>526th post

>It has been about a week after the Tohoku earthquake. To those who did not follow me on twitter and noticed that I didn’t write a new post for quite a while, forgive me for making you worried that I might have died, especially since the death toll and missing persons from the earthquake (and the tsunami that followed) is in the tens of thousands.

So, most schools are having their graduation ceremony this week. It’s probably a sad day for them as some might have lost their peers or relatives.

Yukari would be entering college next year. Some colleges are having an open campus and are checking them out since she’s entering her 3rd year of high school and will be taking the entrance exams about. She’s my sister after all, and is somewhat like an another me, but born latter and went through completely different experiences.

As I’ve mentioned earlier somewhere, I haven’t even begin to write my blog story. Would do so when I’ve figured out how to continue writing from where I’ve left off.

>Thinking of changing Twitter avatar

>I’m thinking of changing my current avatar as it has been in use for quite some months now, but I haven’t figured out what that would be. That would at least be around December since I remembered making a santa version of it around christmas, but didn’t actually use it.

The avatar is a crop of a vector I did recently at around the head. Perhaps an uncropped version?

(Looks at this blogs’ posts) Wait, It’s been 3 months since I last posted something here?

End of the year things

I am writing this right after publishing S2P64 on the main blog, so to let you know I’m not dead in case you didn’t follow me on Twitter and noticed that I’ve never post or update my blog after a long time. Also, I know I’ve not been updating the anime watch list widget: it a pain to manually update it by looking through all the code and multiply that by 4 every week.

So, to tell you the truth, I have been playing video games a lot that I’ve never gotten to play during the rest of the year. The Final Fantasy 13 (PS3) game I bought is last played at some large plans I can’t seem to get pass due to strong monsters. That was on first try and never played a new session. Then there are these games from 2004 too that I’m playing on the PC at the same time. I’ve too tried to install Fallout 3 for the PC, but I’ve never gone any further than the “New Game” option, when it crashed. This means I’ve never gotten to actually to play the game. I know there’s a PS3 version, but I don’t know if it’s in stock now and don’t want to bring out extra money.

The colour on the tv looks strange on TwitpicSpeaking of extra money, the TV the PS3 is connected to seems to be faulty as the colours have gone all crazy. I don’t know where the problem is as anything on the TV itself seems normal, but all the inputs (Composite, Component, SCART, VGA, HDMI, S-Video, RF) are rendered strangely. There’s another TV in the house, but that is a CRT letterbox that only has Composite and RF inputs. Refer to the right image if you don’t know about this problem: it’s not edited at all.

After publishing this post, I’m thinking of writing of the end-year/Autumn summary on the anime blog I promised. I’ve just watched OreImo 12.

Minor Change to the Stories Navigation Menu

At the bottom of each of my posts on the main blog with the “story” tag, I have been using the following format for quite some time.

← Part 59 Part 61 →

However, when I click between “Edit HTML” and “Compose” modes at blogger, this formatting seems to have been lost. Also, for services that extract my posts (including WordPress’ post, and Facebook’s RSS importers), I noticed that the formatting did not appear as I wanted. To save me the effort of having to type the code again each time this happens (yes, I type the code manually), I’m going to simplify to just links at the bottom that is separated with only spaces and a “|” aligned to the center. It looks like this:

Part 59 | Part 61

I will be applying to this code when editing earlier parts that would cause the above to happen since there are too many to edit. If you search deep enough you might come across the version before the previous where the link for the previous part is at the very top.

New Positioning of the Post Date

I’ve repositioned the date to the left of the post as a separate area on the English version of the anime blog. In addition to that, I’ve managed to create a data area below the date that is unique to that post containing the name of the person who posted it and (at time of post) current Twitter icons with a direct link to it.

This post from more than a year ago was chosen as Yukari has not posted in a while and to show that the code is working as the large majority of the posts there are by me. In addition, I’ve added a small code to have those share icons (that gray row of icons at the top middle of the image) to appear on both the anime and main blogs. I obtained this code from changing the layout theme of the layout test blog to one of the new presets.

Insufficient Time to keep up

So, with whatever I’m doing now having little time between reaching home and heading to bed for the following day (weekend is for catch-up), I do not have the time to do much.

As you know, I have a lot of blogs dedicated to certain things, like drawings, technology, and so on, including separate Japanese versions. I do not have as much time now as the time I made those.

With my stories first appearing less than a week after my birthday in 2008 (it wasn’t planned), it seems that I am doing it full time with thousands of words for each part in recent time, though I wasn’t aware of it until I looked at the word count. Just to let you know, I have no plans to publish it in print, and neither am I paid to write. People I’ve met did tell me to do so or asked what it’s about. As the author, I can’t really answer what my story is about as I’m not really sure myself and no clear planning was done. Also, the amount I made from the guguru ads in a month is not even enough to buy a thing at a 100-yen shop or drinks from the vending machine. Also, for the jlist ads, nobody seems to be buying anything via the ads on my blog, so there’s absolutely nothing on that one.

Incoming traffic into the blog has been increasing since my twitter account itself became popular, and strangely enough, image search engines that had text containing those of my earlier post. Remember though, I am only one person and I can’t be doing everything by myself. I also need a life and can’t be spending my non working/sleeping time at my blog all the time. I need to head out with friends, visit relatives, playing video games (especially that recently bought PS3), doing whatever my parents tell me to do, and so on.

Story 4 is hard to write as it needs actual planning, but when I try to, ideas for Story 2/3 came to mind instead. A close friend of mine gave me ideas for the 5th story, but I don’t really feel like writing that. Not with the backlog I have now.

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