Alternate Dimension (Part 39)

At the end of the day though, I seemed to be one of the first few to leave as no matter how late it ended. The club president and my seniors who are in the same year as him, seem to have some kind of meeting right after I left. I tried to listen what they were discussing about, but they would somehow know that I’m trying to listen in no matter how discreet and well hidden I am that they would refuse to start unless I am very far away from them. They even know my various means to try to watch their meeting. Their excuse while chasing me away? “Hisakawa-san has fans that follows her around. Those people following her intrude on the club’s peace and privacy if she were to be around!” I don’t mind them going away, but why me instead? Either way, my seniors seem to have a liking of me and made me the “guaranteed” club president from my second year onwards. What was their criteria for picking me over everyone else? This however, was only known among my seniors and me until the time I would take over the current. Since then, they would quietly add senpai after saying my name. Did they find out that I’m actually a year older than them (instead of two years younger), or are they praising me?

Back to present, I’m still in contact with my parents, but when it comes to Itsuki… Well, I don’t know what to say to him on the phone: my parents had quietly gave the phone to him without warning.

Itsuki: “So… um… hi?”

I hate to hear my former voice as though it’s someone else’s, but I would have to live with it for a long time.

Me: “Have you heard anything new from Kotomi?”

Itsuki: “Oh, her first college semester has just started. You know, that Stand**** University in California. The campus is so huge that she has trouble getting around without looking at the map or asking someone for directions. She added that she has gotten along with her friends well too.”

There was an abrupt silence. I’m supposed to say something to fill it in, but instead, I sobbed: I could have entered university for about half a year by now, but nooo! They made me repeat high school for the rest of my life regardless of how well I did. This is just because of that teleporting machine at Mihara Academy in the summer of 2005 that went wrong and the later
events resulting of it.

Itsuki: “Um, she did say that she still likes me the most among the people she has met and would be in 2010, about 3 years from now. Saeko?”

Me: “Why don’t you care about what I feel? Every time you show up in my car right in front of my friends, you…”

I deliberately hung up the phone at that point. I hate you. I don’t want to see or speak to you either.


I was having a peaceful sleep when I noticed that I was being poked all over. It felt real, and it didn’t match the dream I had at all. What made me wake up was that I was mysteriously forced to blush very excessively to the point of being unbearable.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the words of my previous thoughts staring right in front of me as was leaning forwards against something. Even though I could still move, I can’t get away from that spot or even lean back. I feared the worse: being on the machine that allows someone else to modify my memories or even how I behave. What’s even worse is that I can’t get away from it once I’m plugged in. How did I get on it anyway? Surely I can’t have sleepwalked to here. Oh? There’s someone else in here!

???: “Ah, I see that you are awake now. I was wondering what happened to you when you called yesterday.”

That voice from behind sounds familiar. Where have I…it’s Itsuki! What is he doing here? How did he get in? Wasn’t I the only one who could enter here? Wait! He can see what I am thinking right now!

Itsuki: “If you recall, you were a part of me and the only differences between us is our DNA strand that says what gender we are. I could get in here easily as the thumbprint and eye scanner thinks that I am you. As to what I’m doing here, I’m here just to collect infomation that
you have gathered for the past few years and doing other adjustments. You have been rebelling against me and the identical memories we share in common that are in you seem to be the root cause of it. Those angry notes you wrote to me the other day makes me want to do it more.”

Like a pervert, he moved closer towards me with that creepy looking eyes. W-wait! What do you want from me? Aren’t we like twins? Why would you want to attack your other half?

Me: “Information that I have gathered? Hold on! What are you… Gyaa!!!”

Itsuki: “I’m going to make you do what I want with no resistence. Ha ha ha!”

I’m afraid that this means I won’t be myself: he might replace my current memories and put a fake one in it’s place and not know that. Why on the morning of my birthday of all days?


The morning sun entered my eyes as I woke up from bed. Odd, I still know what Itsuki did to me a few hours ago, and I can still control myself. I thought he had tempered my memories to the point that I don’t even know that it even happened. The machine I was on is missing now, which probably means he has taken it away.

(Author’s note: Unknown to Itsuki, modification to Saeko’s will is not allowed. Instead, it only modifies what she would behave and do in certain situations. On the outside, it would seem that she has been brainwashed, but if you were to read her mind, it would say the torture of doing what her body is forced to do, and might even be cursing the person who did it.)

Anyway, today is Saturday, September 29. Our 18th birthday. The birth certificate the director gave to me (for legal reasons) back in April, however, says that I was born on on the day I was cloned, with the year being 1992 instead of 1989 (original birth year) or 2005 (year cloned), making me 16. I was puzzled as to why people treated me like a VIP on that day.

After school, I stood against the school fence outside, as though waiting for someone. Why am I standing here? I can’t get myself to continue walking. I saw Itsuki standing at a corner. What is he doing here?

Me: “Onii—chan!”

What am I doing?!! I feel like an idiot saying that, but those words automatically came out of my mouth as soon as I saw him. I ran towards him, jumped as I get closer, and grabbed a hold of him around the shoulder with my legs around his hips, all that while smiling happily. I would like him to get away from me as people are watching, but it’s my body that’s pressing against him and holding him tightly. Argh!!! This is mental torture! It’s even worse than not being able to express my anger. Itskuki, why do you make me do this with a forced happy expression and voice? Is it for your own pleasure, seeing a part of you in a cute girl’s body being happy towards you no matter what? Answer me!!!

Itsuki: “Saeko-chan! There you are! Umph!”

It seems that he did not notice my mind crying for help, or maybe he’s pretending.

Itsuki: “Hey, you’re no longer a kid and you have grown so big.”

I know that! You don’t need to tell me this!

Me: “I don’t care big I have grown. I just want to hug my cool
onii-chan as much as I want.”

No I don’t, and I wasn’t that cool-looking.

Itsuki: “Well, as long as you are happy, I don’t mind. Let’s take the train to downtown. It’s my birthday today. Would you like to come along?”

I don’t want to go with you. I just want to get as far away from you.

Me: “Your birthday? Sure, sure, I’ll come with you.”

Can’t believe that I said that instead…

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Alternate Dimension (Part 38)

Person A: “We have only heard of your name as our founder and that you are at the Hatsuya Institute most of the time. That's all we know of you. No one here, including our employer and direct superiors, has seen you before. That particular design of your pass is only carried by important people in the company.”

Is he serious?

Me: “How do you even know if I am the person you think I am? There aren’t any photos of me in your company history, and you guys have never seen me before.”

Person A: “Around the first time I saw you coming here, I saw lights and a silhouette of you against the window of the landlord’s office facing the outside. That room is usually dark, and access to that room is only allowed with a thumbprint that nobody here has. On top of that, the pass is impossible to counterfeit despite how simple the pass looks. Yours is the real deal with a picture of you in it.”

I should have turned off the lights. Then again, I don’t know who walks past the outside or if there were attempts to enter my room.

Person A: “Excuse me, I have to go now.”

Me: “Sure. If someone asks who I am and what I’m doing here, just say that I’m just a student of a nearby school visiting her divorced father who works here…”

This is obviously a lie.

Me: “… instead of what you found out who I am. If they said something about stopping me from coming again, show them this note from me as the founder. Don’t say that the so-called schoolgirl visiting the father and the founder of the company are the same person, at least, not until I reveal it myself. I want to remain low-profile here. You can go now.”

Person A: “Thank you Ms. Hisakawa. Please excuse me.”

I took a closer look at my pass: I knew there was something different about my work pass, but me? Founded this company? I kind of know why I didn't show my face: my appearance, school and work. Nobody mentioned about it to me before as they don't know about it. The company seem to be able to run by itself without me, but since (they said that) I am the founder, I receive a large share of the money they make. I did not ask for it… Must be related to something i had been wishing for, but not really hope it would happen.

I should keep wearing that coat to prevent something like that from happening again. Just in case.


Here's what a typical day in the club is like before I would become the club president:

I am very prone to be asked by someone at anytime. Be it about helping their homework or something, meeting the teacher in the staff room, guys asking me out, and so on. Basically, the only time in school where I could hide without people calling me for something is at secluded areas or places where guys aren't allowed in. That reminds me: unlike my school in 2004, the rooftop is relatively easy to get to, so it's normal for the place to be crowded during lunch. There's a garden there too.

The clubroom is in a seperate building linked only by a covered bridge on the second floor and doors on the level directly below the bridge. I usually avoid going by the ground floor as it's sheltered only by the bridge.

Right next to the computer clubroom is the art club. From what I can see, they had done a lot of beautiful paintings. Sadly, it doesn't seem that there are not enough younger members to make up for the third years who are leaving next year, that is, if they don’t recruit enough members within the first few weeks. The people standing outside my clubroom are my die-hard fans. Seriously, what's so great about me? You should have seen the crowd when I just joined: it was even crazier with the place looking as though a celebrity inside is having an autograph session.

Most of the time, there would be someone inside to greet me upon my arrival. Except for the folding tables and the long table at the front, all of the desks has a desktop computer on them. All of the computers have multiple operating systems installed. To encourage supporting various
platforms, the common OSes and programs are not of the default option. It wasn't my idea to implement this, but i would have done the same if I was in charge.

Of course, not everyday is about doing tasks. We do occasionally hang out together downtown and if they want to, conduct study groups. Since the latter is open to everyone, the place is mysteriously more crowded when I’m in it as compared to when I’m not (according to my club mates) or during the so-called “emergency members-only meeting”. Since I’m the smartest, they are the ones who ask me for help.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 37)

It wasn’t that far from the hospital to my former house by car. The house still remained at its run-down state. I never talked about my parents because they have been away for so long and regularly that I don’t really know them other than me looking like the both of them.

Itsuki: “Mom? Dad? I’ve brought someone with me.”

A couple whose faces resembles some of me appeared. Yes, they are my parents, but, strangely, I still don’t know their names after all these years since I only called them mom or dad. Other people would call them Hisakawa’s wife/husband or just Hisakawa-san.

Mom: “Oh? A guest? Is she your girlfriend? I thought you already have another of the same age.”

She was talking about Kotomi. It seems that Itsuki has brought her here with my parents around before. As for dad, he looked as though there’s something about me.

Dad: “But she does look a lot like you…”

Itsuki: “You see, this girl was me right until the may of two years ago, according to the higher-ups at work.”

Me: “I was working on something when something happened and i was transferred to an another world. A lot of things happened there, but when I tried to return back here recently, a problem happened that caused me to remain what i was back there as a new person.”

On top of that, I also told them about the times we had when I was younger.
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Alternate Dimension (Part 36)

We arrived at Hatsuya General Hospital (筏谷総合病院), where Kotomi was working at and headed to the director’s office. It was easier to get to from the basement parking lot than to the main entrance. I have been here before: I was brought here after the hit-and-run incident, and one of my classmates at the Miharu Academy was hospitalized here between February and May 2005 in the other dimension due to a coma. I don’t know what she was like before she was hospitalized, but I was told that she is my childhood friend and between the time she was discharged and shortly before the summer holidays began, her behavior has been odd as she doesn’t seem to know who she is, let alone know other people. She still knows all the subjects that were being taught, except National History.

Before I knocked on the door, I heard the director’s voice from inside indicating us to enter. How did he know that I’m right outside?

Director: “Those guys at the Gunma branch told me all about you: you were the Itsuki behind you right until almost exactly 2 years ago. Is that correct?”

Me: “Yes. That’s…”

Director: “Well, they downloaded your memories and your bio right until your arrival here tells me that you have had a lot of things happening during those two years, including my niece’s death that didn’t happen here. What I’m more shocked about it is that, except for the lack of the Y-chromosome, your DNA with the Itsuki behind you are exactly the same.”

It seems that there is more about me that he didn’t say, though he did show my bio on the screen as he talked. Wait, did he indirectly said that Kotomi is still alive? Where is she?
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Alternate Dimension (Part 35)

Just after New Year’s day in January 2007, I received some odd news from my company. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad news, but here it goes:

  1. It was found out that Kotomi I had known had returned to the original dimension since after the school festival in 2005.
  2. Although I am actually 17 and a half years old, my body never grew a day older since around that summer holiday. That means my body says that I’m still 16. What?
  3. Because of point 2, I can still learn and absorb new things better than my peers who are born in the same year as me in the latter years. That means that I would still appear, behave, and learn like a 16-year old even though I might actually be 70. Which also means, mentally, I can’t be as mature as an adult. Ugh.
  4. I am highly likely to repeat high school for the rest of my endless life (I can’t die even if a Hydrogen Bomb were to explode in front of me)
  5. The dimensional viewer range limit is now at infinite from the 1-hour range and, if necessary, communicate with the people there. They also made it possible for me to return to my dimension with control over it.
  6. The Kotomi in that dimension did made it into that American university.

Wait. Does that mean that I can return back to what it was before it all started? Just a typical poor miserable guy who is just a nobody? I want to go back: that messed up cloning ruined my life here in this dimension: Kotomi ignored me, those guys keep attacking me, guys following me like I’m some star, and I feel like an extra even if I’m out with just Saeko. And that house is too huge and posh for me.

The professor did the necessary arrangements and sent me back there, but not without asking some final questions. Heck, I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying as I just want to go back there.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 34)

I haven’t been seeing much of Kotomi for almost a year. I went to her house most of the time and none of he family members know where she went to. Her mobile phone has not been contactable too. I wonder what is going on in her mind? I’m worried. Oh, and when I talked to her mother, she appears to be hiding something from me when I asked, but she really doesn’t know where she went. Wonder if it’s something to do with what she mentioned some time ago about her having a secret that she herself doesn’t know about. What is it then? But then again, some secrets are best not to know about. Still, I don’t know anyone else that I could get along with.

The college entrance exams are approaching, Everyone is studying for it, with the criteria ranging from entering one of the best schools, to just being in the same university as their friends. Although people have high expectations of Kotomi and actually has a scholarship into one of the popular universities in America, which, to everyone’s shock, she rejected.

Well, that was some time ago. Towards the end of 2006, I was shopping for Christmas presents for everyone when I noticed a huge crowd being gathered at one of the widest grate-level crossing ever know of. I was too far to tell what was going on, but I did hear shouting. The shouting mysteriously stopped when a train went past here, which applied emergency brakes almost immediately. I heard the crowd gasp and the train sounding the horn shortly before that happened though. It seems as though someone was hit. I took a look at who it was and…
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Alternate Dimension (Part 33)

Well, this thing would be useful if I could check further back/towards the past/future than one hour from the present time, like 10 years. Even so, there’s nothing I can do currently to help Kotomi with her situation, as though it will happen the exact same way regardless of what she tries to do to prevent it. Kotomi is too depressed to talk to anyone right now. She did try to tell her family about it, but they think that she’s just having a nightmare or something.

I was playing with this thing on my way home to spot anything interesting. So far: nothing, except that I would be in an area of the house I rarely go to within an hour. You can say that my house is huge, but I have only been to the area around the entrance, which forms a small percentage of the total area and have never explored the rest since acquiring it.

Hold on… does that mean that I will be doing the exact same thing later?

If i were to be thinking of doing something else, will that future change? Like doing my homework for example? Speaking of which, I have some to do.

…except that i don’t know how to do it. I know what the topic is, but not the exact details. Saeko is now out with that (former) best friend of mine, so i guess i have to search for a book on it somewhere.

I headed to where I remembered seeing a lot of books: the study room. I find those easier and more reliable to search than looking up online, which are in bits and pieces.

The study room is filled with a lot of books, study desks, nice design, and so on, that you might mistake the place to be a college library, though still smaller than a regular public library. I still  can’t believe that this house is legally mine.

Oh, that book up there looks like it could contain what I’m looking for. Let’s…What?! I can’t reach it? I was able to reach something that high just early this year… Oh, wait.

I looked down at myself: I forgot that I had turned into a girl back in May. How could i have forgotten that? Especially when changing or the voice that comes out of my mouth. Oh well, let’s use that ladder over there to get that book.

There’s something awfully familiar about this scene… Hold on! I saw myself doing this not too long ago and I’m doing it without realizing it! This dimensional viewer is too accurate that what i had dreaded to happen could most likely to happen.


Kotomi’s behavior seem to have changed since the night after her school festival. I can understand: it’s like you have disease or cancer and the doctor saying that there is no cure and have few short months left to live. For some unknown reason, she would prefer Saeko instead of me. I mean, what’s the difference? Saeko’s body was originally mine, but i’m mysteriously stuck in my clone’s body. Wait. Does she know about this? Well, to anyone looking at us from the outside, there isn’t any, except that I’m just an extra that nobody seem to care.

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[Modified: 1 November 2009]

Alternate Dimension (Part 32)

(continued from Part 31)

Kotomi seem to know how the device I made better than I know it myself. How is that possible? Well, she was forced into this dimension and know she was about to die by something she can’t controll… I feel sad for her. It’s like no matter what different things she tries to do, the end result is the same.

At work, I’m working with a branch at Gunma prefecture to further develop the device. I do the programming and a bit of research, while they do the testing and further research. The reason my supervisor gave me was that I’m “too valuable” and that the bad guys do not have a presence outside my city. “Too valuable”? What does he mean by that? Either way, it has already caused a lot of trouble for the rest of my life than anyone has even been through and not want to go through it again. I hardly get a hold or hear of the device lately. It belonged to the company in the first place to begin with.

Around the end of November, the people contacted me again. They said that they have added a feature that allows me to view different dimentions at any place and time. (By default, it’s set to the current dimension and place.) I’m confused as to how it even works because, for example, in my current dimension, I can see myself holding this thing from behind clearly even though I know that there isn’t any camera over there. There’s also text at a corner saying that I’m viewing the current dimension.

Huh? There’s an another dimension that’s quite identical to the one I’m in now? Because it looks the same, but yet different. What is the difference then? I can’t tell, apart that I’m not looking at the current dimension. Those guys are telling me that they are working on the time part, so I can’t go any further than 1 hour from the current time.

(to be continued on Part 33)

Alternate Dimension (Part 31)

(continued from part 30)
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[Author’s note: I have done the related post mentioned above, but due to the content, it needs to be redone.]

Kotomi brought me to my workplace to do something with my cloned body to do some modifications to it. Why my workplace? Well, she is the neice of the director, but does she know that I’m stuck in it and can’t return to my original body? Well, sure she could tell us apart without saying anything, but she seem to ignore me (Mamiko) and paid more attention to the other (Saeko).

Her reaction and recent behavior tells me that she wants to turn me back into a guy, but I prefer the way I am now: as a girl. I’m sorry, I would like to be your partner and be with me forever, but the both of us now being of the same gender means that we could only remain as best friends. Knowing her, I don’t think she would like it if I had said that to her.

Kotomi: “We’re here.”

Seemed to be wanting to say that with excitement, but her tone of voice says otherwise. My supervisor saw the three of us as we approached.

Supervisor: “Oh! Miyazawa-ojousama! What are you doing here?”

Kotomi’s uncle, Kenji Hirano, is the director of the company.

Saeko: “Supervisor, she’s actually here to help me to fine tune my clone.”

I said that through my original. To tell you the truth, I have actually no idea what Kotomi wanted to do with me.

Supervisor: “Err… okay then. You can use your usual working area and the testing room at the basement. Oh, and before that, Mamiko, can I speak with you for a while? The rest of you can go ahead.”

Huh? Me? What does he want?

The supervisor waited for Saeko and Kotomi to leave before he started talking. Kotomi tried to look back as to what is going on, but he chased her away.

Supervisor: “You are Itsuki-kun I know from last year, right? The boy who won that year’s programming convention?”

I feel uncomfortable on the fact he is right.

Me: “Mentally, yes. But physically, no. Why?”

Supervisor: “Well, you have been through so many things since then: you had unexpectedly transformed, a victim of several events, some of which made it into the news, among other things. I checked my colleagues and the machine that cloned you: results had shown that your mind had indeed transferred to your current body, the cloned body. The new mind that should have ended up in the cone happened in the original instead. Since it’s based on you, its behavior and thinking is the same as yours at that point. The so-called merging of your minds did not actually work, but instead gained the ability to control each other.”

Me: “That’s exactly what I had been thinking too, but what’s with my memory and actions being able to be modified? I was shocked when I found that out: I tried to input something I had difficulty remembering or doing and I could actually do it naturally.”

I was obviously referring to the recent cultural festival at Kotomi’s school. The supervisor did some checks on me, but some of the things he did really annoyed me. I didn’t show my anger as I had I allowed him to do anything to me earlier. What made me curious, however, was that on the mirror opposite me, I wore a clueless expression instead of the anger I’m feeling inside. Was I programmed not to show my anger? What is this?

Supervisor: “Interesting, you are an all-in-one thing, but the disadvantage is you can’t do some of the things yourself, some of which somehow defied the laws of physics. This can be a problem if someone makes you do things out of your will, but at least they can’t change how you think. Am I right?”

Erm, how am I supposed to reply to you if you did not stop whatever it is you made me do?

Supervisor: “Looking at your face, I would take that as a yes. I have to go now: was in a rush to do something. See you!”

Hey! Can you at least stop… he’s gone. What is up with him? Oh well, at least I can still walk around. I headed to where the other two were waiting.

Kotomi: “I knew he would do something odd to you… He doesn’t dare to do something funny to me since I’m a relative of the director.”

The adjustments Kotomi did was so quick that it ended before I knew it. Since it’s already quite late with a downpour outside, it would be best if I would invite Kotomi to stay over at my place as the Miyazawa residence is quite some distance away. Kotomi might also not be able to catch the last trains along the way. The problem was that none of us had brought an umbrella along.

The supervisor had left earlier with a look that he might not be back until tomorrow, so we are the last ones left. There’s usually a colleague around at this time, but I guess there’s nothing to work on right now.

I noticed umbrellas at a corner near the entrance with a small label indicating ownership to my company. Since I started working here, I have walked past it so many times, but ignored it. I thought those belonged to my colleagues as no two umbrellas are the same with various patterns, colours, and sizes. Nobody left behind here knows the procedures as to what the last ones to leave should do, so we just left and opened up our umbrellas. Kotomi appears to be still in depression. I know the reason behind it, but I just have to ask her.

Me: “Kotomi? What’s wrong? You have been behaving odd lately.”

Kotomi: “There has been shockingly depressing things that had happened. First, there’s, there’s…”

She kept looking at us (Saeko & Mamiko) and looked as though she wants to say it out, but couldn’t as she’s not sure if she should.

Saeko: “That future train crash incident of your death, and the events since May that happened to me that had indirectly affected you.”

Kotomi looked at Saeko as though she had accurately read her mind and is now at a loss of words. I was the one who actually said that, including what I was about to say.

Saeko: “Although the even of myself being cloned is a separate event, what happened on the night of May 13 was a dimensional change based on my deepest desires, which includes becoming as though I was born a girl. Though it might sound selfish, I wasn’t expecting it to actually happen. Though everyone remembers me differently now, you still retain the memories of the me from before the dimensional change as you are an employee of the company we work for. I found this out recently. Your brother, Shin’ichi, was included as he might have helped out at the time it happened.”

Kotomi now seem to be slightly relieved now.

Kotomi: “So that’s why you had been avoiding me since then: you thought that I would not know who you are even if you did. You too didn’t know back then that I was working for the same company too. But what’s is this “secret” about myself the principal told me that I don’t know about but would “find out anyway”?”

A secret about Kotomi that even she herself doesn’t know about? Where did this come from?

Me: “Sorry, I don’t know anything about that…”

She wore a disappointed look at that, but suddenly grab a hold of the device on Saeko’s wrist and did something.

Saeko: “Erm, Kotomi? What are you doing? I might have yet to figure out how it works, but it was me that made it.”

Kotomi: “Oh, it’s nothing.”

That’s a lot of things to be nothing. No, really, what are you doing? Or rather, what is going on in your mind right now?

(to be continued in Part 32)

Alternate Dimension (Part 30)

[Author’s note: Originally written on 9 July 2009. Part 29 seem to have a lot of conflicts with earlier parts…]

(continued from Part 29)

Throughout the day, I played the leading role for Kotomi’s class of 2-1 several times to the visitors. I didn’t pay any attention to what I was doing or what the play was about as my body moved by itself, just as I was “programmed” to do yesterday. Since I’m feeling bored being stuck here, so I’m going to take a look at what Saeko is up to now.


Ugh, Mamiko is reading my mind and is seeing what I’m seeing right now just because she’s bored when acting in Kotomi’s class. I can’t stop her from doing that because, technically, the body I’m in now was originally hers, but she is now stuck with her clone’s body. Still, it’s giving me the creeps. How did I end up in this body, I don’t know. I don’t even know who I was prior to that. The only memories I have are what this body had, which are obviously not mine. (It’s stranger that I am able to think of that.) I bet she’s happy with that cloned body of hers since she no longer needs to feed herself or head to the toilet. The weird part is that if someone did things that would kill her, her body reacts as though she actually is dying, complete with real blood, realistic reaction to it, and having difficulty moving or speaking as time passed bt. However, in her mind when this is all going on, she’s actually all right, and can only move and revert back to her helthy self when nobody, except me or someone we trust, is looking. It’s her body’s mechanism to decieve the killers that she has actually been killed by them. She is however, annoyed with the part of not being able to move as she wants to when it happens. So much for being invincible: it’s useless when trying to stop someone with a lot of weapons or helpers without avoiding their attacks.

Last night, she came home with that Kenjiro guy even though, in her mind, she doesn’t want him to, but the words that came out of her mouth says otherwise. I had to hide, because she hasn’t introduced me to him yet and that I look exactly like her. Wasn’t hard as the house is quite large: if you were to enter via the main entrance, it would look just like the other units in the apartment building, which itself forms a small percentage of the total area of the house that is hidden behind a door that guests are least likely to open. Anyways, sometime after she took a shower, I actually find myself blushing for no apparent reason and I found myself sitting on a seat with sticky liquid of some sort. Huh? I thought that seat was dry? I even touched the seat with my hands before seating down and felt nothing! Where did it come from? If it’s an air-con leak, it wouldn’t be sticky and I didn’t bring any drink of any sort here… I’m puzzled as to what happened.

I met up with Kotomi’s siblings. To Mamiko, this would mean seeing them again. They really can’t tell me apart from her. Since she is controlling me now, what she said to the oldest sibling about telling me apart from her would be useless unless they were to look out for something not obvious. When she’s in control of me, I can only watch. If she lets me, control the other one. It’s hard to be someone whom I’m not, except that I am forced to.


What on earth was Saeko thinking about? I can tell it has something to do with me… Anyways, I took over control of her and met up with Kousei, Izumi, and Shin’ichi again. They were at the building opposite Kotomi’s classroom of 2-1.

Izumi: “Eh? Weren’t you supposed to be helping Kotomi-oneechan’s classmates with the performance? What are you doing here? Aren’t you the leading actress of it?”

Shin’ichi was looking for the barely visible distinguishing factor between my original and cloned bodies which gave him the wrong impression of something else. I can tell from the whispers of the people around me.

Me: “Well, I got bored from the monotonous acting, so I took care of it. And Shin’ichi, I know what you are trying to do, but the way you’re doing it gives the people around us the wrong impression.”

Kousei: “Huh?”

I’m confusing myself if continue to keep a secret about the other me. Not to mention that people might have already seen the 2 of us together or not too long earlier. I don’t see the point of keeping this so-called secret.

Me: “Shin’ichi, I did tell you earlier that there are two of me, right?”

He nodded. The other two were shocked.

Me: “And that the two of us behave differently, right?”

Shin’ichi: “Yes, you are the one whom I talked to this morning, but I don’t see you wearing that inside even though you said you can’t remove it.”

Kousei: “What are you two talking about?”

Me: “Well, if you all come to Kotomi’s classroom with me, you’ll know why.”

It shouldn’t take that long to get there, but the crowd made it harder to get around. The students in charge of admission outside class 2-1 recognized Kotomi’s siblings, but got a shock when they saw me. In a state of panic, he look at the me with the siblings and the me acting currently inside. He didn’t say anything, but he let all of us in without paying or waiting in the line. An acting section has just ended. People of 2-1 were shocked to see the both of us.

Me: “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just her twin sister dropping by to watch.”

Izumi (whispering): “T-There are t-two of y-you! W-What i-is g-going on?”

Me (whispering): “The one right here is like an android, but was originally a human. Since my mind is merged with it, I can control it as though I am that android. The drawback is that my mind is somewhat trapped in it because of that and can’t control my original body for long, which should be shortly before the festival ends today. It’s strange for me to say this, but I was actually programmed to perform today’s act by your sister.”

Kousei (whispering): “Speaking of Kotomi-oneechan, she’s been acting rather weird lately.”

Me (via cloned body): “Oh, that’s because…”

Ack, my voice came out from over there. A sign that I’m losing control of my original body for a while.

Me (whispering): “…I traveled to the future and your future selves showed me about an tragic incident that is to happen in Winter next year.”

I explained what it was about after we headed to the computer room Kotomi dragged me to earlier that now has the “Authorized Personnel Only” sign on the outside. I also mentioned that the files were placed on her old computer at her birthday last year, but she never saw it until some days ago.

Izumi: “You mean that it will happen?”

Me: “Only if she is not aware of it taking place. Though this could change, like how changing the past affects the present. Since she and all of us know now, this could change, but we don’t know if they would still attack her or how differently.”

Kousei: “But what can we do? I can only think of stopping them, which is impossible for me.”

Me: “And if their attacks hit my other body, I would be limited in movement and can’t do anything for a while. Really get killed if they go after the one I’m in now.”

The door suddenly opened. It’s Kotomi! She’s also wearing the student council and organization committee armbands.

Kotomi: “Well, I wanted to keep it a secret, but this involves my life. Unlike Hisakawa-san here who has somewhere to fall back to that can’t die, I fear that I would fade into nothingness if it were to actually happen, especially when I have not yet experience life in full before even becoming an adult. I think I can reprogram you so that attacks would not penetrate you and prevent your body from going into a ‘pretending-to-be-dead/killed’ mode.”

The way she addressed me was as though she neither knew nor care about me. She also looked at me for a while but had a sigh of disappointment.

Kotomi: “I forgot… The one capable of what I just said is not here. Saeko, bring her to your workplace at the end of the day. I will be there. I have a lot of things to do now.”

At that point she left. She didn’t even let us say anything, not that we have anything to say. However, her eyes says something completely different, something that her straight-to-the-point tone of voice did not give a hint of. She’s quite good at hiding her true emotions and only showed her true feelings to me. She didn’t this time because her siblings are with me.

Izumi: “See? She’s acting weird.”

“How did she know we are here?”

Me: “She was the one who placed that sign outside and she programmed today’s act for me here.”

Izumi: “Booking a room for the whole day just to tell us this?”

Me: “Well, this room is rarely used, not to mention that it was never planned to be used at all during the festival. People won’t come in here even if that sign weren’t there.”

Shin’ichi: “Wait… Hisakawa-san? Weren’t you that mysterious girl who dragged around a dead body in a wheelchair I saw during the holiday trip with our cousin’s classmates not too long ago?”

Me: “Erm, that wasn’t a dead body. It’s just paralyzed and can’t do anything even if it wanted to. Had to let customs check the heart or use a mind reader to prove that it’s not a dead body even though it looks like it. Since a part of me was her, I can say that it’s frustrating that people do what you don’t want them to do, but unable to do anything about it. But yes, the two of them are me.”

Shin’ichi: “You didn’t make your presence known to us. No wonder I didn’t notice you, not to mention that I don’t recognize you as a girl back then.”

Me: “Speaking of which, why wasn’t your memory about me modified like everyone else? Only employees of my company did not have theirs modified.”

Shin’ichi: “Well, onee-chan brought me to her workplace for help with uncle in the middle of May. The place is messy and searching around is hard with the place in a mess. It took me whole night. So, in some ways, I was working for them or was inside one of the buildings of the company when whatever happened to you happened.”

Izumi: “Our memory of you?”

Kousei: “Modified?”

It looks that I have a lot of explaining to do that could take all day. I lost interest in the school festival anyway.

(to be continued in Part 31)