Yononaka no Okugi (Part 3)

It wasn’t easy to find anyone whose given name is not in katakana. Looking at my class registry, none of my classmates have it. I don’t have access to that of other classes and you can’t tell how it’s written by simply hearing hearing it. Most people assume it is in katakana since it is common with most people of an age group. I can’t think of any examples of names I have seen before that are in kanji or hiragana.
Well, when exam results came out, they did put out a list of names of the students here The problem with that the notice has already been removed before I came to be aware about the world before the transformations, so I didn’t pay attention to who they were. If my memory serves me correctly, none of the top few had non-katakana names.
…hold on.
I walked past a poster that had the name of the student council’s vice president on it. I only know her family name by sound, but when I saw 井ノ 一詞 for Hitoshi Inosaki being written down, it gave me a weird feeling. What caught my attention the most is that the given name is in kanji, and contains the 一 (hito) character that is very rarely seen in names. I also noticed the missing 崎 (saki) from her family name, which made it even more peculiar as the second character is ノ (no), which itself is not kanji.
That is unexpected. I have seen the vice president before, but her name is not usually mentioned, or by family name only if it did. People don’t really remember her since people would only remember the main president of the council, or if people wondered what the structure of it is. It’s like she is invisible, and only there for the sake of filling up the gaps.
Should I go to the student council room and talk to her about what I know so far? I don’t even know her on a personal level. What if the other members are present if I were to visit her? I don’t if that would affect the outcome.
I have just finished my research in the library and heading to my home. There shouldn’t be anyone in the in the classrooms apart from club activities as it’s well after the end of school, but I’m hearing something from one of the vacant classrooms. This school building is designed from a time when middle and high schools have about the same number of students, but now there are fewer students in middle schools everywhere, so there are quite a number of vacant classrooms. As I got closer, I hear strange sounds that are commonly heard in the toilet, but not usually heard elsewhere.
(Author’s note: the toilets in the post-evolution world are completely different owing to how different the human body works. Toilet bowls have been replaced by a device that automatically attaches to the body so that their bladder is removed without requiring any effort. Because of how the insides has been redesigned, it’s impossible to use this without triggering a check to see the girl using it needs to be made pregnant. She would be made pregnant at this stage if someone had died without a replacement on the way. The girl in question wouldn’t notice it until she notices that she can’t detach herself from the device when childbirth is going on. It is impossible to relieve bladder without using that device apart from an old-fashioned toilet seat, but they are quickly being replaced as the new toilet does not require any water or toilet paper, and the waste can be turned into something useful, like to generate electricity. Naomi does not know what a pre-evolution toilet are like, or how they work, so she does not know that the sounds she normally hears in toilets are different in pre-evolution days. Of course, nobody documents about toilets.)
What I saw in the vacant classroom shocks me: I saw Hitoshi behaving in a completely different way form when she is out in the public eye. For some reason, she is trying to rip out her blouse at the buttons while sounding angry. She also seem to have destroyed her signature hair by having quite a length of her hair cut without a care of the results, and she had her feet into something lying on the ground that doesn’t look like a skirt.
Hitoshi did manage to rip apart all the buttons and secured that thing that was at her feet earlier at her waist. That thing she’s wearing seem to cover her entire legs, but those seem too loose to be stockings. At the same time, she kept trying to pull out her breasts out of the restraints underneath her blouse (I didn’t realize I was wearing the same kind of restraints too) with one hand, and punched herself at the area where the bladder comes out from with the other.
I have no idea what she is doing to herself, but she kept yelling “this can’t be happening”, “I want my old life back”, and “it has been about a decade now” in a desperate voice. Well, the fact the number of years she mentioned (a decade=10 years) being more than the number of yearbooks I saw in the library, along with the strange things she’s doing to herself, strongly supports that she must know what happened 5 years ago.
About a minute later, the unknown thing she’s wearing over her skirt suddenly was brought down to her feet, the blouse she ripped apart fixed itself and, out of nowhere, the sweater, blazer, and ribbon she is normally seen wearing appeared too. I guess she took them off before I came. Her hair regrew to what it was before as if her terrible cutting earlier never happened. Wait, what? I never thought of touching my clothes before, but is that what happens when you do something to it? To be honest, I have never seen myself without these clothes I’m wearing before. I can’t explain what happened, but I saw it happening with my own eyes.
Hitoshi then started screaming again (the way she screamed sounded odd, as if she wanted to scream in a different way) while shaking her head madly and shouted something about why she has to live like “this”, whatever the word “this” refers to. It was when she was shaking her head around that she saw me staring at her. She paused for a while as if trying to determine how to react based on what I am identified as. A short pause later, she was blushing excessively in embarrassment.

“D-Did you see what I was doing?”

I nodded. Kind of regretted doing this because of how she reacted next.

“Please don’t tell anyone else about what you just saw. I was figuring out how our bodies work, and you caught me in an embarrassing situation. I am figuring out how our expressions work, and it seems that I am currently not expressing what I’m really feeling inside. I feel awkward being polite when I am not trying to.”
That didn’t sound right: her tone does not match the words she said. Hitoshi seems self aware that she isn’t expressing what she is really feeling, but did not clarify on it.
I talked to her about what I have discovered so far. She was amazed that, for someone who is born after the evolution like me, was able to understand the world today from the viewpoint of pre-evolution people.
Hitoshi explained that she was like those older people who worked at offices until about early last year when she suddenly found herself being young again. For people like her, attending school is optional as they have attended before, but she did anyway as she forgot what it was like. She became the vice president partly because she has the life experience, whereas almost everyone else never existed more than 3 years ago.
I asked about what she was doing to herself. She seemed reluctant to reply.
“Well, I did say I became young again. Not too many years earlier, I me, like everyone else, was transformed against our will to what we are now. I was a middle aged man. Please don’t make me ask how I looked: our present female-like bodies are not supposed to see males as we have evolved to not need them and don’t exist anymore. However, our female instincts has not changed, so we still dress and behave as if we are attracting men despite having no men to attract. We are not allowed to see images of men, not even an old image of myself, as it would trigger an archaic feeling that, with our redesigned bodies, would be impossible to subside until becoming young again or reach an insanely high level. Trust me: I am still feeling it right now after accidentally seeing it online last year. It’s not life threatening, but it does affect your concentration.”
That explains a lot of why I am seeing so much incomplete or missing old things everywhere: images of men are very common pre-evolution, so they are removed to keep us sane. I wouldn’t want to be the girl who removes the images.
“How can we be sure that we are removing the right ones if we can’t even look at it? Apparently most of the censoring takes place where people would make the sacrifice of going crazy. For places like Mizuho Academy, however, people have apparently been trained to totally ignore the feelings, which is a difficult thing to achieve but yet are able to with a high percentage of success. No wonder they are the best in the world.”
Without knowing what is this feeling she is talking about, I can’t really understand her or the significance of it.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 94)

She said that I could grab any random girl I see and do whatever I like to her, but what does that mean?
Well, each student of this school has no family. The evolution has meant that as a replacement for each girl who had died, or to create a completely new entity, would simply be an independent individual that seemed to have spawned like a NPC (non-playable character) in a video game. Explaining what a family is to them is next to impossible because of how humans have been changed completely. They would also be confused when they encounter aggressive behaviour by pre-evolution people when they do it via an interface (eg. driving cars, controlling video game characters) while not appearing so in person. Think of it as like a split personalty from not being able to express what they truly feel, a feeling that post-evolution people could hardly imagine.
I saw a girl who wears the Yuribashi Middle School (ゆりばし中学) uniform, the same school that Naomi Fujibayashi attended. It is one of those schools that exists to accommodate the rapidly rising amount of schoolgirls that appeared out of nowhere. Although people say it’s a pre-evolution school, it was founded in the earliest stages of the transitioning period, where, apart from noticing something being wrong with the demographics statistics, nobody was aware of the changes going on. I believe it isn’t an elite school, or else I would have heard it mentioned a lot at events with Mizuho Academy. If so, the uniform seem to strangely have that elite look for a normal school.
I liked the Yuribashi uniform because of its attractive design, particularly the brown pantyhose that is part of the uniform, along with the dark coloured theme of the whole outfit. I have a set of that uniform myself in one of my wardrobes, along with others. Well, “attractive” is somewhat a meaningless word these days since there are no men to attract, but it is one of the components that these feminine clothes we are forced to wear must feature or else we can’t wear it at all, even at the risk of safety. At least the good part is that we don’t feel anything on seeing another girl’s attractive features. The design as not changed since before the evolution, though slightly conservative in design when compared to Mizuho’s uniform.
Although not mandated by law, it is somewhat easy to tell apart a worker who works for one company and one who works for another because, as a result of the clothes being so troublesome to change, they introduce their own set of uniforms. Regardless if they are a supervisor in an office or a mechanic in a vehicle workshop, they wear what usually appears to be more suited for the office. It looks strange for people in labour intensive jobs to wear an outfit, but there is nothing else they can wear that won’t get rejected on wearing.
So anyway, what do I do with this girl exactly? It’s hard for me to think with her appearance alone, but that is practically how anyone looks today.
Me: “Hey you, the girl in the Yuribashi uniform over there.”

The girl seem to have heard that, but caught her off-guard. She appears to be aware that I was calling her as she appear to be looking around in all directions except towards me. What is with her?

Me: “Yes, you. The girl who is turning her head everywhere except at me.”

The girl turned towards me as if she is in trouble. Without saying a word she stared at my face for a while, before looking at the rest of my body for a seemingly long time. What is she staring at? Judging by how she was looking, she could be examining what I’m wearing, but I am uncomfortable that she is staring around my breasts the longest. Why is she so interested about them? She has the same thing herself… wait, hers does seem smaller than mine which, in her case, is considered about the average size.

Girl: “You are the CEO of Powell, Miss Hisakawa aren’t you? W-what do you want form me? How are you wearing the rare Mizuho Middle school uniform? No one but actual students from there could wear it, and it doesn’t look fake.”

So this girl wasn’t staring at my breasts, but rather my name tag around there that is part of the Mizuho uniform I’m wearing. It is known fact that it is not possible to wear the wrong Mizuho uniform since it auto corrects on wearing them. She mentioned “rare” because the middle school department is far fewer than the average middle school that you hardly see it, even within the academy itself. It used to be larger, but there are just too few students because everyone born today are usually of high school age or older. The middle school students of today are made up of the small minority who were born of the age or the older people who had been re-transformed within the past few years, and Mizuho’s intake for that is quite small compared to other schools. The fact that she knows that I am the most important person to one of the largest companies today, and seeing what I’m wearing, has her confused.

Me: “It’s a long story, but let’s just say that… I never attended Mizuho as a middle school student before.”

That wasn’t a lie, but that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that the Hatsuya Research forced me. In this day and age, it’s considered normal for people who had just become young again to attend school again, though availability of places prioritises the newly born.

Voice in my head: “And have her raise questions on why you, as the CEO of Powell are working for Hatsuya, a rival company? There is no official partnership between us and Powell.”

There was an abrupt pause. This pause was long enough for the girl with me to continue her conversation.

Girl: “Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ako Matsumi (松実アコ). So what did you call me for?”

Voice in my head: “Sorry about that pause. A college told me that you are on a mission to target any two girls at random for an official experiment… Are you picking this girl you are looking at now? Although picking these post-evolution people are easy targets since they are so trusting and have no family, they are the big unknown in terms of how the experiments will turn out. Our dimension is the only one where everyone have become a completely new and only gender that even we don’t understand. We don’t know how we reproduce ourselves without men or our body functioning differently from a female, but we know it’s going on as our population actually increased during the four years since the evolution happened. What we have become seem to have been a wish of someone with a fetish for young women who were nothing but school and office uniforms with skirts that doesn’t even cover the knees. I personally don’t like how short they are, but we can’t wear anything else. Even more strange is, from the view of how things were, how are we only be biologically of a very specific age range regardless of actual age, or the newborns to already have the academic knowledge of the age their biological bodies are at? Well, if you pick her, you would have to choose another person too.”

Ako: “Hello? Your face seems as if someone else and me were talking to you at the same time.”

How could she tell?

Voice in my head: “I didn’t know post-evolution people are these smart, or is it her specifically?”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I kind of lost my focus there. You said that you are Matsumi, right?”

The girl had “I knew it” written all over her face.

Me: “Well, I am currently working on a project with a few people, but I need someone besides them and, I was thinking if you would like to be a part of it.”

Ako: “Okay then… sure. If you say so.”

She seem to have reluctantly agreed to follow me without any resistance or me explaining what is going on. Do these people actually trust strangers too easily?

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An Unexpected Wish (Part 10)

With the memory of a man being transformed into a schoolgirl in front of Nanami on a crowded train with no one noticing still fresh on her mind, she thinks that if she were to look at anyone for long enough, they would be turned into girls. Well, that was the first and only one she saw happening, so she wasn’t sure if this was the case, or it just so happens by a great coincidence. It’s still unknown why it happened.

A part of her is saying that person from earlier has always been a schoolgirl, but it  conflicts what she remembers seeing and asking. It’s as if something is trying to modify her memory, which probably explains why people around her didn’t seem to notice. Nothing that has happened seem to make sense, particularly how she found herself in a completely different place that, in real-time, takes only a second, but seems like hours being stuck in a strange place from her point of view.

On reaching the station near her home, she saw a familiar face waiting anxiously: it was Kotomi. Although Kotomi is technically Nanami’s niece, Kotomi is somewhat like a stepmother to her after her grandmother, partly because Kotomi is older in age than Nanami.

“Saeko told me about what happened to you after I saw that flash of green light. I didn’t think it would happen to you. I don’t think you are mentally ready to tell me what happened, but you can tell me anything on your mind, no matter how absurd it may be. Things that can’t be scientifically explained has happened to me.”

Nanami did not respond apart from hugging her tightly in tears until she fell asleep.


In the following weeks, strange things has happened around her. At school, Nanami could have sworn that the school principal was a strict old man that punishes heavily on every small mistake someone makes and sees only the direct result of that action and not what cause it that may not necessarily be the student’s fault. In his place was a woman around her niece’s age who is relaxed but firm. However, things seem as if this woman has always been the principal, though the effects caused by the previous principal from when Nanami is sure he was still around are still there, with the exception of punishment and ban durations that overlaps with the new principal, if the new principal is and aware of it and disapproves them that is.

As for elsewhere, it’s harder to tell as you would never know that any girl you see could have been a muscular man just a month ago, made worse by the fact that nobody remembers who they were, and the victim themselves thinking it has always been that way as they are now. It didn’t help that Nanami didn’t know who these people were in the first place.

Nanami wanted to tell Kotomi about this, but she wouldn’t be sure how she would react as, by the nature of this phenomenon, people’s memories are modified so that they don’t notice it. Then she remembered Kotomi saying that she would believe her, no matter how absurd it may sound.

She started to take out her phone to call her, but placed it back at the though of possibly disturbing her at work. However, at that very instant, Nanami could feel that some invisible force in her head. She knows that this is a sign that someone she has met before is being turned into a schoolgirl, and judging by the duration and intensity of it, it is likely to be of someone Nanami knows well.
Not long after the pain subsided, her phone rang. It was Kotomi calling her from the office.
“Hey, did you feel the pain in the head that I just had? You did? People around me don’t seem to have it. I wonder what this could mean?”
I explained what I wanted to tell her.
“So you are saying that you suspected that random adults are being turned into schoolgirls? People around her didn’t notice. You witnessed one being transformed in front of you? How about your younger sister?”
Nanani was confused on who she was talking about. She only has an older brother as a sibling, who has passed away.
“Your sister, Naomi. Who else lives with…”

Kotomi noticed that something was odd with Nanami’s reaction. At that same moment, Nanami heard someone talking to Kotomi, but it was too faint to here.

“What is it Saeko? I’m on the phone with my aunt…”

The sound of the receiver being placed on something was heard, followed by illegible words in the background. Sounds of them arguing and being shock were heard.
“Sorry about that. Saeko just told me that you do not have a sister… with the possibility that my memory of who lives with you could have been modified… As promised earlier, I will believe what you said no matter how bizarre it may be. Are you home now? Saeko said she would come over to your place to inspect who is this younger sister of yours,” said Kotomi in a worried voice.
Nanami is confused herself. Who is this girl living at her home? If Kotomi talked about Nanami’s “younger sister” at the top of her mind, that means Nanami actually has one now. The only other person living with Nanami should be her grandmother.

True enough, there was someone besides her grandmother living in her house. The items lying suggests that they have been there for a while, but Nanami doesn’t remember seeing some items, or the other items being at where they are now, earlier this morning when Nanami left. Even the items in the refrigerator seems different.

Nanami could not find anyone in the house, but she did notice that her late brother’s bedroom are filled with unfamiliar girl’s things, though the furniture are unchanged. In fact, the one that had changes was the furniture in Nanami’s own room, where it seems designed to be shared with two people. However, it seems that there are nothing but her own things in them. Nanami thought that this unknown girl called Naomi might had stayed in her room before and moved to her brother’s room later. Where could she be?

Nanami had taken town the family photos since the death of her immediate family members, but with a random stranger being just added to it, she has to look at them again to find out who is this mysterious little sister. No new photos were taken since then, save for candid shots with friends. The new little sister really does look like a sibling like how her brother was, though different enough to not look like twins.
Some time later, an unfamiliar voice announced her arrival. She sounded as if she usually does this, and carrying plastic bags filled with something. Guests and visitors would usually remain standing at the entrance until someone attends to them, but this person seem to completely disregard that.
Nanami turned to this seemingly rude guest. She saw a girl similar to that in the pictures, wearing an unknown school uniform, but had a familiar-looking logo on it (she couldn’t recall where), and wears a name tag that had Naomi Fujibayashi (藤林直美) written on it. Seems that this “rude guest” isn’t a guest at all, but rather the little sister that Nanami didn’t have prior to today that somehow has her existence forced in.

[Author’s note 1: I wanted to say that Naomi is wearing brown pantyhose, which is part of the school uniform, but that seems unnecessary to mention here since Nanami sees it often enough, and being a female herself, to not see it as a big deal.]

Nanami didn’t know how to react. Act like the usual? But she doesn’t even know her or know what the usual is.
“Oneechan? Are you daydreaming? Is there something on my face?”
It was at that moment that Saeko appeared shortly afterwards. She seems to have been running to catch up to Naomi earlier, but failed.
“Hey! Who are you?! How dare you barge into my home without…”
Saeko appeared to have completely ignored Naomi and talked directly to Nanami. Nanami was too preoccupied with the girl’s presence to notice that Saeko had appeared without notice, or hearing Saeko speak as if she had taken a short pause.
“I have something to talk about. It’s about what I found out at work, and it’s related to what we discussed earlier.”

She made sure that Naomi could not overhear them. Naomi was mad that she was being rude and being ignored, but let it pass after seeing that Nanami knew her well.

“It seems that specific types of people are being turned into schoolgirls with no memories of who they were. I have been wondering about other things about them until it happened to you, but it seems that their genes are also rewritten to become a part of a different existing family, especially childless middle-aged couples, or of any age with children in their teenage years.”

“You mean to say that this Naomi girl living with me now could have been some dirty old man yesterday?”

“Not necessarily, but that could be possible. We don’t have a clear picture of who or why they are being transformed, though Hatsuya has the tools to find out. What is clear is that she looks and behaves like a girl born a decade and a half ago with no traces of ever being an old man. This transformation also seem to have things changed in a way that things relating to the old self has disappeared without a trace, and new one appearing as if they have always been that way. We do notice an imbalance of the decline of middle-age man or older and elderly ladies with explosion of teenage girls whose numbers don’t add up with that of last year or the pre-teens from earlier years, but with their existence changed completely, we do not know who these people were. It might even be that this new sister of yours thinks that she has always been part of your family, and would be bad to kick her out, especially when your home is her only home she knows. Kotomi mentioning her at the top of her mind despite having never actually met her is prove that everyone’s memory has changed.”

Nanami thought about what Saeko just said, then she realized something.

“Wait. If my grandmothers were to be turned into these young girls one day, what will happen to me?”

“Well, seeing at what has happened to others, you would simply not remember her. So will other people that know her. It could have been worse in a way that any children she gave birth to (including your parents), had become different or even cease to exist, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. For some reason, you are the only one who could witness and remember the transformation happening. It’s funny that they could have one of those transformed people to be your sister even though you could remember not having one.”

It wasn’t until Nanami thought about it until she realized something.

“If I’m the only one who could remember the transformations as it’s happening, and memories of that person being modified at the same time to think it has always been that way, how did you know that I never had a little sister before? You seem to know about it soon enough to correct Kotomi when she mentioned Naomi to me over the phone without a second thought.”

“Well, let’s just say that I have an instinct that tells me that something wasn’t right, and a way to check what happened without it being affected by the memory modification. Ever since that incident where you suddenly teleported to my house in front of Kotomi, I started checking more often when I feel that something doesn’t feel right.”

Saeko saw Naomi again. Saeko then signalled to Nanami that she is about to talk to Naomi to see what she knows. Saeko also noted the uniform Naomi was wearing, which slightly excites her for some reason, though she did not say why. She looked as if she has something to say, on why she’s excited, but seem to have stop herself.

[Author’s note 2: More specifically, Saeko was excited at the sight of Naomi wearing pantyhose as she used to be .a boy, so she does get excited over the feminine things she sees. She also noted that Naomi’s breasts are larger than Nanami, but still smaller than her own, though Saeko wasn’t thinking of that at that time. Saeko’s thoughts would have caused an erection if she was still a boy, but being in a female body, nothing happened.]

“Naomi, do you know me? I am Hisakawa…”, began Saeko, but was interrupted.

“OH, NOW YOU ARE INTRODUCING YOURSELF TO ME? After entering the house without invitation and ignoring me?”, yelled Naomi. Nanami couldn’t help but laugh, though Saeko got a bit scared from being yelled at.

After the introductions, Saeko asked about what happened to Naomi’s family. What she said is similar to that of Nanami, but when it came to how her parents and brother were killed, her version is different: she was at the house when the murdering happened.

Naomi heard the voices of her brother and father yelling when she knew something wasn’t right. She has seen Nanami heading out earlier, so she knows she isn’t at home at that time.

She hid at the space under the bed of her parent’s bedroom, which has boxes on one side that makes it not obvious to a casual observer form the doorway that someone is hiding there. However, the killer has been quiet entering the house, so she doesn’t know if the killer is still walking around the house or has already left. She was afraid that any attempts to call for help would attract the attention of the killer, so she just simply stayed under the bed for hours. Naomi is careful to cover her phone’s speaker while turning it off so it doesn’t make unexpected sounds, like notifications, that would attract the murderer’s attention to her.

Hours later, Naomi felt hungry, thirsty, and her bladder bursting. She was at the same spot where she was in the morning, though the sun has set, and the room is dark, though there’s enough light form outside to see something. She wasn’t sure if it is safe to get out of the bed.

It wasn’t until the room lights came on and heard the voices of Nanami and the neighbours that she was assured that it was safe. Although, it was unavoidable to not see the dead bodies and blood splatter of her parents and brother. It was a horrifying experience for her, and her trust in strangers has dropped

Saeko thought about Naomi’s story. While the murders did happened, and tally with what Nanami has said before from her point of view (dark house, brings neighbours, finds dead bodies), no one was found hiding in the parent’s room under the bed where Naomi was supposedly hiding.

Saeko then thought deeply about something and told Nanami,

“I’m afraid to say this, but Naomi is really your sister now. She has no one but you to live with among the people she knows, and she does resemble your parents, though differently from you.”

This is just too much for Nanami to bear with.

Yononaka no Okugi (Part 2)

To avoid alerting people on what I am up to, I would only head to the library when no one wants me to join them to walk home or somehow only get released from school late enough for the library to be closing. I do not know why I do not want other people to know about it, but something tells me that I shouldn’t tell anyone.

The school library is smaller than the local community library. It shouldn’t take that long to find any kind of book relating to my school, but…

There are only four school yearbooks on the shelf, and all of them are of those who graduated earlier this year and the three years immediately prior to that. For a school that is established about half a century ago, this is shocking. My guess from this is that it either happened four years ago, or after the graduation of five years ago. So that should also mean that people who were in this school at the time the transformation happened should be in the books between two to four years ago.

I wonder if I can pick up hints from their testimonials and compare them with more recent ones, but without yearbooks from more than four years ago, I cannot tell how the testimonials of students that graduated four years ago (the batch that experienced their transformed selves the least as students here) are the same as earlier graduates…

Oh? I noticed that the names of the batch of students who were studying in the school at the time this evolution happened had all of their given names in kanji and hiragana. That is also when people with their given names only in katakana, like mine, started appearing. I’m guessing that this could be a hint.

The ratio of those students with katakana names then started increasing dramatically as time passed. Names of people who had their names in kanji or hiragana became a handful minority in the fourth yearbook here, which means the first year students who experienced the transformations were in the three school year books before that, which obviously means they have already graduated…

…Wait a minute. How are there still students with non-katakana names in this school if the people who experienced evolution as first year middle school students should be in third year of high school now? Anyone born since then have katakana names only

I don’t know why myself, but everyone born after the evolution should only have Japanese given names in katakana. Come to think of it, what happened to the people who were too young to be a middle school student when the evolution happened? Seeing that there are no “old” people mentioned in these old magazines, what happens to us when we actually do reach the age that is considered “old”? Could it be related to me suddenly being thirteen years old when I was born? How did I exist in the first place?

It looks like I really can’t continue on further without help from someone. I wonder if the students in this school with non-katakana names could help me? Their name would surely stand out in the list of students since many students of this school presently were born after the evolution.

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673rd post: Creation of Ebook version + Renamed first story

Having used my Kindle 4 for half a year already, I enjoyed reading on it. Well, apart from not being able to read in some dark places due to the absence of built-in light, but being able to read under room light without hurting my eyes, or bright sunlight outdoors, which are primary advantages over an LCD screen, are big advantages.

Well, the problem with reading my stories on my blog is that it requires a constant internet connection if you were to read more than one part of it. On top of that, neither the desktop nor “mobile versions” (iOS and Android versions actually) offer a comfortable experience of reading because the text is just too small, and zooming in doesn’t re-flow the text and requiring to pan around, only to start over when heading to the next page.

So, I am proud to announce that I will be making an e-book version of all of my stories (except the 5th story). To make this accessible, I will also include a QR code so that you can use your smartphone to scan and download it to your e-reader app, along with a direct link beneath it to the same file if you want to side load it to your reading device. It’s on the “Stories” tab on my blog. It is also added to the dropdown menu widget (visible only on PC version) for your convenience. The end of the file name has a date in YYYYMMDD format that, if you have previously downloaded a copy before, would tell you if the version I’m hosting is the same as what you have or a newer edition.

As of the time of writing, only the 1st and 2nd story has been put up. Due to the massive size of it, only parts 1 to 37 are currently only included in the e-book version. Also, since the software I used to create it could only support and edit .EPUB formats, Kindle users would find that they would be unable to open it as the format is not supported and would require software on the PC like Calibre to convert into a format the Kindle could read and let you adjust the text like .MOBI or .AZW. (Yes, I know how inconvenient this is since I use the Kindle myself.) You could convert into .PDF with this software, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Well, I could create a Kindle-friendly version, though it could take me a while to have it in sync with the .EPUB version. For obvious reasons, there will not be a QR code for the Kindle version.

While creating the e-book version of the 1st story, it came to me that I would need to rename it. I had thoughts of doing so before, but I’m not the kind of person who could come up with names without difficulty.

An Original Story By Me” was just a tentative name in use since the first part was published 5 years ago and clearly not suitable to be a final name. I named it as such because all of my other posts at that time were about my ramblings or anime-related stuff and make it obvious that what I wrote in it was fictional and not real, if they never saw the tags that is. The name “Losing Identity” came about

Nowadays, it mostly story-only and I would have to indicate with things like “666th post: (title)“to say that it’s not a story post. The numbers correspond to the order I started writing it, not in the order I publish it. The running numbers included the (separately numbered) story posts.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 93)

The first day attending Mizuho’s Middle School department has just ended. Due to high demand from other departments and the public, staying at the school’s dormitory is discouraged to those born before the “evolution” and know someone related who is also born before that time,  or those who can reach the school within a short time with any transport. Of course, I have my own car, so I’m not staying there.
(The concept of family is relatively unknown and non-existent to those born after the evolution, and existing ones are being naturally degraded to something like a group of close friends among existing ones. Well, how exactly do you see a family if everyone in it are now young girls wearing mostly the same outfit behaving alike instead of men and women of various ages with distinct differences?)
Because of Mizuho’s massive size and the lack of ground transportation infrastructure (apart from rail-based ones), getting to the car park where my car is parked, from my classroom, is like passing through several city districts. As you know, I’m also the founder and big boss of Powell Research, so I have places to rush to.
Since I’m also a Mizuho student, the skirt of the uniform I’m wearing allows me to run without restrictions. However, I see nobody running despite some of them being in a hurry and having no leg restrictions. Well, here I go. I know the way.
As soon I started running, it became apparent why they don’t run: my breasts started jiggling around wildly and becomes increasingly irritating the quicker I try to run: they kept rubbing against my clothes, made more intense due to their size and weight. It’s mind boggling how they don’t fall off. (To be honest, I want them removed.)
Voice in my head: “The female body, which is practically all humans today, is primarily designed for reproduction, not for things that require courage or strength. Men can run easily because they are designed to be more suited for physical activities because they exist to protect females, and some disregard to their appearance.”
I know that.
Voice in my head: “Really? You like your breasts to jiggle around uncomfortably? Your breast size has increased lately if you hadn’t realized. I guess you have been a girl for too long to tell if your thinking has been influenced by your female body. It’s still technically Mizuho size like before, but the basis of that included men, who have since become women since the last you were there, which means the average or median size has increased significantly.”
Well? What do you want me to do? Even though it’s irritating, it’s not like I can take off my breasts because it’s part of being a girl. I never wanted to be a girl, but I have been one for more than twice as long than when I was a boy. It happened unknowingly and irreversibly on top of that.
Voice in my head: *sigh* “I see what I can do on my end… Er…”
What is it? Doesn’t sound like it’s something good.
Voice in my head: “There’s apparently nothing helpful I can do on my end, nor is there anything can I tell you to do on your end…”
Okay, I get it. I’m stuck with them. Is there anything that anyone wants from me? Sounds like she’s refraining from saying something.
Voice in my head: “Well, there is a task for you to do. Our fellow colleagues of that dimension you were stuck at many years ago has told us that the evolution that has happened to us did not happen there. We would like to know if our bodies would change if we went there or get aroused at the sight of men. They would also like to analyse our bodies too, with our reproductive and body waste discharge systems are completely overhauled. They would also send over a volunteer to our dimension to see if they would be changed too. That is a big unknown since everyone when the evolution happened has changed, and anyone born since then is based on those changed people, so it’s unknown if any male or female from another dimension would be changed too, or would change back upon returning. Especially when it comes to producing children.”

Ah. A way to see if the spell of what changed us is still there since we are forever stuck like this and any offspring would be born with our altered genes that would magically have them be like teenagers at birth. Who can I bring along? Who would be coming here? I just entered this school, when will it happen?

Voice in my head: “Since Kotomi kind of got homesick easily the last she was there, and her counterpart died, I would not recommend her. It would be counter-productive if we send Itsuki too since she would most likely take over the Saeko there. We want to know what the Saeko of there was up to. You can bring anyone with you, but it must not be those two, who are, unfortunately, whom you are most familiar with. Someone from the other side would choose theirs on their end. As for the school, you don’t have to worry: we own Mizuho, so we would excuse you from school when we need you.
But I’m not ready. I can’t think of anyone besides the ones you told me that I can’t bring along.
Voice in my head: “We can start when you have gathered your companions and the other end would send over when they are ready. Because of how this world works, you can ask any random stranger you encounter and they would follow you without objection: the kind of reaction similar to entering a cheat code in a game that forces an NPC not related to you to follow and obey as if they are. Although, to reduce confusion as to who you asked, it’s better to ask your new classmates instead. Well, it’s actually not forcing people, it’s just that we were used to a world where some people were misbehaving that trust is not easy to come. Since no one here does, chances of people trusting others is quite high, particularly those born after the evolution.”

The voice was talking about the first year the transformations started where all elderly people, criminals, sportsmen, and people who would likely disapprove this transformation itself had turned into teenage girls that neither they nor everyone else remembers who they were previously. We only knew that they exist because people noticed the sharp increase of teenage girls and the complete disappearance of elderly people in the population census published in the year after it happened. (There was a delay because publishers noticed an impossible change of numbers over the previous year, but found no errors despite many attempts in error-checking.)

Now, who do I pick, and how many? Well, there are a few people for my class currently.

Voice in my head: “You don’t have to be so picky. There’s not much to choose from. Except you, all are born after the evolution, and have the same body measurements… You can do anything you like to them, if you know what I mean. Like all post-evolution born girls, they have no family and no fixed home, so you can invite them to stay at your home. And do whatever you like to them without them complaining.”

What on earth is she trying to tell me?

Teary Promise (Part 18)

Woman: “Ah, I almost forgot. There are several spare uniforms at the staff room you can wear. We keep spares in case our students stained theirs with paint or blood, or gets torn apart. Wait inside the girl’s toilet of the nearby park. You will attract attention if you don’t change.”

Why are they keeping spares at all? Why at the staff room instead of the storeroom? What is with the mention of blood and tears? Why wait inside the park toilet instead of the outside? This sounds very wrong, even for a school away from the city.

Me: “Is the bullying that bad?”

She had an odd expression on her face when I said that.

Woman: “Not all the families of the students can afford the uniform, and you know, bullying cases where they tear them apart. Some are… Left behind by students. There’s a set prepared in the first cubicle in the toilet.”

Why did you already prepare the uniform when I had only just met you? I felt that the conversation was very awkward to me. I somehow sensed that the uniform in question once belong to someone that has something happened to her. Unclear if related to the recent tsunami or not. Nevertheless, I continued following. At the same time, I sent a coded message in secret to my brother and Hisakawa-senpai that meant as a cautionary notice that I could be in danger of being attacked.

The park in question seems deserted, and not of the one I had been to. The woman went ahead to the school just visible in the distance. There are two toilets next to each other, one for each gender, but why am I seeing a urinal in what is marked as the female toilet? Why is that there? Only boys can use that. Nevertheless, the said (female) uniform is in the first cubical.

It feels as if I’m being watched while changing… Have I walked into a trap? If so, why did I knowingly walk into one? It’s possible that someone might had saw me talking to that woman, who could possibly isn’t with her, and led me to the wrong toilet by swapping the signs as, clearly, there aren’t supposed to have urinals in the woman’s toilet. (Not my first time seeing them: Saw men using one of those when dad brought me in the mens room when I was a small kid wanting to use the toilet, but with only dad instead of mom around to ask.) Would someone attack me once I get out of this cubicle?

Wait. I’m hearing a commotion outside. Sounds like there are boys fighting outside, along with a familiar voice.

Unknown girl: “You two, why are you switching the toilet signs?”

She said that with a frightened voice, but frightened girls wouldn’t even involve themselves to begin with. Wait. There’s no other toilet besides the one I’m at within earshot.

Male 1: “Do you want this knife into you? Mind your own business.”

At that moment I received an email from Hisakawa-sempai. It said: “My senses tells me that you are in the park’s male toilet and I caught two men changing the signs. One has a knife and some ropes, the other with a gun.” Two armed men? Huh? Another message? “There’s a possibility that I might ‘die’ confronting these men. lol”. Why the quotes and laughter on being killed? More importantly, how is she sending me these messages while dealing with hostile people?

Male 2: “Hey. Get out of our way, unless you want to get raped like the girl we have trapped inside that we planed.”

They really do want to rape me! Why did I knowingly walk into a trap?

Hisakawa: “Y-You would have to take me on first! Don’t g-give me the special treatment just because I’m… a girl!”

I don’t know what happened exactly out there as they seem to have moved out of earshot of me. Some time later, I heard gunshot and, a short while later, a scream of the woman I was with earlier.

Woman: “Murderer! Come back here! Hey!”

Man 1: “Hey, you shot that girl in the head…”

Man 2: “Oh no! I didn’t mean… Let’s get out of here!”

I received a message from Hisakawa again. It said, “You can come out now, though a woman saw me being shot. Technically, I am not dead, but my body reacted as if I was actually dying. Kind of an annoying feature to have for an immortal girl like me. On top of that, they deliberately made me unable to fight.”

Wait. She is immortal?! Also, what is the point if being immortal if she couldn’t fight?

“Hurry up and revive me. I can’t revive myself when people are looking, including via security cameras. You just need to bring my body away from watching eyes or something.”, said a more recent text message.

I got out of the toilet, already changed, and, to my horror, I saw Hisakawa-senpai lying dead with a bullet on her forehead. I started wondering if this messages I’m receiving from are fake. I messaged “How are you sending messages to me? Prove to me that you are that dead over there and not some pretender”.

“Well… someone closed my eyes, so I can’t tell what’s around me besides indistinguishable footsteps and voices. Your phone does not support, or is inaccessible to me, to link up with my status… But you probably wouldn’t understand what you are seeing if it does. How I am sending this to you? I don’t know how myself: I just think of you and what to say, and you would receive it as a cell phone message. You could say it’s part of how my body works, except that no one told me everything it is capable of.”

Was this how I received a message from her during the school field trip where my phone has no signal coverage? Still, no normal human could send messages by just thinking, especially to an electronic device that doesn’t use analogue signals. Appearing to be dead in front of me on top of that. Lets see what happens if I attach a picture of her dead body to her. There was a slight delay before I received a reply.

“Yes… That is me right there. I would love to send you a picture of what I can see, but, after someone closed my eyes, there is nothing but black space. My body is in a “dead” state, so apart from being able to hear and feel, I can’t do anything. Try forcing my eyes open.”

I did as I told and got another message. It was a picture of my lower half while squatting with what was underneath my skirt partially visible. “Sorry about that angle of you, but that is exactly what I’m seeing with my current head position. Is this enough evidence?” attached. Well, since I did it without a thought, and Hisakawa-senpai being someone I known for a while who is a girl and immobile, I shall overlook that. Even more so when I was saved from being raped not too long ago.

I tried to carry Hisakawa’s body to the toilet area, but the teacher whom I was with earlier came back to the park after chasing those men. She saw me and had a horrified look.

Woman: “Hey! Leave that body alone or the police would label you as the culprit instead of as a victim. Especially when there are no security cameras in this area.”

Me: “B-but…”

At that moment, something odd started happening to Hisakawa’s body. Blood that was scattered on the pavement came flying back into her body. Any injury, or clothes being torn, or dirtied, during the fight was reversed. Her body is now back to what it was before the attacked happened.

Hisakawa: “That was a horrifying experience. Now I know what it feels like to have been shot by a bullet into the forehead. Can’t say that I didn’t feel the extreme pain of it. Funny how they made me immortal, not that I asked for it, but defenceless and fearful when attacked too.”

Woman: “You- You…!”

Hisakawa looked at her, before wearing the look as if realizing something.

Woman: “You are that famous Powell founder! Hisakawa Saeko! Your company has helped a lot of people and we don’t know how different things would had been if the company did not exist.”

Hisakawa-senpai seem to not like her own company being mentioned. Most likely for being inappropriate to the situation or how often she has been asked of this. I honestly was surprised that the teacher did not question on how Hisakawa came back to life after very convincingly appearing to be dead, especially after having been shot in the forehead. No normal person is supposed to have survived that.

Awkward silence soon followed as no one said a word after the teacher.

Woman: “Those boys has just been expelled from school for bullying that resulted in the victim ending up being admitted to hospital, or worse, even suicide. I never thought they would go to the extent of murdering… you. It’s technically murder, but you are alive as of it never happened even though I witnessed it. Still, they can be charged for attempted murder and possession of illegal weapons. Except for their current whereabouts, I know everything about them.”

She was indicating towards Hisakawa.. Despite mentioning how Hisakawa has come back to life, she did not express shock or even question how that was possible, which I find very odd.

Hisakawa: “Nishizawa, you can stop trying to avoid mentioning how I came back to life. I already told her myself.”

Seems that Hisakawa and the woman I just met called Nishizawa knew each other before today, but where?

Hisakawa: “So, this is Nishizawa. She’s one of the people who occasassionally works at a department at Hatsuya behind… me.”

She seemed reluctant to say it.

Nishizawa: “What are you talking about? You are our most important thing to our company! Those old lab rats and theories don’t represent how humans would accurately react, and we can use you over and over without worrying about the police. Plus, your reaction is an accurate representation of how people would react our untested medicine, products, and theories.”

Why the mention of lab rats?

Hisakawa: “I never wanted to be your lab rat!”

She seemed angry.

Nishizawa: “Yes, but that was the condition for whoever stumbled into that machine at Mihara Academy your girlfriend, Miyazawa has set up, which happens to be you. Since that machine created your body as what you were at that time, you are technically our property and forever stuck as a female. An android with your own official serial number from those guys who approve electronic devices as safe to use, so that legally means that you are not human or an animal and we can get away with whatever we do to you. If it weren’t for you being an existing employee, and Miyazawa herself emotionally attached to you specifically, we could have kept you like a prisoner.”

Who is this girl named Miyazawa? Is what Nishizawa said true?


She said that in a sad, crying, voice despite the angry words.

All of a sudden, Hisakawa stabbed herself in her chest with the knife the attackers left behind. It was too quick and sudden to persuade her to not do it. This time, nothing happened. The knife just stood there partially into her body with no blood around it.

Hisakawa: “Why can’t I kill myself? I have experienced the extreme pain of being killed too many times! How am I still living?”

Nishizawa: “I told you: test our untested products and theories. Should those actually result in death, you will react as such, but made it so that you aren’t actually dying. That also means that you are immortal. We didn’t want you going against us, so we deliberately made you helpless and unable to express anger, even if you were to be attacked like earlier. These are hardwired into your body, so that can’t be change with anything presently accessible to you. We can also trace you anywhere in the world even if you try to escape, and you can’t stop sending to us what you are seeing or hearing.”

Hisakawa seemed like she has given up living, and knowing that she couldn’t die even if she wanted to. Who want to live on forever? Even in movies, I’ve never ever heard of an immortal person who is also scared and defenseless. However, I could sense that Hisakawa is unable to express what she is truly feeling inside.

Nishizawa took out something and press some buttons. Hisakawa’s crying and anger abruptly stopped and wore an expression that looked as if she is a receptionist waiting to greet someone. The knife that was in her fell onto the floor with no blood stain, not even from earlier, and the cut into her body and clothes reverted too.

Hisakawa (in a pleasant and polite voice): “May I help you, Nishizawa-San?”

Her eye movement tells me that she has no control of her body.

Nishizawa: “Hold on. Those eyes of yours don’t seem right.”

Uh oh. She noticed that too. Now I can’t tell if she’s forced to behave that way, or has been brainwashed.

Nishizawa: “Now that is out of the way, shall we head to the school? We has lost a lot of time.”

Hisakawa: “Understood, madam.”

This feels akward.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 92)

Here’s something new: not only am I being made to study at Mizuho Academy, they posted me to its middle school! It will be a long 3 years before I get out of it, or an additional 7 years if I’m put through high school and college too. I have already studied at the latter two (along with a number of non-Mizuho high schools), but not the middle school.

With Mizuho seen as a prestigious academy, on top of recent sharp rise of people enrolling into middle and high school in general all over, there is competition over securing a place. While Mizuho has tens of times more classrooms than the average school, and maximizing classroom usage, there is just not enough space for everyone. New extensions are slow, made worse by construction workers being forced to wear clothes they can’t change that aren’t suitable for the job. Robots have been brought in to overcome the physical and safety issues, and speed up the construction. (Funny how they can program these things to be ruthless and aggressive when they themselves aren’t at all while whining over every little thing.)

I have seen quite a number of middle school students from here on graduation day of year 3 students of previous batches, but I got a rude shock when I saw only a handful of students at my classroom while waiting for the entrance ceremony to begin. For a school with a massive student population, this has got to be a joke.

The speech that someone on stage is giving out bores me, with screens everywhere so that other students sitting in the massive auditorium or other areas in the school could watch, but this is perhaps the eighth time I’m going through this. Everywhere I see are girls and more girls. If it weren’t for me being a girl myself and getting used to it, I would have been excited at what I’m seeing if I was still a boy, but I feel nothing.

Voice in my head: “Ah. This is actually considered normal. There are fewer students on average at other middle schools. Don’t forget that most people who are born these days are born with a high school-going age, and it’s not common to have an age older or younger than that. You will see massive numbers of transfer students into your class closer to your graduation.”

Ah. This voice is of someone at Hatsuya that I completely forgot about. Doesn’t sound like anyone I know. You see, my own eyes, what I think and hear, are being transmitted to them all the time with no way for me to block it without impairing myself. They probably heard me complaining about it.

Voice in my head: “You can’t stop sending to us what you are seeing without blinding yourself. Since you are officially not a human but our robot under the eyes of the law, there’s nothing wrong with us invading your privacy. In fact, it’s the you complaining about it proves that your AI is like that of a real human.”

My mind is a robot AI? Violating my privacy is legally okay? What is this rubbish? My body may be made, but my mind is human.

Voice in my head: “Well, that is just my opinion. I don’t know your history. Oh, I just want to check if the uniform is working properly. The improvised version did work, but obviously not working optimally with the older design, and uncomfortable. We did work on improving it, but it took us a while to figure out what exactly we needed to do and have it work the way we wanted. We are about to start the test. If you are feeling it, everyone around you will feel it too, but what is the unknown if people will react to it. Your body is the best thing we have that tells us if you are feeling it but not telling us about it, feeling it but your mind doesn’t tell you, or nothing at all.”

Oh great another one of their experiments that uses my body like some test subject again, but I had gone through ones that are worse. I think the time gap between this and when the previous ended was due to taking care of Kotomi’s children until they became old enough. What made it even tougher is that Kotomi herself doesn’t want to take care of them, but yet does not want them to be cold towards her or them seeing me as their mother instead from me taking care of them the most during their development. Well, that worked, producing the strangely obedient kids that never bothered us: they never even cried as an infant. In terms of the aura feel, they can’t seem to tell the difference between me and Itsuki, their biological father and my former body. However, even with Itsuki in his female form with the Mizuho uniform, they could somehow accurately tell the two of us apart despite looking alike.

Voice in my head: “I hate to interrupt you thinking about you recalling how your children growing up, but are you feeling anything? Are other people feeling it? The test is going on right now.”

When did the test started? I thought you hadn’t as I didn’t feel anything so… WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! The faces of the people around me looked as if they are blushing shyly.

Voice in my head: “Your brain activity indicates you don’t feel it happening, but yet able to see it happen. The announcer should clearly see it happening as she’s facing a sea of identical expressions, but judging from her speech, it’s as if nothing is happening. I am testing to see if people are able to react what the uniform does to their bodies. Seems that although they can see it happening and can think about it, they can’t talk about it or do anything that is of a direct result of knowing what the uniform can do to them. In case you aren’t aware, I have rewired people’s brains so that they give a different expression and feel differently when aroused, like now.”

I’m aroused now? I don’t feel anything, and the people around me looked more like, where in the past, girls being shy with the boy they fall in love with.

Voice in my head: “Feeling nothing and not letting out moaning sounds when aroused is an achievement in itself. Even right now, you are letting out your bodily waste remotely without tubes form anywhere in the universe. Arousal and releasing bladder has been taken care of so that people won’t have their thoughts distracted by those. Mizuho is the only school that also trains your mind to be able to think clearly no matter how sexually aroused one may be, which is a difficult thing to do if you had seen images of men after the “evolution”. Even looking at old pictures of myself turns me on because of the hormones in my current body. I did not want to be a girl, of an age younger than my original age on top of that, but what can you do when it is forced onto everyone without any warning that happens instantaneously?”

You are talking as if humans today are like products. Also, that last line suggests that the one speaking to me was a man. It’s almost as if Mizuho itself, and whoever/whatever is forcing the transformations to everyone, are done by perverted men, except that there really are no men today, or young children and elderly too. The surviving young females have become eternally young and not die of old age as they can’t get old to begin with, but are not immune from death by accidents. Even stranger is that their reproductive organs has been reconfigured to work only with man-made equipment.

Voice in my head: “Oh that? It wasn’t announced publicly due to it being closely related to biology and what happened 4 years ago. Breast size of Mizuho girls has always some specific number of times larger than that of the average human. That multiplication number has never been changed, but the average size after transformation has increased. We found it odd that the current Mizuho size is larger that what we thought, but it seems that the previous standard includes men, who don’t usually have breasts. Men used to me made up of more than half of the human population, so when all of those men turned into women, they grew breasts too, and increases the average size that Mizuho is based on. On top of that, even the smallest breast size today is noticeable with clothes over them. I don’t understand why humans today are made up of only women, or how is it possible that we are forced to only be able to wear a very specific type of clothes, which renders so many other kinds of clothes obsolete just because we can’t wear them. How can we wear protective clothing if we are forced to wear somewhat of a mix between a white collar worker and a blazer school uniform that has its skirt only covers a small area of our legs? It may be a dream come true from a man’s point of view to see women everywhere, except that there are no men today, and is seen as nothing to other women. Women don’t feel anything when they see another woman no matter how sexually attractive they may be because they are of the same gender, although those who know each other well enough can get attracted to each other. Those born after that “human evolution” wouldn’t know what men are. Because of how there are nothing but young ladies everywhere and how children are born that they do not know or what family and marriage is. Even us scientists has no idea on what happened to us.”

I forgot that the head teaches and senior students were giving their opening speeches to a rather empty auditorium. Well, their speech aren’t that interesting to me anyway. and this is my third time though middle school anyway. If you were wondering the “human evolution” mentioned is a semi-official name to refer to the final stage where the final remaining men were turned into women, and, in a general sense, when that started with people noticing an increased number of female students that are exactly equal to the declining number of the elderly, but unable to point who they were exactly. All women had major changes to their reproductive system in a way that are not compatible at all with men from before the change, and what triggers your feels can be different too.

There should have been a history topic about this human evolution taught to the newborns, but because our evolved bodies would have us difficult to concentrate and permanently aroused at the sight of men, the entire history subject is not taught at all. Well, we could sacrifice someone to edit them out, but students would leave wondering why there are no images of the most significant people in history, who are mostly men, and would search images of them online, only to have them get aroused. I know it was considered normal and nothing before, but today, it’s like an incurable disease. Governments has decided to not teach history as a subject primarily because of how frequent males appear that it’s impractical to edit them out, and they would rather not teach it than to tell a falsified version of it. The same goes to biology, though only selected topics of it are taught to students who want to be a doctor, botanist, zoo keeper, and such. There are volunteers who brave getting permanently aroused so that they could edit out images of men and make that topic safe for everyone.

Why am I saying it’s a disease? You see, with our evolved bodies, we are designed to not need males for reproduction. As there are no human males left, it was assumed that there’s nothing to make us aroused, so features that could have helped us relieve it was made inaccessible as part of evolution. Because the female instinct has not changed with the evolution, seeing images of men, including images of your old self as one, triggers our concealed feelings of wanting men that we know that no longer exists, and wanting to use parts that now doesn’t exist. Since we are unable to meet what our instinct wants, which itself is not possible today, we get sexually frustrated and our arousal level would not go away. Your physical health won’t be affected if you do nothing about it, but the same can’t be said for mental health. The good news is that it can be cured, but it’s not easy.

All of those thoughts was enough to pass the time. Being in a rather empty middle school opening ceremony is creepy, but for nobody to mention it, even by the headmaster, means that this is considered normal, or she didn’t notice it.

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Alternate Dimension (Part 91)

It has been four years since the day every single human has been turned into a young Japanese woman due to an unexplainable phenomenon that caused it. The housing demand is still not met with people who were poor before the transformation now wanting to live into a upper-middle or high wealth house from the windfall that came with the transformation. On top of that, the very people who are constructing these houses are made up of women in office suits that are physically weak and lacking courage. The skirt and shoes that are part of the suit limits their movement, so they can’t run well or jump.

What are these office women doing constructing buildings with a cowardly attitude, and getting their suits dirty? Well, these women were brave strong men who had been working for years before the transformation. After transformation, it is impossible to find anyone. Ask any of these women and they will tell you that the transformations are the worst nightmare that has happened to them with the body not responding to what exactly they want to do, or doing it in a feminine way if it did. (You wouldn’t know they were suffering with their transformed bodies if you didn’t ask. Note that their words suggest frustration, but not the voice saying it.) Messed up their family too.

As to what they were wearing for work, it is what they found themselves wearing at the time of being transformed at work. They did try changing into the spare clothing afterward, but these clothes were “repelled” when they attempted, or any kind if clothing that isn’t considered feminine. Office clothing seems to be the the best feminine work outfit they were able to wear at all as its the only one women actually ran around the most in despite the skirt for it being also the most restrictive for leg movement. As much as they are aware of how much of their legs the skirt doesn’t cover having little protection from the risk of injuries, nothing could be done about it. Why not wear ones that completely protects the leg from most minor injuries? Well, it’s somewhat mandatory for everyone to wear a skirt whose maximum length must not exceed the knee level. I said “somewhat” because no one is stopping you for wearing otherwise, but nobody is able wear anything else either, under or over it. It even reappears when you take it off after half a minute. You can change it, but only if it’s with another skirt, and has been less than a minute since the previous one was removed. Same for everything else that covers your torso.

Although humans could only reproduce by man-made things, the kits to be able to do so are sold in large quantities openly without regulation, and people wanting to use them. Some are just dummies to act as a portable toilet, or just triggering the arousal levels. I’m surprised nobody got STD or fall sick from using these. What happens next? Well…

When you get pregnant, your body shows no signs that you were even pregnant at all other than your breasts getting uncomfortably tighter and clothes at that area being wet from the milk it is leaking. Since the transformations, nobody knows how babies are developed inside the body. When the time of birth, happens, there would be no warning of it other than approaching the 8th month. Your child (with a body of a fully clothed teenage girl) would just slip out of you from your skirt head first. Apart from the child’s umbilical cord still attached to you, it’s kind of easy to not realize that you had given birth at all without the pain it traditionally had. The cord, along with the weight of the child, would prevent you from walking away unknowingly. Since you don’t need a spouse or a hospital, you could just remove the chord and leave the child behind. With the concept of family being relatively unknown these days, this action is kind of acceptable. That child would automatically recognize you as a close friend (not as a mother) and (somehow) knows how to contact you, but you would be unable to say you are her parent unless the child specifically asks you or, if made together with a partner, had already asked your partner and confirmed. Since neither biology nor history is taught in schools, chances of this happening is slim. From the child’s point of view, she has lived for whatever her biological age is, and not realized that she had just been born a while ago.

The worrying fact here is that since the child is born with a teenager’s body, that child is technically able to start producing a child of her own as soon as she is born, leading to a worrying trend of uncontrollable population explosion if you apply that to everyone. However, the idea of forever having to take care of your child made people to not take it lightly.

To these children born in the past four years, they already know what was taught in kindergarden and primary school, rendering the actual ones obsolete. They know nothing of what happened in the past, and their minds are structured in a way that they won’t get curious about it at all (unless they come across images of “hot men” I mentioned earlier), and they would seem as if the humans are made up of only females. They wouldn’t even know what gender is, and thinks the way the world is now has been the way it is for a very long time.

It’s not clear how immediate from birth these people would attend school, but it is for sure that it happens more often than before the final stage of transformations happened, several students at a time that is spread across different schools so as to not be too disruptive. It’s kind of common for an average middle school to have a few people during entrance ceremony, but that cohort becoming huge with the people transferring in over time. After all, the youngest anyone could be would be of middle school year 1 student, but the common average being between middle school year 3 and high school year 1. It’s hard to tell the difference between someone who has been born less than 6 years ago, and an elderly who has been “reborn” with a young body without knowing their actual age, which is, by law, not allowed to be used… Wait. There is a way to tell.

If you were to look at a person’s name, you would notice that a person who has just been born is always a Japanese name with the given name in katakana. People born before the transformations retained their original name, unless they had male-specific names or foreign, but even those people are given new names that are in kanji. Why katakana for these new born people? Well, since they are born with a body and mind of a teenager, they could bring suspicious on how they had no name despite (what they think they had been) living for years. With so many people to process and having to process each person quickly before they wonder about their lack of a name, along with other things the machine has to do at the same time, processing names in katakana is quicker than in kanji. When more of these people are becoming more aware, they wouldn’t think think about it as everyone else has it. However, with some people who has given name in kanji or hiragana, they could start to wonder why their names are strictly in katakana only. I wish I knew why myself, but it seems to happen automatically.

Speaking of school, those people at Hatsuya has decided to send me back to study at Mizuho again. Hadn’t I graduated from the high school and college of there more than 10 years ago? Or is that deal of me being in this body and forever going to school for the rest of my (eternal) life still in effect despite all these years? The only reason they gave is to see if any changes has happened since I was there. They said that I will be using my actual name instead of Haneda Kaede that I used the last I was there. Well, with my given name being Mamiko, which has not been in used since I got out of a different dimension more than a decade ago. People already know me as the head of Powell Research under Saeko now, and being too popular at school could greatly affect how my school life will be, possibly in a negative way.

Still, why enroll me there for years instead of just being a one-day visitor? Well, males being completely turned into females did have some effect, but even before that happened, The Mizuho campus grounds itself was already turning any male that steps in to become female inside the campus. Actually, the current phenomenon is very identical to what Mizuho has done to people that step in, but covers the whole world and less restrictive in terms of what it allows that Mizuho isn’t allowing, or have a stricter guidelines.

Since the transformations happened, the uniform has since been redesigned – minor for design, major for functionality. As the the transformation seem oddly based on Mizuho’s uniform, but of a more relaxed version, redundant features were removed, but different enough to make changes. One such feature is the feature that turns anyone who wears the uniform to become a young female regardless of what they were outside. Since everyone today is of that specific group, the system has been reduced to just changing clothes for those not wearing the right ones on entering.

Because of how different a person’s body discharges waste, compared to before the transformations, that has to be redesigned. The old one just sits on the surface of where the discharge is, but with the new one, the discharge can’t happen unless really sitting at a toilet seat (which there aren’t any in-campus), or a discharge system goes into the discharge source. Where does the waste go? It is, somehow without anything attached, transmitted to somewhere in the campus, from wherever in the universe the person wearing the uniform is located. From there, it is discharged like at any other toilet.

How different will my new school life be, I do not know. At least it would pass some time. It has been long enough since the last time to be different.

Alternate Dimension (Part 90)

With so much changes to the human body, the education ministry has decided to withdraw biology from being taught in schools until the new features of the human body is understood, though a limited range of it is taught only for zoologist, botanist or doctor college courses. Basically anything non-human related, or on a need to know basis. They could have just taught those to everyone, but when people come across subjects on animal reproduction, a lot of people could ask why (the current reproduction system of) humans could only reproduce with man-made products, while animals, monkeys especially for being closely related to humans, could just mate naturally. Also raises the question of the absence of human males if taught that even experts do not have the answer to.

Because the transformations causes arousal on the sight of images of “hot men” that make people difficult to concentrate is also difficult to subdue one you see them, images featuring men are banned. Due to how widespread images of men appear, old articles should be difficult to access (but not destroyed), and subjects where mentioning men is unavoidable, like History, are also not taught at all.

People who saw them (accidental or those working on the censorship) told me that they were unable to make the feeling of arousal go away and have difficulty concentrating despite not looking at those images for extended periods since then. To recover, they had to keep touching their nipples until their arousal level reaches the peak, which is not an easy thing to do with clothes in the way that reappears 30 seconds after removing. On top of that, touching with clothes on or at other areas doesn’t work. If you stop halfway, the arousal level will be permanently at where you stopped at and will not go down over time, but you can still continue to make it go higher where the peak could be reached, where it’s the only possible way to make it drop at all.

The good news is that you won’t leave a mess behind doing it, but your facial expression would easily say just how aroused you are, and you won’t get aroused at all (or have it increased if you already are) if touched with clothes on, especially by other people. Mizuho students have the additional benefit of not needing to bother with this as it won’t affect their concentration, nor is it reflected in their voice or facial expression, as the very clothes they wear (which itself can’t be removed easily) handles that problem by itself.

As much as I would miss seeing what a male looks like, this is for the good of everyone’s sanity. It would be best if people born from now on would not know about males as humans have “evolved” to become female-only that has been redesigned to not need males at all, but, the female instincts remained unchanged that does not reflect the significant changes to the female body. Since males are no longer needed, they are turned into females. (I don’t know why, but that is what happened.) It’s better for these new born people to not ever know about the existence of males than wanting something that is extinct. What I’m curious the most is how humans have evolved to only be able to reproduce with using a man-made syringe, containing substances that the human body can’t produce except as part of an ingredient to produce it. The syringe is inserted through a tiny hole that looks as if designed for the syringe to fit into perfectly.

That’s not all. This is the same hole where anything being ejected from the body from the inside has to squeeze through that, including childbirth. The bad news is that there is nothing there to trigger your arousal no matter how hard you try, though, Mizuho uniforms tells me that the arousal trigger has been moved to the inside. Nobody wants to insert a sharp needle (which is the largest object that could be inserted) into themselves, and trying to simulate (the now impossible) sex could result in injury if you are not careful, which is a difficult thing to do while trying to masturbate. Mizuho was able to achieve this as part of their body waste disposal system that is integrated as part of the uniform, so it’s an automatic and hassle-free task for them (and also part of a mandatory daily masturbation thing whose timing is unpredictable). The good news is that your vomit and mucus would come out there instead of your mouth or nose, and you can’t release anything unintentionally unless you are really using the toilet even though it may feel as if you were. You can hold it in forever, but storage capacity is finite and your body would be unable to process the food and drink you consume until the waste is removed. This means that you would need to check your bladder if you find yourself still feeling hungry or thirsty after consumption, though those unprocessed food and water would be processed when the waste has been cleared. If you had too much of those, they would literally come out of your mouth when you find yourself upside-down, even for a brief moment.

Speaking of automatically discharging waste, the technology seems to have graduated from being a Mizuho Academy-only thing to becoming a new version of the toilet for the general public all over. These look like tiny face mask at the tip of a thin flexible tube that is attached to the wall or the floor. You simply place the end of it around where your hole is and, other than waiting for it to be complete, you don’t need to do anything else. You can leave it there even when it’s complete so you won’t need to plug it in again when the next one comes, which is useful if you eat and drink at your desk and not leave your desk for long periods of time. To others, you would look like a device charging itself. The big advantage of the new toilet is that you don’t need a dedicated room for it, and save a lot on water and toilet paper. Probably also the cost saved over maintaining the old-fashioned toilet too.