An Unexpected Wish (Part 12)

Out of concern that Nanami might do something crazy over someone disappearing, her niece visited to comfort her. Nanami thought that she would come with Saeko, but instead, she brought her father. Even though the age gap is quite huge, they are of the same level in the family tree in relation to the grandmother in question. Naomi was curious as to what was going on.

Nanami’s parents has described the relatives on that side as being “irresponsible” for their uncle and his son having children too early, which was confirmed by Kotomi, daughter of the said son in question, and explains why Kotomi was Nanami’s niece despite being older. But it seems that she wants to break that vicious cycle, and in fact, is already older than they had children. And it seems likely that she would marry that man she is often seen with.

Nanami explained that the name she mentioned over the phone was her grandmother, Ajisai Miyazawa. The others thought about it, but found it odd that they can’t remember who she was. They also added that they had not seen an elderly person recently.

“That is something wrong very wrong going on here. How could large amounts of people of a specific age range vanish without a trace or anyone remembering them? At least people knew what an elderly person was.” added Naomi who was within hearing range of my conversation with the other two. Nanami thought to herself on the irony of Naomi herself being possibly transformed from an elderly person.

The atmosphere was awkward as no one but Nanami knows who Ajisai Miyazawa was. It’s hard to for anyone feel sad for someone they had forgotten, which is very much like a complete stranger they never met before for them. To Nanami, it’s like she has passed on, but she didn’t exactly die either: she might have become a new addition to an another family like how Naomi became part of Nanami’s family, even though her original family has been killed by a burglar some time earlier.

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An Unexpected Wish (Part 11)

Nanami did not know how to react. She is kind of disturbed that a random stranger claiming to be her younger sister is living in her house, but the things in her house does suggests that she really does stay there. At the same time, she is kind of glad that she has someone living with her now.

Nanami thought of something: if Naomi was like the office man she witnessed being turned into a school girl, that means that Naomi could have been anyone of a different family of any age and gender, but somehow had been transformed to be Nanami’s younger sister in every way. Naomi herself probably doesn’t even realize she was a completely different person! Nanami wondered how many more people faced the same fate.

Then Nanami realized something else seem odd: where is her grandmother? She was hesitant to ask Naomi, being unfamiliar with her, but asked the question to her anyway.

“Grandma Ajisai? She’s living with our cousin and his wife. You know, the one with Kotomi and many other children. I don’t know why they had so many.”

Nanami noted that Naomi knew the name of the grandmother. She guessed that her grandmother changed places since this Naomi appeared, but still concerned as our parents and older brother had died.
However, this is the first and last time Naomi mentions her grandmother as not only will the changes going on will affect the grandmother, a more noticeable section of the population will be transformed.
Some weeks later, Nanami noticed that there are suddenly more students, female mostly, on the train to school. Initially, she thought nothing of it as they could be heading to some events, but the large crowd persisted over time long enough for Nanami to notice the same faces. Nanami wondered why: no events she knows of are going on, and there’s no way a new school would begin in the middle of the second term.
She also noticed that something is different with the people she normally see along the route, but can’t figure out what exactly it was.
In her school, she also can’t help but notice that all classrooms are filled to the same maximum number of students per class, which, as Nanami recalls, has unequal number of vacant seats.
Nanami received an email from Kotomi. It said, “I don’t know how I didn’t realize this earlier, but there is news on how odd it is that we have a lot of young people even though statistics and archived news say that we have an aeging population and low birth rate. Speaking of the elderly, you may have noticed that most of them seemed to have vanished completely. Even more amazing is that no one could explain why or who they were. Demographics data don’t lie, but they dont add up to what we are seeing now. Can you say a name of anyone of that age I’m supposed to know without mentioning how I know them? Not sure if my memory has been modified like the last time, and it can happen without me being aware of it.”
Nanami felt a sense of worry: her grandmother could be one of them, so she entered her name (Ajisai Miyazawa) in the reply to Kotomi, who is also her great grandmother.
She did not get a reply until an hour later. Nanami figured she doesn’t recognize the name as there are people who don’t know names of their own relatives and probably figuring out who that is. Unless the person is well known, it’s likely that just entering the name in the search engine could just show results of someone else with the same name.

When she got a reply, it said, “Sorry, I can’t remember or find anything on who that was, no matter how hard I tried. Was that a name of one of my relatives? I oddly don’t seem to remember any relative who is an elderly… Did this crazy thing going on made me forget? Has she also been turned into one of those many teenage girls that suddenly appeared? If it happened the same way as what you witnessed happening to a man being turned into a girl, that means that it can happen to anyone, and with the amount of teenage girls we are seeing today, I would say that so many people have been transformed that it caused a very noticeable population imbalance.”

Nanami was schocked. Does that mean that her grandmother has just simply vanished without any farewell? Nanami started to cry since her grandmother is gone now. Nanami typed the following words slowly while still in tears: “Is there a way to bring her back?”. She figured out that this would be pointless anyway as, even if her grandmother could be turned back, her health condition already has her the risk of dying from an age-related disease to be high.

Kotomi replied, “Without even knowing what caused it, that would be impossible. This is not like some mad scientist filling up the air with some gas. It’s more like our whole world is like data and something has modify that code so that our world will work differently from what we have seen, changing what we are and our memories in the process. I would say that what we are seeing now is the transitioning stage that I’m not sure what it will be like, or how long it would take, but I will see what I can do with the help of my colleagues here in Hatsuya. I have to, I don’t want to be turned into one of them and forget who I was.”

In her sadness, Nanami didn’t really look through the message properly that Kotomi wrote apart from the bit on doing something about it. Seems that Nanami only has Kotomi for a family, and some stranger who has been genetically modified to be her sister.

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(Author’s note [to be posted as a separate post later]: This story chronologically takes place during the transining stage of the human evolution. Other stories I wrote covers this too, but of different stages. “Alternate Dimension” only covers the end of the transition and 4 years after. “Disoriented Feelings” covers the transitioning stage, but somewhere in the middle to early-late stage. “Teary Promise” takes place before this happens, so there is no mention of it. “Yononaka no Okugi” is from a viewpoint of a girl who was born after the final transformations happened, where simply thinking of males would have them have an irreversible feeling that has them difficult to think, which means anything they are in has to be censored out to maintain everyone’s sanity, though the task of censoring itself is so difficult that, until details are worked out, there is a blanket censorship on subjects like history and biology as those feature men a lot and the human reproduction has since changed dramatically, so the people born after it know nothing of those subjects. I avoid mentioning the month and year as it would give me more flexibility to time the event of things without conflicting with another, especially when I forgot when something happened.)

An Unexpected Wish (Part 10)

With the memory of a man being transformed into a schoolgirl in front of Nanami on a crowded train with no one noticing still fresh on her mind, she thinks that if she were to look at anyone for long enough, they would be turned into girls. Well, that was the first and only one she saw happening, so she wasn’t sure if this was the case, or it just so happens by a great coincidence. It’s still unknown why it happened.

A part of her is saying that person from earlier has always been a schoolgirl, but it  conflicts what she remembers seeing and asking. It’s as if something is trying to modify her memory, which probably explains why people around her didn’t seem to notice. Nothing that has happened seem to make sense, particularly how she found herself in a completely different place that, in real-time, takes only a second, but seems like hours being stuck in a strange place from her point of view.

On reaching the station near her home, she saw a familiar face waiting anxiously: it was Kotomi. Although Kotomi is technically Nanami’s niece, Kotomi is somewhat like a stepmother to her after her grandmother, partly because Kotomi is older in age than Nanami.

“Saeko told me about what happened to you after I saw that flash of green light. I didn’t think it would happen to you. I don’t think you are mentally ready to tell me what happened, but you can tell me anything on your mind, no matter how absurd it may be. Things that can’t be scientifically explained has happened to me.”

Nanami did not respond apart from hugging her tightly in tears until she fell asleep.


In the following weeks, strange things has happened around her. At school, Nanami could have sworn that the school principal was a strict old man that punishes heavily on every small mistake someone makes and sees only the direct result of that action and not what cause it that may not necessarily be the student’s fault. In his place was a woman around her niece’s age who is relaxed but firm. However, things seem as if this woman has always been the principal, though the effects caused by the previous principal from when Nanami is sure he was still around are still there, with the exception of punishment and ban durations that overlaps with the new principal, if the new principal is and aware of it and disapproves them that is.

As for elsewhere, it’s harder to tell as you would never know that any girl you see could have been a muscular man just a month ago, made worse by the fact that nobody remembers who they were, and the victim themselves thinking it has always been that way as they are now. It didn’t help that Nanami didn’t know who these people were in the first place.

Nanami wanted to tell Kotomi about this, but she wouldn’t be sure how she would react as, by the nature of this phenomenon, people’s memories are modified so that they don’t notice it. Then she remembered Kotomi saying that she would believe her, no matter how absurd it may sound.

She started to take out her phone to call her, but placed it back at the though of possibly disturbing her at work. However, at that very instant, Nanami could feel that some invisible force in her head. She knows that this is a sign that someone she has met before is being turned into a schoolgirl, and judging by the duration and intensity of it, it is likely to be of someone Nanami knows well.
Not long after the pain subsided, her phone rang. It was Kotomi calling her from the office.
“Hey, did you feel the pain in the head that I just had? You did? People around me don’t seem to have it. I wonder what this could mean?”
I explained what I wanted to tell her.
“So you are saying that you suspected that random adults are being turned into schoolgirls? People around her didn’t notice. You witnessed one being transformed in front of you? How about your younger sister?”
Nanani was confused on who she was talking about. She only has an older brother as a sibling, who has passed away.
“Your sister, Naomi. Who else lives with…”

Kotomi noticed that something was odd with Nanami’s reaction. At that same moment, Nanami heard someone talking to Kotomi, but it was too faint to here.

“What is it Saeko? I’m on the phone with my aunt…”

The sound of the receiver being placed on something was heard, followed by illegible words in the background. Sounds of them arguing and being shock were heard.
“Sorry about that. Saeko just told me that you do not have a sister… with the possibility that my memory of who lives with you could have been modified… As promised earlier, I will believe what you said no matter how bizarre it may be. Are you home now? Saeko said she would come over to your place to inspect who is this younger sister of yours,” said Kotomi in a worried voice.
Nanami is confused herself. Who is this girl living at her home? If Kotomi talked about Nanami’s “younger sister” at the top of her mind, that means Nanami actually has one now. The only other person living with Nanami should be her grandmother.

True enough, there was someone besides her grandmother living in her house. The items lying suggests that they have been there for a while, but Nanami doesn’t remember seeing some items, or the other items being at where they are now, earlier this morning when Nanami left. Even the items in the refrigerator seems different.

Nanami could not find anyone in the house, but she did notice that her late brother’s bedroom are filled with unfamiliar girl’s things, though the furniture are unchanged. In fact, the one that had changes was the furniture in Nanami’s own room, where it seems designed to be shared with two people. However, it seems that there are nothing but her own things in them. Nanami thought that this unknown girl called Naomi might had stayed in her room before and moved to her brother’s room later. Where could she be?

Nanami had taken town the family photos since the death of her immediate family members, but with a random stranger being just added to it, she has to look at them again to find out who is this mysterious little sister. No new photos were taken since then, save for candid shots with friends. The new little sister really does look like a sibling like how her brother was, though different enough to not look like twins.
Some time later, an unfamiliar voice announced her arrival. She sounded as if she usually does this, and carrying plastic bags filled with something. Guests and visitors would usually remain standing at the entrance until someone attends to them, but this person seem to completely disregard that.
Nanami turned to this seemingly rude guest. She saw a girl similar to that in the pictures, wearing an unknown school uniform, but had a familiar-looking logo on it (she couldn’t recall where), and wears a name tag that had Naomi Fujibayashi (藤林直美) written on it. Seems that this “rude guest” isn’t a guest at all, but rather the little sister that Nanami didn’t have prior to today that somehow has her existence forced in.

[Author’s note 1: I wanted to say that Naomi is wearing brown pantyhose, which is part of the school uniform, but that seems unnecessary to mention here since Nanami sees it often enough, and being a female herself, to not see it as a big deal.]

Nanami didn’t know how to react. Act like the usual? But she doesn’t even know her or know what the usual is.
“Oneechan? Are you daydreaming? Is there something on my face?”
It was at that moment that Saeko appeared shortly afterwards. She seems to have been running to catch up to Naomi earlier, but failed.
“Hey! Who are you?! How dare you barge into my home without…”
Saeko appeared to have completely ignored Naomi and talked directly to Nanami. Nanami was too preoccupied with the girl’s presence to notice that Saeko had appeared without notice, or hearing Saeko speak as if she had taken a short pause.
“I have something to talk about. It’s about what I found out at work, and it’s related to what we discussed earlier.”

She made sure that Naomi could not overhear them. Naomi was mad that she was being rude and being ignored, but let it pass after seeing that Nanami knew her well.

“It seems that specific types of people are being turned into schoolgirls with no memories of who they were. I have been wondering about other things about them until it happened to you, but it seems that their genes are also rewritten to become a part of a different existing family, especially childless middle-aged couples, or of any age with children in their teenage years.”

“You mean to say that this Naomi girl living with me now could have been some dirty old man yesterday?”

“Not necessarily, but that could be possible. We don’t have a clear picture of who or why they are being transformed, though Hatsuya has the tools to find out. What is clear is that she looks and behaves like a girl born a decade and a half ago with no traces of ever being an old man. This transformation also seem to have things changed in a way that things relating to the old self has disappeared without a trace, and new one appearing as if they have always been that way. We do notice an imbalance of the decline of middle-age man or older and elderly ladies with explosion of teenage girls whose numbers don’t add up with that of last year or the pre-teens from earlier years, but with their existence changed completely, we do not know who these people were. It might even be that this new sister of yours thinks that she has always been part of your family, and would be bad to kick her out, especially when your home is her only home she knows. Kotomi mentioning her at the top of her mind despite having never actually met her is prove that everyone’s memory has changed.”

Nanami thought about what Saeko just said, then she realized something.

“Wait. If my grandmothers were to be turned into these young girls one day, what will happen to me?”

“Well, seeing at what has happened to others, you would simply not remember her. So will other people that know her. It could have been worse in a way that any children she gave birth to (including your parents), had become different or even cease to exist, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. For some reason, you are the only one who could witness and remember the transformation happening. It’s funny that they could have one of those transformed people to be your sister even though you could remember not having one.”

It wasn’t until Nanami thought about it until she realized something.

“If I’m the only one who could remember the transformations as it’s happening, and memories of that person being modified at the same time to think it has always been that way, how did you know that I never had a little sister before? You seem to know about it soon enough to correct Kotomi when she mentioned Naomi to me over the phone without a second thought.”

“Well, let’s just say that I have an instinct that tells me that something wasn’t right, and a way to check what happened without it being affected by the memory modification. Ever since that incident where you suddenly teleported to my house in front of Kotomi, I started checking more often when I feel that something doesn’t feel right.”

Saeko saw Naomi again. Saeko then signalled to Nanami that she is about to talk to Naomi to see what she knows. Saeko also noted the uniform Naomi was wearing, which slightly excites her for some reason, though she did not say why. She looked as if she has something to say, on why she’s excited, but seem to have stop herself.

[Author’s note 2: More specifically, Saeko was excited at the sight of Naomi wearing pantyhose as she used to be .a boy, so she does get excited over the feminine things she sees. She also noted that Naomi’s breasts are larger than Nanami, but still smaller than her own, though Saeko wasn’t thinking of that at that time. Saeko’s thoughts would have caused an erection if she was still a boy, but being in a female body, nothing happened.]

“Naomi, do you know me? I am Hisakawa…”, began Saeko, but was interrupted.

“OH, NOW YOU ARE INTRODUCING YOURSELF TO ME? After entering the house without invitation and ignoring me?”, yelled Naomi. Nanami couldn’t help but laugh, though Saeko got a bit scared from being yelled at.

After the introductions, Saeko asked about what happened to Naomi’s family. What she said is similar to that of Nanami, but when it came to how her parents and brother were killed, her version is different: she was at the house when the murdering happened.

Naomi heard the voices of her brother and father yelling when she knew something wasn’t right. She has seen Nanami heading out earlier, so she knows she isn’t at home at that time.

She hid at the space under the bed of her parent’s bedroom, which has boxes on one side that makes it not obvious to a casual observer form the doorway that someone is hiding there. However, the killer has been quiet entering the house, so she doesn’t know if the killer is still walking around the house or has already left. She was afraid that any attempts to call for help would attract the attention of the killer, so she just simply stayed under the bed for hours. Naomi is careful to cover her phone’s speaker while turning it off so it doesn’t make unexpected sounds, like notifications, that would attract the murderer’s attention to her.

Hours later, Naomi felt hungry, thirsty, and her bladder bursting. She was at the same spot where she was in the morning, though the sun has set, and the room is dark, though there’s enough light form outside to see something. She wasn’t sure if it is safe to get out of the bed.

It wasn’t until the room lights came on and heard the voices of Nanami and the neighbours that she was assured that it was safe. Although, it was unavoidable to not see the dead bodies and blood splatter of her parents and brother. It was a horrifying experience for her, and her trust in strangers has dropped

Saeko thought about Naomi’s story. While the murders did happened, and tally with what Nanami has said before from her point of view (dark house, brings neighbours, finds dead bodies), no one was found hiding in the parent’s room under the bed where Naomi was supposedly hiding.

Saeko then thought deeply about something and told Nanami,

“I’m afraid to say this, but Naomi is really your sister now. She has no one but you to live with among the people she knows, and she does resemble your parents, though differently from you.”

This is just too much for Nanami to bear with.

An Unexpected Wish (Part 7)

Nanami found herself in a white void where everything she looked seems to extend forever with nothing in sight. She couldn’t even tell if she is standing or lying down as she can’t feel the gravity and with nothing in her sight but the shadowless white void for reference. She’s not sure if she could even move her body, if she had any.

Nanami is confused on what is happening around her. She knew she saw some rapid flashing green lights (in her home, not sure) not that long ago. The place is dead silent: not even the sound of a book being flipped, or any soft sounds. Is this silent, empty, and white, a place that everyone calls heaven? The last situation Nanami remembered certainly did not seem the kind that she would be killed in.

After a few moments of being in this white void, not being able to do anything, things materialized around her as if she was in a video game, except that it looks real and she could feel the things that appeared. The object in question was an unfamiliar office desk with her family photo in it. Judging by the other things on the drawers of the table, it looks like it could be her mom’s office desk. Nanami has never visited her work office before, and most companies these days usually have security features that don’t allow non-staff anywhere near there. Still, it’s just the table itself that appeared, not the whole office it belongs to.

As Nanami tried to pick up the picture, she noticed she doesn’t have a hand to do so, and saw nothing when she looked down: she doesn’t have a body. Without warning, she suddenly found herself falling from 2 meters above ground and, as soon she made impact on the ground, she suddenly found herself standing up with her body in her school uniform. Nanami was confused on what just happened: she did feel the pain from the fall, but the pain disappeared at the next moment where she suddenly found herself standing again. Even more puzzling was how was she falling from the sky if she was standing at the table just a moment earlier? There is no logical explanation.

Suddenly, something she couldn’t see spoke to her. There was no voice, as if what it wanted was directly communicated to her mind so there was no miscommunication in terms of what was said, but it spoke in ancient words that she had a hard time figuring out what it meant: even the language she knows well, but from a long time ago, seems like a completely different language to her.

Nanami sat on the desk as it was being explained to her about something as the white void changed to recreate the scene where she first found her family dead. Symbols unknown to Nanami appeared, but when she pressed one of it, the dark house became lit, or changing the whole place look like its in the day. Whatever these are for, the voice speaking to her head did not explain, or translate what the symbols meant.

One slider seem to make more children look older, and at the same time, the elderly look younger. She also hit what appears to be a checkbox next to it. Nothing appear to have changed when selected. Nanami decided to focus more on the settings and not look until she’s done. She’s tired of changing things and looking back and forth to see nothing has changed.Another slider appears to be inaccessible until the checkbox above it was checked. This time, there are two sliders and both are at the left instead of the usual center followed by options she could select only one of the three options, but she did not touch this setting. The next option, Nanami just randomly chose settings. If only she could understand what the symbols meant. She paid little attention to what she was doing until her blouse became so tight that she felt being squashed harder than in a packed train. She didn’t know what setting she did that caused that to happen, so she freaked out and selected a bunch of options in hoping that one of it would “release” her. She skipped on to the next setting when that happened.

(Author’s note: These settings that Nanami adjusted turns all humans into only female teenagers and young adults, which has already happened in Alternate Dimension and in the early stages in Disorientated Feelings. One of the settings Nanami did had delayed it from happening immediately to about 10 years later. This one is happening separately and differently from Mizuho Academy’s methods. The scene of Nanami shortly before finding her family dead was the only scene in Nanami’s recent memory where a huge range of age groups and genders are visible to effectively preview what settings Nanami did would change. Nanami could not read the alien language that was presented to her, and she assumed they were just visual settings of making the depressing scene that was presented to her to be more happier. Lighting and weather is the only setting Nanami adjusted that is only for the preview, and has no impact to the real world.)

When Nanami was done, she saw a group of happy high school girls running what appears to be her house. Nanami was too preoccupied in figuring out the alien symbols and fiddling around with settings, that she didn’t pay attention to the changes the settings she made to the displayed scene. Nanami wasn’t sure if this was an image editor or editing the past., but on the latter thought, she was hoping change to a scene before her family was killed, except that she couldn’t even figure out the language the complicated instructions are in.

After Nanami was done editing, everything in her view, except herself, was reverted to the empty white void she was in earlier, before the scene of of being in a large penthouse appeared around her. Nanami is confused if this is an another computer generated scene, or if she is really back in her world? If it is the latter, why did Nanami see it being created like a video game scene that has its textures and polygons not fully loaded before she sees it? Is her own world and existence computer-generated in the first place? Is she still in that world of white void? Is what she’s seeing being done remotely? Unfortunately, none of those questions could be answered.

It’s evening outside, but she wasn’t sure if time has frozen while she was away, or several days has passed.

For a house this big, it’s surprisingly empty. Items that lay around suggests that two adults and a teenage girl lives here, with the belongings of the said girl being more prominent. Family photos aren’t seen anywhere on display.

“Finally home… I feel like playing that game to relief my stress. Not being able to express anger isn’t exactly helping in lowering my stress level.”

Nanami heard a voice form behind a door. She wasn’t sure what kind of game the voice was talking about: could be a board game, could be a game on her phone, could be an activity. It wasn’t until the voice mentioned a title known for being a console game with enough violence to be given a rating for the age of 18 and above.  It then occurred to her that there is the console in question just in front of Nanami that is attached to the TV in the large room she is in. Just before she could even think of hiding, the person whose voice it belonged to appeared and saw Nanami in the room. Nanami thought she is in deep trouble for being there, but how is she going to explain that she just “spawned” there?

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An Unexpected Wish (Part 6)

Nanami reaches home one day to see that neither her grandmother nor her cousin were around when she reaches home. Her cousin is working as usual but the grandmother this time is having the rare occasion of going out to a community center with other old people. If her immediate family members were still living, her mother would be at home and, not long later, the sound of a motorcycle fading in, indicating her older brother’s arrival, but now she misses that. She tries hard not to cry about the empty house, but flashes of what she saw that night in her mind made her cry.

“Do you really want them back? No matter what?”, said a voice out of nowhere.

“Yes, I really miss them so much. It seems impossible for me to live on without them.”, replied Nanami, still not looking at where the voice came from.

Nanami was too sad to realize that she was telepathically spoken to by an odd doll that Takuya had found in a box belonging to the computer club president of the past two years who had graduated already. The history of the doll is unknown or confusing due to it being able to travel through time amongst other abilities. One thing for sure is that it originated from somewhere in South America. Besides photos and sketches of it, it was difficult to study it as people known to came in contact with it had their way of life changed completely, but it’s difficult to prove who they were.

“Nanami, I’m back! I brought home your favorite… ARGH!”

Nanami’s cousin was blasted backwards and saw rapidly flashing green lights. She was puzzled as to what just happened.

“Those lights… isn’t that what Saeko claimed to have seen several times about five years ago? Something that if that happens to someone, they become someone else of their desire? Oh!!! NANAMI!!! First, it was an overseas colleague of mine with a childhood friend at Mihara called Haruna, and next, my boyfriend, next, it’s escaping my own death in a dimension where my boyfriend is a girl along with a clone, and now my cousin. Why must this happen to those close to me?”

Well, Nanami’s cousin has went through a lot of things that she’s become more frustrated the more abnormal things happen to her. As for Nanami herself, she is entering a different world.

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470th post: Unspecified Names

As mentioned, I will be listing the names of places mentioned frequently in my stories that had not been explained earlier. Do note that the phrases used here do not use the exact words mentioned here.

Green: Names that were given as I typed the parts they were first mentioned or gave indirect description of an actual place/company.
Blue: Names that were not given in the beginning, but were already given prior to this post
Red: Names that I made up while typing this post or later on.
Black: Unknown/Forgotten where the name came from, not part of the name in question, mentioned earlier
Mixed: Parts of the name known/given at different times. Colours are as mentioned above.

Story 1:

  • School the protagonist and Yukari went to – Mihara Academy, High School section (三原学院高等部)
  • Hospital the protagonist woke up in at the beginning – Hatsuya General Hospital (筏谷総合病院)
  • “Girl 3” – Saeko Hisakawa (久川沙江子). Story 1 itself takes place in “the other dimension” mentioned in story 2/3.
  • 原宿, 山手線, 渋谷Harajuku, Yamanote Line, Shibuya
  • The convenience store with green, white, orange and red colour schemes7-Eleven
  • A fast food restaurant that has the famous golden archMcDonalds
  • I wanted to introduce her to the son of my father’s friend” – Kenneth Tan (protagonist)
  • Aiko Hirano’s father – Kenji Hirano (平野健二), director of Hatsuya Institute
  • That Country” – Singapore
  • Hirano-san’s cousins that are coming along during the holiday – Shin’ichi/Izumi/Kousei Miyazawa
  • Hirano-san’s cousins that are not coming along – Kotomi/Kuniko Miyazawa (1. Busy with work. 2. Too young)

Story 2:

  • That large academy/school at the top of this hill (here)” – Mihara Academy (私立三原学院)
  • The strange man who forced me to wear this swimsuit” – “Professor” (story 1), the man Haruna met at the lift lobby after visiting Saeko/Mamiko at the hospital.
  • To a small island country quite near the equator” – Singapore
  • A research company near the train station” – Inami (井波) branch of the Hatsuya Institute.
  • Schools the protagonist attended planned so far (from first) – Katsura High School (克良高校, 2004-2005), High school section of Mihara Academy (三原学院高等部, 2005-2006), Kamisugi High School (上杉高校, 2006-2008), Mizuho Girls’ High School (瑞穂女子高校, 2009-2011). Note: The year as at part 44 is 2007.
  • my company” – Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
  • Company the protagonist indirectly founded – Powell Research Institute (パーヴェル研究所)
  • Location where the protagonist was cloned – Mihara Academy, College Section (三原学院大学部).
  • New Trunk Line” – Shinkansen (新幹線)
  • one of the international airports in the country” – Narita International Airport (成田国際空港)
  • in a room filled with mountains of books and papers” – One of the offices at Hatsuya Hospital.
  • science research and development building” – The same building the protagonist was cloned
  • ***** Hisakawa – Itsuki Hisakawa
  • a four-dimensional pocket of a popular cartoon character I watched when I was younger” – Doraemon
  • girlfriend / “a girl I met last year” – Kotomi Miyazawa (宮沢ことみ)
  • a data cable” – IEEE 1394 interface or Universal Serial Bus
  • the other me“/ “former male self” – Itsuki Hisakawa (久川伊月)
  • that common OS” – Microsoft Windows XP
  • that uncommon operating system” – Linux

Story 3

  • protagonist’s middle school – Kaisei Middle School (海星中学, 2001-2003)
  • protagonist’s high school – Katsura High School (克良高校, 2004-2006)
  • protagonist’s university – Standford University (2007-2009)
  • cousin’s school – Mihara Academy (三原学院)
  • oldest among my siblings” – Shin’ichi Miyazawa (宮沢真一), 4 years younger
  • 2nd youngest sibling” – Kousei Miyazawa (宮沢光世), 8 years younger
  • 3rd oldest sibling” – Izumi Miyazawa (宮沢泉美), 6 years younger
  • youngest sibling” – Kuniko Miyazawa (宮沢邦子), 12 years younger
  • great-grandmother – Ajisai Miyazawa (宮澤 紫陽花)
  • two schools located at the opposite ends from the train station near there” – Katsura Station (克良)
  • the hospital” – Hatsuya Genteral Hospital
  • protagonist’s boyfriend/husband – Itsuki/Saeko/Mamiko Hisakawa (久川 伊月沙江子・麻美子)
  • company the protagonist worked for just after graduating from university – Tanaka Bank (田中銀行)
  • company the protagonist worked for most of the time – Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
  • a particular area in the capital” – Akihabara, Tokyo
  • a connection interface” – Universal Serial Bus
  • those cafes” – Maid cafe
  • “this OS” – Windows XP
  • “that OS” – Fedora (Linux)
  • just across the nearby Bayshore Freeway where my university is located” – Silicon Valley
  • ****os***, **ogle, *ppl*” – Microsoft, Google, Apple (Inc.)
Story 4
  • protagonist’s high school – Kamisugi High School (上杉高校, 2008-2010). Note that the year at the beginning is Summer 2009.
  • a popular female student who is in the same year as Takuya” – Saeko Hisakawa
  • a girl at the north-western outskirts of the capital looks very much like her, but she’s only in Year 1 and does not have the trademark hairstyle people usually identify her with” – Saeko Hisakawa (again), but is attending Mizuho Girls’ High School (瑞穂女子高校) instead
  • a well-known medical and research company that needs a qualification higher than a high school diploma” – Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
Do note that the first four stories has many things in common, especially story 2 and 3.

An Unexpected Wish (Part 5)

A little info about Takuya’s background: he is older than Nanami by two years.

In his first year, he was in the art club as a natural choice since he was in one during his middle school days. He paints beautiful paintings, some with the aid of his seniors. However, since the club did not meet the minimum amount of members after the seniors graduated, the art club had to be disbanded.

As a replacement for his 2nd and 3rd year, he joined the computer club as he sees programming in one of their activities as an art too by knowing how things would turn out, and how a small mistake can affect the whole thing. There was also a popular female student who is in the same year. She was kind, patient, beautiful and smart. She was so smart, she seemed as though she should have been in a prestigious school, like the Mihara Academy in a neighboring prefecture (it’s well known across the country) or a university instead. She is also keeps her cool down in situations where people would normally be stressed up or be angry, like exams or projects. Despite all that, people could sense how serious she is without saying anything. That’s probably one of the key points as to why she was chosen to be the president in the final year.

Her personal background info is relatively unknown, but there has been reports that she is sometimes seen leaving in an expensive car or arriving in it when she’s late. Except for those times, she is seen walking by herself to a research center nearby everyday most of the time. When a deadline is given by an external party when it’s nearing with much stuff not done or some major unexpected problem pops up at the last minute, she would be the last resort as to fix things in an instant. Nobody saw how she did it, but the finished product seem to be professionally done and completed in an instant. She did remind them not to use her as an excuse to be lazy though.

During her graduation last year, everyone was shocked that she did not plan to enter college, but did say she managed to get a job with a well-known medical and research company (a company different from the one she is usually seen going to after school) that needs a qualification higher than a high school diploma. How she got the job is also a mystery, looking at the qualifications and the average age of a new employee there. He hasn’t heard much of her since then though, other than she could guarantee a place should he want to work with her. There’s also a rumor with supported photos that a girl at the north-western outskirts of the capital looks very much like her, but she’s only in Year 1 and does not have the trademark hairstyle people usually identify her with.

When he collected a painting he did together with his seniors earlier, he dropped by the computer room and noticed a box belonging to the girl mentioned earlier that she left behind. It was labeled “Saeko Hisakawa’s stuff”. In it was a strange looking doll, some papers, media disks, and photos taken during her time in the club. He brought it with him before collecting the painting, hoping that she would collect it back from him one day, since she seemed to have a liking for him.

December 2010, Nanami’s grandmother introduced to her the cousin she has been talking a lot about lately and just recently graduated from a university overseas. She’s about 21 years of age, so she just legally became an adult not too long ago.

“Hm? Where have I seen you before?”

“It’s me, Kotomi! Surely you have seen me when you were 9 back in April 2004. You were even playing with my younger siblings back then.”

“I do remember that I was playing with someone during Hanami when I was younger, but not the faces though. However, I have seen you quite recently though.”

“She was at the funeral,” the grandmother quietly added and walked away.

Nanami tried to recall whom she met. Although she looked like she was about to fall into tears when thinking, she suddenly exclaimed.

“You had a boyfriend whose younger sister gave me the largest sum of money! I thought the bag contained clothes until I opened it! Never seen someone like that before. You sure are lucky for you to meet a family that rich!”

“Yeah, I myself didn’t know they were that rich, since it happened out of the blue. They portrayed the exact opposite image when I first met them: poor, typical house, minimal furnishing inside, some dust here and there. My boyfriend is jealous that his younger sister is more popular than him, but at least he got me. I don’t know what made me like him though, like he’s a magnet to me. Since then I can’t stop thinking of him, like I’ve been brainwashed to not want anyone else. I went crazy when I didn’t see him for a long time, but meeting his sister during that period of absence calmed me down since she resembles him a lot, though I still wanted him. I’m surprised that I’m even aware of this spell. Wouldn’t be surprised if he proposes to me anytime now, we’ve known each other for 6 years already.”

Kotomi sounded as though she had told some lies: she knows the truth behind the siblings Nanami just mentioned.

The two girls talked among each other what they had went through while the grandmother prepares dinner.

“Although I’m older than you, you are technically my aunt, since your grandmother is my great-grandmother. I was puzzled at this fact at first when I checked the family tree.”

“No way! Really? I didn’t know this!”

“It’s true. I don’t know what my eldest son and his son were thinking: marrying and having children so early. At least my other sons and daughters aren’t like that. Anyway, dinner’s ready.”

It looks like Nanami’s cousin could be staying here with grandmother for a while since she has a job in the capital. Nanami now feels that she has her family back again and is no longer by herself.

Part 4 Part 6

An Unexpected Wish (Part 4)

Nanami did not feel that her grandmother’s presence intruding, but rather comforting: she is her late mother’s mother after all. There are, however, things that Nanami explain to, or rely on. As for her childhood friends, Yuichi and Misae, she doesn’t remember how she had met them, but it seem to have happened either during or before primary school as she recalls doing activities she can’t do now. She would have treated them differently if she had only first met them at the start of high school.

“Senpai! I haven’t seen you in a while. What are you doing here?”, Nanami said out in surprise.

This is Takuya Ishida (石田 卓哉). He graduated from Nanami’s school last year and was in the same middle school too. He now works in a research institute that Nanami knows little about.

“Oh, Kobayashi-chan. It’s been a while. My club adviser called me down to collect something that I had left behind. It’s nothing big, really.”

Nanami turned to see what he is holding: it’s a large painting that’s covered with a thin layer of cloth that she could see through it. She has no idea what it is he painted, but from what she could see, she thinks that it could be quite nice.

“I painted this together with my seniors in my first year, but none of them wanted it. The teacher kept it in case one of them wanted it, except that no one did and I was the only one whom the teacher could contact with.”, said Takuya in an uncertain tone. “Say, would you like to hang out with me from time to time? It’s okay if your parents does not allow you: we could just message each other.”

A voice from behind was heard, Nanami turned to see who it was. It was Misae.

“Nanami! Lunchtime is almost over. We should return to the classroom before the teacher reaches the classroom now!”

Nanami returned to the classroom, but not before talking to Takuya.

“Oh, my friend is calling me now. I should go now. Erm, see you later then, Ishida-senpai.”

“Er, yeah. See you soon.”

Takuya waited until the two girls were far enough and heaved a sigh of relief. He then took a look at something that was concealed at the back of the painting.

“Good thing she didn’t see this thing. I really don’t want to drag her into the mess I’m in.”

Part 3 Part 5

Last edited: 15 August 2010 (“family business” changed to “research institute” as reflected on related stories and the Japanese version)

An Unexpected Wish (Part 3)

Since that day, Nanami has gotten over the griefing of her family. However, she still feels lonely in the large empty house. It’s impossible to get around without being reminded of her family.

Nanami has been living at this house since she was born. Her parents met each other somewhere in the capital, rent an apartment, and accumulate enough money to settle down into the current house. Since it was newly built when they bought it, the house is of the same age as Nanami herself.

Until Nanami was 10 years old, she had never met her relatives before as they live quite far away. Most of her relatives, including her grandparents, live in Hyogo Prefecture. However there is a family she is related to in Nagano Prefecutre, which is also close to the capital, but would take the whole day to get to. The odd thing about this particular family is that in the famliy tree, the father is at the same level as her, but is a lot older. He has a lot of children, of which, the third oldest child is just a year older than her. Their mother, though not linked to Nanami’s family line, is the younger sister of the director of a well known company in the country with branches all over the world. Nanami doesn’t know what that company does other than what is publicly avalable.

Nanami has a lot of memories of the town she grew up in: from the time her brother rescued her from the river, played games with the other children, the annual summer festival with fireworks viewable from far away, among other things strong enough to not want to move out. Even to her relative’s place.

Out of concern of Nanami not having relatives living near her, Nanami’s grandmother, Ajisai Miyazawa (宮澤 紫陽花 | あぢさゐ), moved out from one of her uncle’s house and into hers. Asaji’s father, Nanami’s great-grandfather, was killed during the second world war and, even earlier, her mother died from a desease that could have been cured with today’s medical technology. Being conservative, if they had been alive for a bit longer, Ajisai would not have married her late husband, Mikhail Gorbachev (Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёв), due to his non-Japanese background. She has went through times that were worse than her granddaughter.

At first, Nanami did not want her grandmother to move in, but when her grandmother said that Nanami is quite loney most of the time and doesn’t really know how to take care of herself, seeing at how frequent she eats out or the amount of instant noodles and junk food she had bought, Nanami eventually gave in. Nanami wasn’t sure whether to hate her or if this was a good idea as she knows little about her grandmother. She also wonders how her granmother knew the type of food she had been eating right up to the specific brand and flavouring. After she moved in, she tries not to disturb Nanami, but be around when Nanami needs her.

It wasn’t until Nanami recalled a particular science topic about human reproduction that she doen’t know how she existed, or why she is so attached to the couple she has been calling “mother” and “father” for as long she could remember: she is their offspring. Now she knows what her mother said in the strange dream she had while drowing in the pool meant. However, she is also shocked on what her body is able to do: being able to create offsprings of her own, but would need a male partner. That would explain a lot on why guys are so interested in girls and the unexplained feeling of why Nanami would want to attract guys.

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An Unexpected Wish (Part 2)

Nanami found herself to be at the amusement park she remembers going to when she was 4. She saw her parents and brother in the distance. They looked younger than the last she saw them. As Nanami missed her family a lot, she ran and called them. Nanami noticed that her body was that of a young child, so everything seemed large. She tried to walk the way she’s used to, but wasn’t able to and fell down as she tried to. She’s puzzled as to what was going on: she remembers that she was at the pool in her high school not too long ago.

As she struggled to get closer, she saw a rocket from the clear blue sky heading towards the amusement park. A large explosion from the roller coasters soon followed and the whole place became dark with fire and explosions everywhere. People were running and screaming and structures collapsing. The fire now separates Nanami from her family. Before the fire got bigger, her mother said that has continued on the Fujibayashi family and asks not to worry about the family.

Nanami did not understand what her mother was saying. She desperately kept calling for her mother as the flames now completely surround Nanami. As Nanami tries desperately to call her mother for help, an unseen force was desperately shaking her and a voice from the sky fading in. Nanami is puzzled as to where the force is coming from as the ground is not shaking.

“Fujibayashi-san! Wake up! Wake up!” said a familiar voice.

Nanami thought that the heavens are calling her, but the words she heard wasn’t what she was expecting and seemed out of place. Her vision of the amusement park on fire soon turned into the infirmary with Misae holding her.

After Nanami was pushed into the pool, Yuichi rescued her, performed the CPR, and brought her to the infirmary. Misae felt bad about what she had done to Nanami and apologized. Misae just wanted to cheer Nanami up.

“Where’s Takizawa-kun?”, Nanami said as she looked abound for Yuichi.

“He said he has cram school today. Why?”

Nanami was disappointed that Yuichi wasn’t around, but soon blushed with shock.

“Fujibayashi-san? What’s wrong?”

“If he had done CPR on me, doesn’t that mean that he… he…”, Nanami stuttered nervously and whispered the rest of the words to Misae. Misae gasped when she heard it.

Their conversation was interrupted by their teacher who came in to check on Nanami.

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