[Review] Ben-To

BEN-TO (ベン・トー )

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 I’ve seem to have been picking up and dropping this anime before, usually because I found it boring at first and, either found out that it got better later on, or, after dropping all the other titles, this seemed to be the better than what I had dropped and don’t have much to watch. In this case, it’s the latter.

I’ve been sitting on this since after writing the Un-Go review, wondering how to review this anime, and my mind is a blank. Well, not really. Just short of what I usually write.

To sum this up, this anime really ended the same way it started, which is really about high school students (and older) hanging around at supermarkets waiting for a staff to have the price of lunch boxes be reduced by half. If you’re unfamiliar of this concept, it’s like unsold sushi close to the end of the day, which should be consumed on the same day it’s made. These lunch boxes usually cost around 450 yen (as prominently displayed in the anime), so, to a student, the amount saved matters to them. The only challenge with this is the number of other people fighting (no, really) over the limited remaining quantity of the said lunch boxes.

Logically speaking, I don’t think fighting over discount food like this actually happens in real life. At least, not in the way portrayed with this anime. What I’m more surprised is that the supermarket staff, other customers not involved in it, and, if any, security staff, seem to be quite oblivious to this despite the amount injured from the fighting and the noise they make.

I don’t get this anime, even after watching all of its episodes.

Picking up and dropping anime

Well, I know that there is only a week or two left for the Autumn anime, but I would be dropping two anime at this time: Haganai (僕は友達が少ない) and Kimiboku (君と僕。). In exchange, I would (again) be picking up Ben-to (ベン・トー).

I tried to follow Haganai and Kimiboku, but I didn’t find myself dreading watching them. That’s a sign that I’m not interested with what I’m watching. As to why I picked up Ben-to, well, let’s just say it’s more interesting to watch and make up the boredom I suffered while watching the other two.

I’m also thinking of dropping Mirai Nikki, not because I’m saying that it’s not good (though I do have to say that the main character is annoyingly a big coward), but that I had read through the entire manga that it is based on from the start all the way to the end. I mean, there isn’t really any meaning watching suspense if I already know everything that happened from the start, all the way to the end. It’s just a waste of my time.