among those who were transformed first. These people were the ski resort’s final group of customers: with them gone, nobody else turned up because of the incidents that happened there. Girls are scared easily, but skiing downward from a high place down on snowy slope with nothing to hold on to besides the ski poles can be scary.

I believe I was sent to the mountains around here because it is one of the first reported places when the phenomenon had started. Being the first year it happened, everyone who had changed do not remember who their former selves were. It was a case where a large group of schoolgirls of the same school mysteriously found themselves at the ski lodge, and at the same time, the experienced skiers and some resort staff had gone missing. The strange part is that nobody could remember who the missing people were, and the school where the schoolgirls belong to noticed a spike in student numbers, but nobody knows who they were. Even stranger is that the number of missing people of the lodge is exactly equal to the number of girls who suddenly found themselves there, but this fact was overlooked by the media and investigators as nobody thought at that time that people could be transformed by external forces beyond recognition. This incident was forgotten when it became widespread. Hatsuya concluded that the school girls who found themselves there were previously skiers as that location is quite remote.

I came here alone by myself. I asked for a companion, but Powell said that things could complicated if I do. I’m alone in this abandoned place with no electricity, with nothing besides what I’m wearing, and there are probably animals around here too. That is so cruel of them.

Well, this would have been easy if only I knew where or what exactly to look in this huge area. To make matters worse, there is a very long snowstorm, and the sunlight is quite weak here.

I feel like breaking into tears for making me go through this craziness.

Disorientated Feelings special: College Graduation Trip

My friends and I have planned a trip to head to New York via car as part of the graduation trip. My university is located about 40 km south east from San Fransisco, but New York city, which is on the other side of America, is 5000 km away from here. I’m leaving behind things that I don’t need with a friend, so I had to fly back to California to pick them up before heading back to Japan. It’s hard to book flights due to the unpredictability of the trip that could exceed the original plan by as much as a week or more. I could get a standby ticket if I want to get to the earliest available flight at that time, but only if there are still seats available at the time the regular check-in closes, which, considering that the international airports of California and Japan are major stopover airports, that’s not guaranteed.

For this trip, we would be traveling in two cars. Whose car? Well, from someone who is joining the trip who lives closer to New York than California: one of the few guys who doesn’t keep staring at me during my time in the university. Quite a number of guys who didn’t know I have Itsuki as a boyfriend back in Japan were trying to compete for my attention. Besides taxis, airplanes, and long-distance buses, getting around America without your own transport (car) is very poor.

Most of the people who are coming along for the trip are mostly Caucasian, Hispanic, and African-decent Americans. I stand out because I’m the only Asian in the group, and that there are more males than females on top of that.

The journey was a very long trip: traveling on what seemed like a very long time across the highway covers only about 1000km. This is if the trip was a smooth journey and don’t spend too much time at rest stops and there aren’t any problems with the car.

Except, the car did encounter problems along the trip: the car I was in drove over something somewhere that caused one of the wheels to go flat. Changing of the wheels took a while as the wheels are quite heavy, and the car itself is lacking the tools needed to do so. I wish I could help if only I have the strength to even be able to carry those wheels. Thankfully, since the flat tire is visible by those driving on the road, someone stopped by to help us. That incident alone took up the most part of the day.

At night, we stayed at these motels. It’s basically a no-frills hotel designed for people traveling by car to stay over for the night. We could have chosen someone else to take over to continue driving, but nobody wants to be in the car for the whole day and some roads can be quite dark at night as the streets are not lit in some areas.

After a few days longer than planed, we finally reached New York. I did not take pictures during this trip until I reached New Jersey, which is just right next to New York. I just want the memories of this trip without having the hassle and trouble that is associated with taking pictures. Besides, on this long traveling trip, I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures anyway. Of course, I did send those pictures that I did take to Itsuki.

I had a great time there, but it’s also sad that it is quite likely that this would be the last time I would see them. Being used to seeing them for quite a while, it doesn’t really feel that way until after I had not met them for a long time… feels more like a normal meeting.

Now that the trip has been done with, I should head back to take my stuff back at California and then return to Japan. By plane, of course. When? As soon as possible: I enjoyed the trip so much that I completely forgot about my visa expiring soon. Itsuki already knows that I might come home soon, but not the exact day and time. If I call him on the same day as my flight to Japan taking off, he still has a day to prepare due to the time difference and the traveling time.

Due to the popularity of the flight, I can’t confirm it, or warn Itsuki about it. I have to buy a standby ticket in order to get on the earliest available flight, but I could only get on if someone else on that flight did not turn up, or cancelled their ticket at the last minute. So, the time-frame between confirming the tickets and boarding the plane is quite small. Because of the duration of the flight alone, Itsuki should have at least 12 hours to prepare to pick me up, and the company he works for should know about me and my relationship with him.

Why do I have the feeling that Itsuki would have some surprises for me when I reach home though?

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Alternate Dimension (Part 83)

1st Daughter: “Mum, have you seen where my notebook is? I don’t remember where I left it.”

Kotomi: “Oh, how could my son be so careless? You would have a hard time finding a girlfriend if you don’t remember things about her. I think I saw it next to the phone.”

The daughter can’t correct her mother that she’s a girl and not a boy, so she just played along with her.

1st Daughter: “I see it! Thanks!”

Due to Kotomi being unable to tell the genders of her first two children, for years that she assumes that the first child is a boy. Me and everyone else is trying to correct her, but all attempts failed as she can’t hear or see those words, and her assumptions go uncorrected. Even the first daughter gave up of her mother referring to her as her “son”. The opposite is true for the second child, who is the only actual son in the family, whom Kotomi thinks it’s her “daughter”.

Kotomi: “Oh, and when are you going to find a girlfriend? There now are more girls than boys around your age. Surely at least a few of them…”

1st Daughter: “Mum! Stop it! I’ll… I’ll figure it out myself!”

Being a girl, she is reminded of how hard it is to find a boyfriend: there are several times more girls than boys, so the chances of finding a boyfriend who doesn’t have another girlfriend is very slim.

Lately, the elderly and random younger males have been mysteriously been turned into young women. Except for the first year it happened, those who had been changed by this could remember who they were before and, apart from that relating to being a young woman, their lives are mostly unchanged.

This means that nobody could die of old age as they become young again, and they make up for the declining births, though cancer and accident-related types of deaths are still possible. However, the main problem here being the declining number of males. Soon enough, there would be no births: Not because women can’t get pregnant, but there being no males left who could make that happen. Several companies, including Hatsuya Research, have offered ways to get these women pregnant without the need for a male at all, but it’s not possible for children born from this method to be a boy at all.

This also means that there is a possibility that these women would not die of health problems associated with old age as their bodies are automatically biologically renewed to a teenage or young adult age, which theoretically means that they could live forever. However, they are still vulnerable to die of other causes.

Well, that is what it seemed like, but it got stabilized when the male population is left with only 20%. However, due to the rapid and unpredictable decline of the male population, production of male-related things have been stopped, and male-associated activities are non-existent due to insufficient men. This is to reduce the impact of the shock of the men who may one day unexpectedly be turned into a woman and the people around them.

This means that, even though the human male has somehow narrowly escaped from being extinct with a population that is now about 80% female who aren’t (biologically) above a certain age, the influence for these males to behave like men is almost non-existent. They are slowly adopting the female behavior as they have no exposure to the male ones, and the very people who could have prevented that from happening had already been turned into teenage girls at the first wave with no memories of who they were. The gender difference between male and female has now been reduced to nothing more than gender-specific physical features. Simply put, males have been reduced to just girls that were born with male features.

Well, there was a suggestion to have these males to watch old videos that are male-orientated to have an idea of how they should behave, but the only people who can understand what they were looking at are of around college level, and among the men who watched it, there appears to have been no influence on their behavior.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 82)

No matter where you go, you can’t really escape people mentioning things relating to the recent major earthquake, which happened in mid-march, when there is no school besides the graduation ceremony of the final years. This was a month before the start of my college.

I felt the quake happening at that time. Although the buildings around me seem to be structurally unaffected by it, those closer to the epicentre and the eastern coast suffered larger damages. What I’m more worried about are the children of one of the supervisors, Isaka-san, as they live in a town quite close to the cost, and not too far from the epicentre. The husband, however, is fine. Isaka-san could not contact her children as communication lines are either jammed or cut off, and what’s more worrying was that her daughter mentioned the day before to her that she was heading to a neighbouring coastal town to buy some seafood.

According to the data we have, that town in question has been annihilated by the tsunami, which struck around the time her daughter might have been there. As for her son, however, the records of people entering and leaving Mizuho shows that he was inside Mizuho at the time it happened, and left not too long afterwards. That means he’s okay. I know to look at there as, when he was ordering things using my money some time earlier, the address was set to the place he stays at in Mizuho instead of with his family. As it turns out, the daughter was fine and was in fact quite lucky as she left the town shortly before the earthquake happened and knew what to do, recalling a similar incident happened in north-western Indonesia some years ago.

However, Inami’s son rushing straight home from Mizuho to find his sister by itself caused a catch-22 situation. Why? Coming from Mizuho without changing, this meant that the son has the appearance of a schoolgirl when he found her. Inami’s daughter got confused when she saw what she thought to be her brother’s girlfriend from her school as she behaves like him and wearing the same uniform they went to, but turning out to be the brother himself. Hatsuya is monitoring the daughter closely because she knows that her brother is turned into a girl on stepping into Mizuho, which people who has not been in there is not supposed to know. Since everyone else think that the son is actually a girl when transformed, no one would believe her even if she told people about it, if she has anyone else to talk to. Before, she thinks that the brother was a girl when transformed, but having witnessed the transformation, she gets confused when her mind tells her that her sibling is a sister, but has the knowledge that the same person is also a brother.

I know it was a significant event in terms of the amount of worried people around me and the amount of casualties and destruction, but to me, it’s not a significant event in my life.


It’s now been about two decades that I had lived as a adolescent girl. This is disturbing news to me as, apart from the change of fashion from the times, I still look exactly the same as I was after all these years. What is even more disturbing is the fact that I used to be a boy before that, but the length of time between my birth and before finding myself stuck in a girl’s body has been overtaken by the time I’m in the said girl’s body. Nobody seems to know how to reverse it as another soul is in my original body, and finding whose body the body belongs to seem to point specifically to mine, even after checking if it belonged to the me of other dimensions. This indirectly meaning that this girl’s body is technically my own body, and found no evidence besides my words that my original body even belonged to me. I don’t even know if my mind was transferred from my old body, or my mind was created from scratch with memories from there included. Proving that one had their mind transferred, or travelled from an another dimension can’t be proved, neither can you tell if your own mind is a copy of an another.

Itsuki and Kotomi are now married to each other. I kind of predicted that this would happen as neither of them are closer with anyone else than to each other. Their age are now in their forties and now have four children. I’m supposed to be as old as those two, but since my body doesn’t age since I found myself in my current body, their eldest child now seems to be about the same age as me. Kotomi has rejoined Hatsuya and immediately found herself being the boss of the forensics department since day one.

Due to some experiments here and there with Hatsuya, Itsuki appears to be a bit younger than Kotomi: his biological age freezes when he wears his work uniform, which itself turns him into a young woman. He doesn’t take it off much these days. If you were to visit, the only male in the family that you would see is the second child. It makes up of: me, Itsuki (as described earlier), Saeko, and four children. 6 females and 1 male in the family total. Since the only male in the family is a child, there isn’t any male figure except his grandfather in the family.

It’s hard for a boy in a female-dominated family to be like a boy and not pick up the strong feminine influence in the house. Kotomi seem to be the best person in the family to discourage him from learning any female-specific behaviour and probably able to show “manly” activities. Ironically, despite her tomboyish personality, she strongly hates wearing male clothing. The closest “manly” thing she could (mentally accept to) wear are jogging attire. However, as the male child is born from her, she has this curse of her not being able to see anything gender-specific relating to children born from her. For me, I could if I want to, but my own body is not allowing me to do anything that is considered a male thing, and I can’t teach him to be tough or get angry at him as my body would make me cry when I’m trying to express anger instead. What about Itsuki? Only when in his male form, but he’s in the female form most of the time these days.

Speaking of the children, what’s confusing about them is asking who the mother and father of those children are. If you ask the older two, they would point Kotomi as the mother and Itsuki as the father, but the younger two would point Kotomi as the father, and Itsuki as the mother. If assuming the one who gave birth to them is the mother, then these answers are actually correct.

These days, I lost track of what I’m even doing right now. I only know it as going to places to do things, attend some kind of school for countless times, taking care of Kotomi’s children, and so on. Surprisingly enough, they are well behaved and, despite seeing me the most since birth, they seem to know that I’m not their parent. The eldest child now also helps me with the household chores and taking care of her younger siblings.

Kotomi’s eldest daughter is in middle school now, but we could see that her behavior is like that of an adult.

Part 81 | Part 83

Author’s note: I had completely forgotten to have the previous part to be aligned with the events that happened in part 6-7 of the 6th story (Teary Promise).

Alternate Dimension (Part 81)

Kotomi has made it clear that she doesn’t want to be a housewife, contrary to what most woman usually do, but that’s declining in recent years with many married couples. Well, this isn’t exactly surprising to me as she seems to be the careerwoman, but relaxed enough to think about family. If she works at what she’s interested in, she could do well in it. Although, working environment and treatment by co-workers are contributing factors.

It seem that almost right after Kotomi said that she doesn’t want to be a housewife on being married, Hatsuya as informed me and Itsuki that our working schedule might change. I was originally meant to do everything, but because my schedule includes being Mizuho student and Powell boss, which can’t be changed, those times, including the buffer period around it, would have Itsuki or someone to take over. The children would have to be trained to not rely on their parents too much, but at the same time not doing it cruely.

Maybe it would be less of a burden if the child who is old enough to take care of themselves be able to take care of their younger siblings, but someone whom they see as a parent is needed to be present to ensure that they don’t get out of hand. The main problem is that both Itsuki and Kotomi look like the kind of couple who doesn’t seem to know how to handle their own children. However, they noted that I seem to be giving out the same “aura” as Itsuki, so the children could also see me as a parent too, and Hatsuya could directly help me in taking care of them. I could understand that they could think of me as their father as a young child, but as they get older, what would they think of me as? Hopefully as their aunt or something.

Of course, the children in question have yet to exist at the present moment.


I now found myself as the student of the college section of the Mizuho Academy instead of the high school section just some months ago. It’s kind of hard to believe as I thought that I would be doomed to be forever stuck in an infinite loop to be a high school student.

Like other Mizuho uniforms, you would automatically find yourself wearing what you are assigned upon stepping in, including correcting the wrong versions being worn. Although most colleges have some set of rules over what they can’t wear, and more specifics if they are in particular courses, they don’t have a uniform. The college section of Mizuho seem to be the only college to actually still require a uniform, though not sure if this is mainly because its campus is located a place where everyone, including visitors, has to wear one (and turning them into beautiful young ladies on wearing it on top of that).

The college uniform is what appears to be like a formal business outfit, but in several different colours, with red being the most prominent colour of it. Unlike the high school version, the skirt of the college version doesn’t exactly allow your legs to move about freely, but enough to be able to walk comfortably. Black stockings and court shoes seems to be part of the college uniform too. I’ve seen people wearing these before, but I never thought that it belonged to the college. This is partly because the new uniforms were introduced to all sections in Mizuho just last year, and everyone was wearing the same thing before that, which is based on the high school and, appearance-wise, has been unchanged since it was founded decades ago.

A brief history of the college here. The college was first established around the time my parents were born, decades after the high school was founded. The classes were located at many different places, grouped by type of course, that are quite some distance from each other. This oddity is reflected with the present campus at seemingly random floors of what appears to be a normal office building on the outside.

Of course, back when it was established, there are both male and female students and there were no uniforms. I don’t know what happened, but either the founder of Mizuho and someone high up at Hatsuya to form the current campus came up with a female-only campus. It doesn’t seem like anything is odd about it, until you realize that, even now, they still accept male students. Existing male students at the time of the move still remained as students at the new campus instead of being kicked out, or the school not accepting new male students in the years prior to the move. Somewhere in the lengthy terms and conditions on the entry forms since the batch that would graduate at the new campus, this is actually stated, but positioned in a way that it could be overlooked easily unless the whole thing has been read in detail. Having the impression that it’s a girls-only academy, the amount of males that enter Mizuho is actually quite small. Entry requirements for females are the same as what you would expect of highly ranked colleges, though, for males, the minimum requirement is just completing mandatory education regardless of results or had forgotten what has been taught. In Japan, mandatory education starts from primary school, up until the completion of middle school. This also means that guys who dropped out of high school or failed entrance tests could actually join this top college. College fees for them are actually the same as that of a normal high school. I’ll explain what’s the catch behind this.

It’s not officially mentioned, but males would be transformed into females on stepping in the current campus, with any masculinity completely replaced by feminine ones. If their names are not gender-neutral, have a new (female-specific) name assigned them. The academy is not forcing the change to become female permanent, but them having a female body and behaviour at the stage of adolescence during their entire time of studies there means that they have developed the female mentality. On top of that, them and actual females are made vulnerable to be affectionate with any single men (who is not evil) they get stared by, even if they never saw the men staring at them. The only ones who don’t are those who already have someone else, and those who work for Hatsuya.

So, in other words, they are indirectly forcing the men to become a woman, but making it look like it was the man who did it with his own will. Once the change has become permanent, everyone would think that they were born female, with any evidence of their former selves “magically” altered to fit with their new selves. Only the higher ups of Mizuho, and a handful of people from Hatsuya, knows who these people are after the change. The only people I know who had went through this is Hitoko, though she was never a Mizuho student but went through the same process.

What does an average Mizuho student look like? Well, they are well mannered, flawless skin, and take care of their hygiene seriously. If you could smell, there’s the faint smell of the soap and shampoo they used and you won’t even smell any body odour (or see them sweat) even if you are near someone who has been working outdoors the whole day. Being females, that also means that they look naturally beautiful and attractive with large breasts that everyone at Mizuho seems to have the same size of.

Speaking of that, Mizuho has also taken measures that the girls can’t wear anything that the academy consider ugly or male-like. (This also applies to males as they are technically biologically female in Mizuho) The skirt that is part of the uniform they are wearing can’t be removed without removing the whole uniform, which itself has complicated conditions to meet to be able to do so. The only thing that could be worn inside the skirt are stockings. For the outside, only part of clothes for the upper body or an another skirt could be worn over it. This other skirt is allowed to cover the whole leg while curled up, but must not be longer than that of the first-generation high school uniform while standing. The size of the breasts, that Mizuho has adjusted everyone to have the same size that I mentioned earlier, are such that they can’t hide the shape of the breasts despite what is being worn over, or be able to wear men’s clothes without feeling extremely uncomfortable, which indirectly prevents them from crossdressing. This Mizuho skirt, when worn, could only be lifted by the one wearing it at their own will, so even if there’s strong wind from below, someone else trying to lift it up, or somehow be turned upside-down, the skirt would magically not follow the force of gravity or external forces and remain in the direction towards the feet.

I don’t know what were those “important” people were thinking. They also made sure that those who had not been to Mizuho before to not know about the part about having males being turned into females, not even from those who had been there. Some kind of magic would happen to ensure that this is also not revealed through any recording medium taken there.

As far as ethics is concerned, you could get away without any negative impact if you repeatedly did something that is considered rude or disrespectful by local (Japanese) customs, but nothing wrong in other countries or limitations by the Mizuho uniform to not be able to physically do certain things. This includes calling someone superior by only their given name without any suffix, walking on a tatami mat with shoes on, or even not bowing at all. I think it was a great idea to avoid prejudice and discrimination by not having the cause come into the picture, though I think the way Mizuho did it (by having everyone to look like local girls of roughly the same age) is taking that saying too literally.

Oh, as to how people learn here, you must be wondering why there are two extreme differences for entry requirements

The people in Mizuho are not likely to notice anything strange from their point of view as most of the facts I mentioned earlier are relatively unknown to them. Of course, you wouldn’t know if your mind had been altered if memories and things relating to what has been altered matches the changes perfectly, including your body. I know, as the same thing happened to me, but with the mistake being leaving my old memories intact enough to quickly realize that my actions in my “brainwashed” state does not match with my memories at all.

Since then, I’ve mostly recovered, but I can’t change my behaviour to what it was before, despite knowing what it was. I’ve also been told that a part of my brain was damaged in the process, which now makes me unable to express anger. I now find myself expressing sadness when I feel anger, which makes me very confused when I find myself crying a lot when I feel extremely angry instead.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 80)

The results of the year-skipping tests has arrived saying that I have passed it. I though that the people at Hatsuya headquarters would do anything to prevent me from the endless loop of going to high school for the rest of my life, but they didn’t. In fact, they congratulated me for passing it.

I wonder why they let me? Did they finally notice my desire? Are they planning to use me for something after college? Looking at the situation, I could be taking care of Kotomi’s future children, whoever her husband may be. Kotomi appears to want children, but not interested in taking care of them, I could be tasked to take care of them until the youngest child is old enough. She sees having children as a necessity to replace herself when she can’t live on any more, so she doesn’t care about the financial burden that it comes with like most couples today.

Throughout the rest of the year, I have helped to make Nanami (Kotomi’s aunt, though younger than her) feel better from her brother and parents’ deaths. I’ve also let Inami’s son spend my money on whatever he likes, but he didn’t spend as much as I wanted him to.

It’s now a certain day in some month of the following year, before college starts. I’m preparing dinner at my parents’ house, with Itsuki and Kotomi around, though mom and dad themselves are on an overseas business trip. Lately, Kotomi has been complaining about the things happening at her workplace that seems to be getting worse over time.

Kotomi: “They keep sexually harassing me, and it’s becoming more and more obvious lately.”

Itsuki: “The office of Tanaka Bank, was it? I’ll look more into this, but you should consider quitting this job. You look quite attractive, of course those guys would do it.”

Kotomi: “It’s not like I want to look attractive in the first place…”

Kotomi appeared unsure about quitting but she seemed to be wanting to be talking about something else.

Kotomi: “Hey… I know this came out out of nowhere, but I think it would be practical if we were to get married?”

This really came out of nowhere. For a woman to say this means that she has already thought of it for quite a while and is serious about it. It’s even rarer that a girl, instead of a guy, to propose getting married first.

Itsuki: “I’m sorry, I must have misheard you, but did you say that you want to marry me?”

Kotomi: “Well, you don’t seem to have any girlfriends and I coincidently happen to be a girl myself, and we are quite close to each other. More than with our own parents.”

I think she was actually interested with me more than him, but being a girl myself, she has to marry whoever is controlling my former body, Itsuki, if she wants the marriage to be endorsed by everyone. This feeling has probably built up since we first met.

She probably already realized that she would go insane if she doesn’t see my former body regularly for as long as she lives and, being not a parent or sibling, marriage seems to be the only option that ensures that she sees him regularly enough to keep her sanity. She mistakes this as a sign of being in love instead of it actually being a result from a curse that triggered when she fell on me (in my former body) back in high school, so she isn’t aware that a curse is forcing her to love whoever she fell onto back then. I guess it’s better if it seems natural from her point of view than knowing that she was forced to.

Kotomi: “Well? I don’t mind if you don’t accept, but you have to remember that I have to see you frequently to keep my sanity, which could get very troublesome or land you into trouble if you marry someone else. I do see Saeko, your female er… clone, more often than you, but seeing her instead of you is no different from not seeing you at all in preventing me from going insane. Also, I want to have children too, to have a part of us to live on should either of us die. Did you know that our true ancestors lies with the female and their mothers, and our true blood relatives are the children of those women? The problem is that only the male side is recorded.”

She’s indirectly saying that she’s forcing Itsuki to marry her if he doesn’t want her to become a stalker. Knowing Kotomi’s secret past (that she herself doesn’t know about) recently, the possibility of being able to bear a child is unknown due to being the very first of her kind. It would be news-breaking in the scientific world if she manage to give birth to one without any abnormalities.

Itsuki looked at me as if wanting to know my opinion, with a serious and desperate look. I do want to marry Kotomi, but being forever stuck in this female body, I can’t. I want Itsuki to do it on my behalf because he’s in my former body. I’m stuck with my current body because it’s a copy of a female version of myself in an another dimension, and there isn’t exactly anyone to return this body to but myself, and some random soul has taken over my former body (that I now refer to by my former name) the moment I left it.

Itsuki: “I guess I was expecting this kind of thing to happen, looking at how close we are. But what about Saeko after we get married?”

Kotomi looked as if she wasn’t expecting this question. She took a quick look at me before answering Itsuki.

Kotomi: “She can hang around with us and take care of things. She’s your other self, isn’t she? She’s somewhat like a sibling to the both of us. She needs emotional support from me, just as much as I need yours. Also, you can just treat me like best friends, like right now, and ignore the gender differences between us. We are both humans anyway.”

I feel strange that the topic of me hanging around with them was even brought up, and the things Kotomi said, before agreeing on their marrage to each other.

Me: “The both of you can use my money to buy anything, including expensive things. I’m receiving more money than I can spend with.”

They seemed uninterested with what I just said, but it did seem to be a decision factor for Itsuki as it relives him of any financial difficulties. Kotomi is already having a salary to live comfortably, and has no interest with the expensive things.

Itsuki: “Okay then. I shall marry you. It’s not like I have any luck finding a girlfriend on my own.”

Itsuki spoke as if he has been forced into a corner to make him marry Kotomi, but he also looked as if he’s happy to marry the prettiest girl he has ever met. For Kotomi, she’s just happy that her everlasting desire could now be fufilled easily.

But what about me? It’s me who is supposed to be marrying Kotomi, but I’m now some kind of a teenage female robot that doesn’t ages and unable to die. I don’t want to be a girl and live forever. Being with Kotomi, Itsuki, and their children after their marrage would remind me strongly of how miserable my life is, but they are the only people I’m close with.

Kotomi: “By the way, I don’t want to be a housewife.”

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Alternate Dimension (Part 79)

After some discussion with Takagi, we decided to name the new employee of Powell Research as simply ヒトコ (Hitoko). No family name, and the given name is written in katakana. I feel strange writing it because it feels like I’m drawing random short, straight, lines. This name is clearly influenced by the nicknames used by song artists that might sing some anime songs.

Hitoko has transformed again, but it happened after the previous record of 100 hours. Nobody knows what the maximum is, and, according to the other two Hatsuya staff in the same situation, the transformation can happen more than once while asleep.

If this happens for the rest of her life, who else besides me (and possibly Hatsuya) would let Hitoko secure a job if her own identity keeps changing too frequently?

It hasn’t yet be proven, but in theory, any injury or illness those three may get would disappear at the next transformation. Adding that to the fact that their physical age changes too, they could practically live forever like me, but won’t survive if killed instantly or are dying and are not cured or transformed in time.

As for finding a place for her to stay, I seem to have already own an apartment unit in the city that I had already paid for in full, so the only thing left is to have someone to stay in it. So I had let Hitoko stay in it for free: I’m already receiving more money than I can spend, so I don’t need more money to come in.


Just as I though that I would be doomed to forever repeat high school over and over again, it seems that I could skip into other years, including those of college levels. It’s not popular because of the differences that were not thought inside an already what is considered a top school: you can jump to forth year of college when you are still in the first year of high school, but except for the one immediately after the current year, you aren’t taught the subjects in between. However, they are not uncommon.

I was the same year as Kotomi until 2007 where I repeated high school because I don’t age, I should have graduated from college or in a graduate school now. Itsuki didn’t attend because he already secured a permanent job with a salary that college graduates get. I don’t know how I manage my current life as it’s considered too much to an average person, but it’s a result from my actions. From what I can see, I can’t undo it, or quit from one of my three occupations, but I can make my life better.

I don’t know what the uniform of the college section in Mizuho look like, but I might have seen it without knowing it. There isn’t a centralised location where I could see them gather together for me to be able to tell.

There’s nothing stopping me from applying it: Hatsuya only asked me to study in Mizuho, they didn’t say that I can’t study at the college section there. What confused me was that they placed me in the first year of high school as an entry point with no explanation on top of this being my fourth school (1st and 2nd is me being “transferred” from Katsura to Mihara without restarting from year 1), which makes it the 3rd time I go through High school year 1.

The tests to skip a year or more can be taken any time before the end of the current academic year. I’m applying for college year 3 for the following year because I was supposed to have attend college. Looking at Kotomi, I guess I’m supposed to have graduated from it too by now. My Mizuho friends and classmates may be surprised that I’m jumping straight to college year 3 from high school year 1, but it’s long overdue for me, and I have been a high school year 3 student twice already. I’m so happy that I might be starting to break out of the eternal daily life I was made to do.

The year-skipping exam has two separate tests: end-of-year test for regular students designed for the year immediately prior to the one I’m applying for (college year 2 in my case), and a simple test to see what I am knowledgeable of that is outside of the subjects that would be taught in that year. The result of the latter test would only be known if I fail the other paper or, if passed, about halfway through the year as the checking priority is more towards the failures.

When the result of passing is known, those students are also allowed to skip all major exams of their current year. If the year they are in, and the year they are skipped to, are in different education level type (eg. Middle to high, high to college, primary to college), students would attend a graduation ceremony along with the final-year students to receive the diploma of that school type, and attend the entrance ceremony of the next stage with the first years. Well, that’s the default option if the option to skip the ceremonies is not answered. This is possible only for schools under Mizuho Academy. Schools that are owned under the same parent company (Hatsuya Research) are only eligible when transferring into Mizuho, while other schools are not eligible at all.

I need to look at past and sample questions first to know what the exam papers are like.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 78)

The closer I brought the friend to Takagi, the more nervous I got about how Takagi would react to it even though I have no involvement on how the friend became what he is like now that has the body to keep changing quite frequently without control. He currently looks and sounds like an office lady, and is unknown when the next transformation is, but an hour with an even number in it would be approaching soon.

Transformations frequencies varies between 2 to 100 hours, with the lower end being more common, always happens at the top of the hour, and the number of hours of these frequencies are always dividable by 2 without a remainder. That makes it easier to prepare for it, but preparing for a transformation that could happen between every 2 to 100 hours without knowing when exactly it would be can be quite stressful. Knowing exactly when it would be or, even better, not worrying about it at all, is less stressful.

Takagi’s friend seems distracted by the elevator design: the inside looks quite modern, while the outside on some floors that others in the elevator had got on and off at looked futuristic or retro that is also reflected on the elevator doors: some were made of glass, some are the common type, some have a small window on the doors, but the most obvious thing is that the way the elevator doors open at the lobby and the sound they make. Except for the floor we got on and off, we didn’t see what the floor indicator and call button looked like.

Me: “It seems that you are interested with the way the elevator doors open and the difference of the designs of the lobby of the floors we stopped at. If you’re interested, head to the level where most of our oldest staff work at: there’s a lot of old-fashioned equipment there that looked as if you stepped back in time…”

We reached our floor and walked towards where the room is. There are no windows facing the corridor in there except for a small window on the door. Most manually opened doors of rooms at Powell Institute are of the swing type, and the automatic ones sideways (or upwards).

Me: “This is where you will be working with Megumi. I only told her that the you as she knows is coming, but wouldn’t be expecting your complete change in appearance and voice. Since your original name or picture were not used in your employee file, she can’t search for you in the database either. I know who you are, but there’s nothing on your body to say who you were. I’ll go talk to her and give you the signal to come in. Of course, I’ll try to have that happen before the start of the next hour.”

Somehow, Takagi’s friend doesn’t seem nervous at all. Excited, as a matter of fact. Also, I was half expecting Takagi Megumi herself to not be inside the room, but she is there right now.

Me: “Takagi-san? I had brought that old friend of yours to work with you.”

Takagi: “Who is it? The only person I know that I could think of that could work here is that Taufiq I asked you to rescue before, though it could also be an acquaintance that I would remember only if I see them.”

The name of Takagi’s friend is made up of five parts, and Takagi is calling him by the second part of it. I was wondering what to call him all this time because the full name is quite long, but I didn’t dare to ask because he had once said that he doesn’t want to be reminded of his old life, with his appearance and name being the last remains of it that he couldn’t do anything about before his current situation. For that question Takagi just asked me about, I’ll leave it ambiguous.

Me: “Okay you can come in now!”

The friend, who currently looks like an office lady, walked into the room confidently, but still has signs of being uncertain of what would happen.

Office lady: “Nice to meet you, Takagi-san. It has been quite a while since we last met, but I don’t think you would recognize me.”

Takagi seemed confused. I had told her that it’s someone she know, but did not recognize her. I predict a greater shock when Takagi hears the name of the office lady in front of her, which isn’t mentioned yet.

Takagi: “W-Who is this? I’ve definitely never seen this woman before. Also, why is she not even wearing a temporary pass? Even I, on my first day of work, wear it. Even you yourself are wearing a staff pass.”

Takagi seemed distracted by the appearance of the office lady and wanted to talk about it, but I guess out of respect, especially with my position in the company, she didn’t. I personally wouldn’t mind if she did, even if it was a negative comment.

I looked at the time, and it looks like the transformation could happen any second now. I quickly gave Takagi’s friend a visitor’s pass to wear. This particular visitor’s pass has been worn out from age and the way the visitors that had this had handled it. Even the oldest staff pass in use isn’t as close to the condition of this particular pass.

Me: “I don’t have the time to explain right now, but please observe her for the next minute at least. If nothing happens, that means that it might not happen for an another 2 hours or more.”

Takagi: “What are you talking… WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER?!”

The office lady that was there earlier became to look like a school girl from Britain: clearly looks like an European, and the uniform is distinctively unique to the schools there and different from most of the local schools.

Me: “As you can see, the visitor’s pass I had put on her earlier has vanished during the transformation, and neither could the transformation itself be controlled. Race, age, and gender could also be changed at the same time too, but being a young Japanese woman seems to be the most frequent for your friend. I didn’t give her a permanent pass because this has happened before.”

British schoolgirl: “I think I should introduce myself, Megumi. You seemed confused, though that is to be expected. I may not look or sound like it now, but I am Taufiq. The one you met during your cultural exchange programme.”

Takagi’s friend said this in native Japanese. I was expecting the language abilities to change together with the transformation, but that didn’t happen. I don’t know the details, but maybe it’s a one-time only change, or changes depending on the situation.

Takagi: “Taufiq?! What on earth happened to you? You’ve completely changed beyond recognition!”

Taufiq and I explained the situation.

British schoolgirl: “…so I would prefer to not be called Taufiq because I would be reminded of a former self I strongly want to forget.”

Takagi: “Then what do you want me to call you then?”

Me: “Now that you mentioned it, I don’t know about it myself too. She’s the only staff in the company who currently doesn’t have a name, photo, or biological info, in the company records, and officially the only staff who isn’t issued a staff pass.”

Takagi looked at me as if wondering how such a thing as allowing a staff without any identifiable thing and an almost blank staff profile is even allowed. Me acknowledging it and also being the highest position in the company made her quite astonished.

Me: “Well, the least I could do is to make your friend remember her staff ID and have her to tell us what to call her. Each time your friend transforms, she has an official name and photo assigned to it but, like I said before, it keeps changing by as much as 12 times in a day. This name that is to be entered is somewhat like a nickname to always call her by even if she transforms with a completely different look. She has also clearly stated to not use her original name not only for personal reasons, it does not reflect the fact that she very frequently becomes a Japanese woman of some kind from most of the transformations.”

Takagi: “Then what do you want me to call her? By her staff number?”

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