This initially began as a regular post, but I suddenly have a lot of ideas that it would be impossible for a post to cover them all. In fact, there are, on average, long and have done countless number of them. (Being the author, it’s embarrassing to say that I don’t know what or how much I have written.) People who have seen them (I don’t know how many) said that they are quite good and might be good enough to be published as a book.

If it’s still in progress, parts that are completed would be compiled as a chapter (or left dangling if incomplete). That means that all the parts from there may be joined or split to fit into chapters.

Since all of the stories are not completed yet, this is an ongoing basis. You may need to look through tags and links on my main blog for the latest. I know that there are some imported from there at the home page of this blog, but they are direct copies from there and are mixed with other posts. Sure there are tags, but I would rather have one large chunk than to cut it into slices.

-13 October 2009, Haruka Takahashi (高橋はるか)

The only difference between the WordPress and Blogger version are how the stories are divided, corrected formatting, images removed, and, sometimes, mistakes fixed. At the time of writing, only most of the 1st story of the WordPress version has been copied over from the Blogger version. It’s done by joining all the Blogger parts and re-split them in different sections into chapters.

-8 November 2009, Haruka Takahashi (高橋はるか)

Blogger version

WordPress version


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