An Original Story By Me

A story following a guy who was working until quite late one night when he was involved in a serious accident. The thing is that at the point he should have died, he found himself in a body of his childhood friend far away whom is thought to be in a deep coma. He later found out that the soul of the childhood friend has actually lost control of her body from the moment she wished for him to come. She did want to be with him, but did not have sharing the same body in mind. As the days go by, Haruna’s soul is fading away, and Kenneth is unknowingly starting to behave and think like Haruna. Problem is that nobody else knows about this as there is no visible change of behavior.

Bio of primary characters:

  • Kenneth, Tan Wen Jie (谭文傑), 22 years old Male
    • Also known as: Haruna’s overseas childhood friend, ***** *****, “The owner of the blog who passed away in the accident involving a taxi and a speeding truck“, Haruna Kobayashi (after the accident)
    • Main Character in: “An Original Story By Me” (1st story)
    • Who this person knows: Met Haruna via their fathers who are university friends.
    • Info: Back in February, a strange doll of unknown origin appeared out of nowhere in front of him after a flash of green light when he was working. It was difficult to figure out how it works as it was beyond what he knows. On the fateful night, he took a taxi home from work as other modes of transport had stopped for the day. The boss was very demanding. When crossing a large traffic intersection, a speeding truck with a drunk driver had beaten the red light on his side and collided with the taxi the protagonist was in. During the collision, however, a green light emitted from the strange doll he was working on inside the bag with him. This would cause his mind and memories to enter the body of his childhood friend in another country who was in a coma for several months. With no guidance from the owner of the body he entered (except for some instances), he tried to live as her, but found it an uphill challenge. The blog post he put up after the incident had triggered a worldwide scare, because he was famous there and many people numbering into the thousands visited his blog. Due to the notes someone found after Saeko Hisakawa’s clone was hit (see below), he merged his mind with Haruna’s and his thinking is now of Haruna’s, as though he is her, but he still retains memories of both.
  • Haruna Kobayashi (小林 春奈), 16 years old Female
    • Also known as: “The girl who fell into a coma back in February”, “the body whose childhood friend had taken over” (2nd story), Kenneth’s inner voice (after the accident, but before the merger mentioned above)
    • Main Character in: “An Original Story By Me” (1st story)
    • Who this person knows: Is childhood friends with Saeko, but the incident that happened to Saeko has caused her to remember Saeko differently. She also has a friend overseas whom she met via her father’s university friend, but that person now resides in her body after his accident. Is also childhood friends with Kyousuke. These three have never met each other or had as a different person.
    • Info: It started back in February when her homeroom teacher brought a strange doll when he was overseas. Thinking that it could grant wishes, she wished that her overseas childhood friend whom she hasn’t met for a while to be with her. That was when the eyes of that doll went to focus in the direction of the person in question (though quite far away) and the person wishing it. That was when her body froze, but still aware of what is going on, and was later sent to hospital. After a long time of being sick and tired of having a body that she can’t move at all, she felt a force entering her body and then noticed that her body was moving by itself. Upon realizing on how the body was moving, the question of a guy of another country unintentionally invaded her body is likely, which is linked to the strange doll from earlier. The problem is that she can’t communicate with whoever is now controlling her body without speaking through the mouth or using the hand. Trying to do so would take up a lot of her energy which would not last long and during communicating, other people may see it as talking to herself. Except typing/writing, there is no other way she can communicate. Her mind was later merged with the other mind who resides in her body when a lightning striked her when in the bathtub with the window open and thunderclouds outside. Nothing is known on what happened to her since the merger, since the one who took over now behaves exactly like her and is hard to tell apart. She could have either really merged with the other, staying quiet at a corner, or has passed on. Nobody knows what happened, because the person in question themselves don’t even know and has the memories between when her body froze and her mind merged with Kenneth Tan being erased, but does retain the knowledge from studies gained during that time.

PS. I can’t be using (name not given) or ***** ***** all the time. I already had in mind that the main character is a Singaporean Chinese, but I didn’t say that directly. If you had read the descriptions used at the last few parts (especially upon arriving at the airport part) and live/had been there, you might have known this, at least, as at 2005.


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